How to Clean a Chandelier

how to clean a chandelier

There is nothing that adds a touch of elegance to a room more than a sparkling crystal chandelier. When the sparkle starts to fade it becomes dull and dirty looking, and this is when you know your chandelier needs to be cleaned.Whether you have a crystal or a glass chandelier, after reading this guide you will know exactly how to clean a chandelier, and bring it back to life.

How to get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

how to get rid of bed bugs naturally

If you have ever been overrun by bed bugs before, you will know what a pain they are. They bite you when you are sleeping, they cause intense itching, and worst of all – they are incredibly hard to get rid of! Thankfully, there are other ways to deal with bed bugs, and in this guide, I will show you how to get rid of bed bugs naturally. It’s not easy and it may take a few attempts to get them all, but when you are done your home will be bedbug-free and if you follow the prevention tips they will not return.

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

how to clean a sheepskin rug

A brand new sheepskin rug is one of the most luxurious things you can walk on. Whether it’s a real sheepskin or a faux sheepskin, the look and feel of the fluffy rug can add a real touch of class to your home.Like most new floor coverings though, it doesn’t stay clean and new for long. Dirt, muddy shoes and pets are all enemies of a sheepskin rug and will have it looking worse for wear in no time.The good news is that after reading this guide, you’ll know exactly how to clean a sheepskin rug and get it back into showroom condition.

How to Clean Artificial Grass: Fake Grass Maintenance

how to clean artificial grass

One of the many benefits of artificial grass is that there is not as much work needed to keep it looking at its best. You don’t have to spend your summer days dragging a lawnmower about in the hot sun, only to find your grass needs cut again a few weeks later.While there is not as much work that you need to do, there is still a certain amount of maintenance needed to keep you fake lawn looking great. If you are wondering how to clean artificial grass then keep reading as we will go over some of the most important aspects of artificial grass care.

Tips for Keeping a Clean Home (and Making Cleaning Fun)

how to clean home on budget

Cleaning is often one of those things that we will naturally choose to neglect, especially when we’ve been working all day or are running around after the family.

But, here’s a thought… how about making cleaning fun for the family, and therefore sneakily getting help with cleaning along the way?

Hopefully, the points below will help you revamp your approach to cleaning, and get your little helpers involved in cleaning along the way.

How Going Cordless Electric is Good for the Environment

cordless electric is better for the environment

Many of the tools you use day-to-day, especially the ones for maintaining your garden, produce high pollution emissions, most notably volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are organic chemicals released from burning fuel and are dangerous to both human health and the environment.According to statistics by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a new gas powered lawn mower running for an hour emits the same levels of VOCs as 8 new cars driving 55 miles per hour for the same amount of time.By now, you’re probably asking yourself “But how will I take care of my garden without a powerful lawnmower?”Well, that’s where cordless electric tools come into play.

How Do You Clean? British Cleaning Habits Revealed

british cleaning habits

Whether cleaning our home is something we love or something we hate, it’s a necessary part of all our lives. Not only is cleaning beneficial for our health, but it is also essential for our mental wellbeing.

Many experts advocate that good cleaning habits have a direct correlation with improved health. More recently, there have been studies carried out that provide evidence that cleanliness is also a contributing factor to positive mental health.

We surveyed over 1000 Britons to find out their cleaning habits. We wanted to find out how often they cleaned certain areas of their home, how children affected the cleanliness of a home, and how many feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning. Read on to find out what factors can contribute to how clean your house is.

The Environmental Impact Of Your Laundry – And What You Can Do About It

environmental impact of laundry

We all want to lower our carbon footprint. The pressures our environment is under to sustain us has recently reached critical levels. But we still need to live. Driving a car, or even doing chores can have a huge environmental impact. Just doing laundry can take up 13,500 gallons of water a year for the average household.

And that’s just the start. Here are just a few ways your laundry habits impact your environment.

Amazon Deals And Special Offers – February 2019

amazon uk deals

Winter is almost over and that means Spring cleaning season is just around the corner! We have been searching Amazon for the best deals and bargains, and are sharing them right here so you can take advantage of some great savings.

Please be aware that Amazon prices change constantly. If a deal that is listed here is no longer on Amazon, please let us know and we will remove it.

There are also a whole host of lightning deals on Amazon. These are time specific, sometimes only lasting for a few hours so there is no way of listing them here. You can check out all of the lightning deals and offers here.

How to Properly Clean out a Vacuum Cleaner Hose

how to clean a vacuum hose

Vacuum cleaners help you keep your house clean, but every so often vacuums need to be cleaned as well. Vacuums have several parts and sections and you need to clean these separately and at different frequencies. So, if you’ve got a bagless vacuum cleaner, then the dust container needs to be emptied after every clean and cleaned at least once a month to ensure it doesn’t start stinking and stays free of clogs. The air filter in the vacuum cleaner also needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure that its performance remains optimal. Similarly, the vacuum hose needs regular cleaning as well.

