Hi! My name is James Garner and I am a vacuum cleaner technician. I have been building and repairing hoovers in the London area for 23 years.

James Garner

Why I Started This Site

I decided to start this site as I noticed there was a lack of information online about the vacuum cleaner market in the UK. I was actually looking for a cordless model for my sister and every time I searched I always ended up on a site that was focused on American consumers.

Now, the UK and US markets are completely different, with different models and even different manufacturers. Even worse, I was reading reviews and when I found a hoover that I liked I was directed to Amazon US. The vacuum wasn’t even available on Amazon UK!

How I Will Help You

I will create buying guides that are specifically tailored to British consumers. You will find thorough buying guides for any situation, in-depth product reviews, and lots of informational articles that will help you to keep your home clean. I will not only cover vacuum cleaners but also air purifiers, steam mops, carpet cleaners and much more.

How You Will Help Me

If you read a review and decide you would like to purchase one of the products, I will provide a handy link to the retailer that has the cheapest product at the time. By following this link and purchasing the product, I will receive a small commission.

This will in no way add extra cost to your purchase, but it will help me to review even more products and write more helpful content for you.

How You Can Contact Me

If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat, you can fill out the contact form which can be found here.