One of the most common reasons to regularly clean the vacuum cleaner hose is to prevent clogging. Debris often gets stuck inside the hose and reduces the suction power of the vacuum, which lowers the efficiency of the vacuum. Most people wait till a clog shows up before cleaning the hose. Ideally, you should clean it once every month to ensure it remains clog-free and fresh.

How to Keep Your Tile Floors Sparkling Clean

how to keep your tile floors clean

A few years back I was renovating the house and decided to install tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, because these get wet occasionally and regularly, respectively. Whereas, the rest of the house, including the bedrooms, living rooms and the study hall have hardwood floors.

Tile floors are durable and comparatively easy to clean. However, unless you clean them periodically, the tiles become dull and a layer of dirt gets embedded in the grout. The trick is to clean tile floors at regular intervals to ensure that you don’t have to put in very big efforts after long gaps.

The basic tile cleaning process is quite straightforward, but you also need to take into consideration cleaning the grout as well as ensuring that the tiles look bright and shiny. One lesson that I’ve learnt is that while it’s fine to select light coloured tiles for the kitchen, it’s best to go with a slightly darker shade for the bathrooms. However, ultimately, that’s a personal choice.

How to Get Tomato Sauce Stain out of Carpet

how to get tomato sauce stains out of carpet

Tomato sauce is a staple food product for any household. Be it pasta, braised short ribs, baked eggs, pizza, French fries or meatballs, it goes with everything. And so, it is one of the most favourite seasonings until someone spills it all over the carpet and leaves large orange stains. And naturally, you just can’t stuff your carpet in the washing machine.

For obvious reasons, these stains are quite dreaded because they are notorious to leave behind a mark, but in most cases, this is beyond reason. As a thumb rule, stains such as these should be treated as soon as possible. The longer you let the stain linger, the tougher it will get to remove them. So it is better to start the process while the stain is fresh. You will be pleased to know that for tomato sauce stains, there are a number of ways to remove them.

How to Get Tea Stains out of Carpet

how to get tea stains out of carpet

Your morning was perfect and you were curled up on the settee, enjoying a perfect cup of Scottish blend, but the cat jumped you and the teacup went toppling onto the carpet. Now a large stain is staring at you, accompanied by several smaller stains and your day is not perfect any more. The prospect of getting down on all fours and straining to get the stain out of the carpet is not an attractive one.

But as tedious as it sounds, removing tea stains is not such a daunting task, after all. Spilling a morning cuppa on the carpet shouldn’t mean that you cannot have it sitting in your favourite chair on the carpet. Help is at hand, and I have more than one way to remove these dreaded stains, and what’s more, is that it can be achieved using household items that you already have tucked away in your cupboards. I will jump right into it.

How to Get Tar out of Carpet

how to get tar out of carpet

Tar is one of those annoying things that can be difficult to remove if you have got it on your carpet. There have been instances when people have valiantly tried to remove it by using water, only to find out that instead of getting rid of it, the stain has set in more deeper. Tar is a very durable and sticky material; after all, roads and car parks are made out of it, so naturally, it is already water and weatherproof, and won’t wash away easily.

So it is indeed worrisome if you have gotten it on your rug or carpet. But as it goes with any stains, it is easiest to remove when it is fresh. But how exactly would you do that? Why, by scraping and blotting anything that you can, while you can. I will tell you how to go about the process in the easiest way possible.

How to Get Rid of Dried Nail Polish from Carpet

how to get rid of dried nail polish from carpet

Painting your nails is one of those everyday things that can prove to be therapeutic! It is a great way to pamper yourself, but this dreamy situation with music and wine can fast turn into a nightmare when you realise that the bottle of nail polish has toppled and spilt all its contents on your pristine rug.

It is relatively easier to get the nail polish off your rug when it is still fresh but there are instances when you don’t even realise that something has spilt. It could be at one of those girls’ nights or a sleepover when everyone has had a little too much to drink and you wake up the next morning and stare at your carpet in horror!

While most people panic in a situation like this, there is no need for you to be one of those people! The obvious stain may seem impossible to get out but tons of people have been in this situation and come up with ways to get that dried nail polish out without losing your carpet forever!

How to Get Milk out of Carpet

how to get milk out of carpet

You may joke about all the maxims about spilt milk, but you won’t be laughing much if you found it on your carpet or rug. Cleaning spilt milk on the floor or otherwise is no big deal, but it is a whole new thing if indeed it is your carpet that has been at the receiving end. And it would have been okay if it only were the stain, but for the smell. And god forbid if you have ignored it. The smell of the sour milk (just like vomit, to give you a fair idea) will surely send any visitors packing!

These smells, especially if you had forgotten about it and the milk has turned sour, can be very hard to get rid of. But there is no reason to worry if you have dropped a bowl of milk on the carpet and are dismayed about the resultant odour and stains because the solutions are so simple they will put a smile on your face. I will tell you some practical solutions to this seeming catastrophe, using materials that you already have in your kitchen or cupboard. These solutions work, are tried and tested and are affordable.

How to Get Melted Wax off Carpet

how to get melted wax off carpet

I’ve got this habit of lighting candles in the evening. The light of the candle feels more soothing than that from tube lights or bulbs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be aromatic candles, though I do use those once in a while as well. Generally, I use regular candles. I have a glass front door that opens to the balcony. I place the candles on a coffee table near this door. The light reflects off the glass and adds a comforting vibe to the entire living room.

Unfortunately, sometimes good things have a downside too. In this case, candle wax often drips onto the carpet. It’s not as bad as say a wine spill or ice cream stain, nonetheless, it needs to be cleaned or else the carpet fibres get spoiled.

How to Get Gum off the Carpet in Your Car

how to get chewing gum of your car carpet

A car isn’t just a mode of transportation for most people. It is your personal space that needs to be kept clean for healthier day-to-day functioning. A great element of the car that helps keep it clean is the carpet or mat that comes on the floor of your car.

While this carpet is very helpful in keeping the base of your car away from all the dust and grime that can transfer from dirty shoes or pets, it can also be extremely annoying to find out that the carpet has been ruined because of that stray piece of chewing gum that fell out of someone’s mouth or got dragged in with your shoes.

The first reaction may be that of panic, but don’t worry! It is tougher to remove chewing gum than just simply vacuuming stray debris, but it can be done. Here is a handy guide with tricks that you can use to get your car’s carpet back to looking as good as new.

How to Clean Sick out of Carpet

how to clean wool rug or carpet

Cleaning out sick out of the carpet can be understandably the most undesirable jobs in the household, if not in the world. If you are a parent, chances are that the sight of vomit does not faze you anymore. Even if you are a pet owner, the sight is not uncommon.

But when you actually get down to it, you will realise that cleaning up vomit from the carpet is like cleaning any other stain, as long as you are not too queasy. You may be disgusted by the thought of it and might be thinking of changing or even throwing out your carpet, but you will find that that drastic step is not necessary, as long as you don’t mind bearing it all a little longer.

When it comes to vomit, you have the dual task of not only getting rid of it but the smell as well, because if you don’t, the smell can often linger for days and the smell itself can make anyone nauseous. There is the danger of you losing your own lunch over it if you are too squeamish, but it has to be done for your own sake.

Clogged up Hoover? How to Clean a Vacuum Filter

most uprights have a hepa filter

Vacuum cleaners are our go-to weapon when dust and dirt wreak havoc on our homes. There are, however, instances when you’ve turned on the vacuum to clean that dusty carpet but instead of the spotless finish you usually get, there is a weird smell that engulfs the room.

There is no need for you to worry! This is probably because you haven’t changed the filter of your vacuum cleaner in a while and it is now time to do so.

It may sound weird that you have to clean your vacuum cleaner but think about it – isn’t that the object that is collecting the most dust and dirt? Doesn’t it need the much-deserved tender loving care for all the work it does?

While the task may seem daunting if you have never done it before, it is not difficult at all. The most important thing here is to know your vacuum well and if you don’t, the internet will always come to your rescue!

How to Remove Pet Pee Stains from Carpet

how to remove pet pee stains from carpet

If you are a pet owner, you may have often come across this unwanted “gift” your dog or cat has left for you on the carpet. So naturally you are aware, rather painfully, of the odour it has left. And the problem with pee is, the longer it stays on the carpet, the more it seeps into it, leaving a yellow stain (and that smell!), that won’t go away. The easiest way to tackle this is to get rid of the stain and the smell as soon as you discover it, but it would not be possible if you stay away for longer periods from home.

Thankfully, there are many ways to remove both the smell and the stain after it has been discovered without using any materials which could be harmful to your carpet. And relax, there is hope yet for older stains. One interesting thing to note here is that if you are a dog owner, it is easier to remove the pee stains because dog pee is water-based, whereas cat urine stains (and the smell) are oil based. Also, cat urine has a high content of ammonia, and cause respiratory issues in some people among a host of other things, so I recommend cleaning it as quickly as possible.

How to Remove Red Lipstick from Carpet

how to remove red lipstick from carpet

It can feel really frustrating when you spot lipstick stains on the carpet. If you’ve kids at home, then it won’t come as much of a surprise when you notice that they have drawn something on the carpet with lipstick. It’s also possible that you dropped it on the carpet by mistake and later unknowingly stepped on it, in the process grinding it into the carpet fibres.

You can’t stop kids from being kids, neither can you prevent a genuine mistake. What you can do is gear into action as soon as you notice the stain to successfully remove it off the carpet. This is especially true of red lipstick, which brazenly stands out and draws attention towards it.

The reason lipstick stains are particularly tricky to deal with and remove is that it’s made up of a combination of oils and waxes for the shape and texture, emollients for moisturisation and pigments for imparting colour. Thus, lipstick can embed itself in carpet fibres and prove difficult to remove. Lipstick stains in deep pile carpets are especially hard to clean.

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Flooring

how to clean and maintain wooden floors

Cleaning and maintaining wooden floors or hardwood floors, as they are sometimes referred to, can seem quite daunting. I used to try and avoid the responsibility by covering as much of the floor area with carpets and rugs as possible and foolishly thinking that would keep the wooden flooring safe. However, irrespective of whether you lay a carpet over a hardwood floor or keep it as it is, you need to clean it regularly and maintain it in order to ensure it has a long lifespan. This is important because replacing wooden flooring can seriously pinch your pocket.

Before I tell you how to clean a hardwood floor, you first need to be sure about the type of hardwood finish you have. Is it a prefinished floor or a stained/unfinished floor? Does the floor sport a wax finish? Does it have a surface seal? What type of surface seal does it have?

How Do You Get Burn Marks out of a Carpet?

how to remove burn marks from carpet

When you are running around the house trying to get errands done, small accidents can happen quite easily. You may topple a hot straightening rod or an iron may fall flat onto the carpet — I know I have done it more than a few times. Perhaps, an unruly guest was not careful about where they ashed their cigarette. All said and done, accidents happen quite frequently and easily and you’re left with a gaping hole in your carpet that looks back at you angrily. There’s no need to worry, folks! The following are some ways you can get burn marks out of your carpet.

How to Get Gloss Paint out of Carpet

how to get gloss out of carpet

A few months back I was getting my house repainted. As is required, I had covered all the furniture and carpets with either plastic sheets or cloth. Yet somehow bits of gloss paint managed to spill on the living room carpet. Unfortunately, I failed to notice this until the paint job was completed. By then the gloss paint had hardened and embedded itself into the carpet fibres.

At that point, I had no clue as to how I could get it removed. The carpet was an expensive one and I didn’t want to take a chance. So, I got in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service. Now the thing with gloss paint or any other oil-based paint is that if it’s not dealt with immediately, it’s almost impossible to completely remove it off the carpet. Faint traces of it continues to remain. And that’s exactly what happened with my carpet. The carpet cleaning service gave it their best shot, but a faint paint stain still remains. In the morning, when sunlight falls on it, it’s visible. At other times of the day, I don’t really notice it.

Top Tips to Declutter Your Home

get rid of clutter

There are a lot of acceptable reasons as to why you might want to declutter. The main reason obviously is to want to have a better-looking house. Decluttering is the process of minimizing the number of items you have inside your house either by throwing them away or bringing them into storage facilities to store.

How to Remove Bike Grease from Carpet

how to remove bike grease from carpet

Cycling is one of my favourite fitness routines. Since I live in an apartment building, I have to haul the bike up to the apartment and keep it there. Once in a while, bike grease drips onto the carpet. In fact, a lovely wool carpet that I had received as a gift got completely spoiled by grease stains and I had to dispose of it. It was after this that I did thorough research and learnt methods of dealing with and cleaning grease stains from carpets.

Grease is an oily substance that is applied to the bike chain to ensure that it moves smoothly. Grease (or for that matter any other oily substance) is quite stubborn and can leave a really nasty stain, so it’s extremely important that you deal with it as soon as you notice. The quicker you take action, the higher the chances that you will be able to completely remove it off the carpet.

How To Get The Smell Of Damp Out Of Carpet

how to get damp smell out of carpet

Maintaining carpets can be a real challenge during the rainy season. Unless you follow a strict shoes-off-at-the-door policy (which is admittedly hard to go through with), moisture is bound to settle on the carpet. What’s worse is that drying the carpet becomes difficult during these months as well, which leads to the moisture settling in the carpet. If autumn turns out to be wet and windy instead of mild and dry, then the problems are compounded.

Rainwater seeping into the carpet isn’t the only reason for the damp smell. It could be caused by a leaking pipe under the floor, or if the indoor humidity levels are high. Once you’ve tackled the damp smell, you need to address the reasons why the carpet had a damp smell in the first place.