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amazon uk black friday deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020: All the Latest Cleaning Deals in the UK

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and Amazon says 2020 will be the biggest year yet. Deals have already started, and with so many sales and deals, it can be hard to keep track of the bargains.

This page will be updated with the best Black Friday deals as soon as they appear. We will focus on vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and other cleaning related products.

Some of the deals last for full or multiple days, but the lightning deals are only available for a limited time or until the products are sold out, so be quick!

where to buy rubbing alcohol uk

What Is Rubbing Alcohol: Uses & Where To Buy In UK

If you have been searching the web for homemade cleaning recipes or a stain remover, you may have come across people mentioning rubbing alcohol. If you have never heard of rubbing alcohol, you may have a few questions. What is rubbing alcohol? Where can I buy rubbing alcohol in the UK? What is rubbing alcohol used for?

In this guide, I will show you what rubbing alcohol is, and where to buy rubbing alcohol in the UK. It is a very handy product to have lying about, and I will also go over some ways that you can use it in your daily cleaning routine.

how to clean a conservatory roof

How to Clean a Conservatory Roof: 4 Simple Steps

A conservatory is a great place to relax and having one can add a significant amount of value to your home. It’s important to keep your conservatory roof clean, but it can be problematic due to the height of a conservatory and the fragile nature of glass.

In this guide, we will show you how to clean a conservatory roof including the inside, exterior, glass and frames. It’s not a hard job, but it requires careful planning and the correct tools to get it done safely and effectively.

Popular Guides

best handheld steam cleaner

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner: Top 3 Portable Multi-Purpose Steamer Reviews

You might not realize this right now, but a handheld steam cleaner can be quite handy and convenient for small cleaning jobs around the house. These smart little devices will not only clean any dirt or grime, but they will also get rid of any germs, bacteria, bugs, and a lot more. Best of all, they do all this without the help of any expensive or harmful chemicals.

So, which one is the best for you? Keep reading to find out!

karcher window vac reviews

Karcher Window Vac Reviews: Best 3 Models Revealed

Karcher is one of the most popular window vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and they have been producing window vacs for over 10 years now. These Karcher window vac reviews feature the WV6 Premium, the WV5 Premium, and the Anniversary Edition window vac.

They are all similar in look and performance, but they all have different features and price points that will determine which one is right for your needs. Read on to discover more about the 3 best Karcher window vacuums.

rug doctor reviews - best carpet cleaner

Rug Doctor Reviews: Which Carpet Cleaning Machine Is The Best?

You may have hired a Rug Doctor in the past, but did you know that you can buy your own Rug Doctor and that there are different versions available? For a long time, I was also unaware of this fact, but now that I have my own Rug Doctor I have never looked back.

There are a few different Rug Doctor versions that you can purchase, and these Rug Doctor reviews will help you decide which one is the best for you, depending on your cleaning needs and your budget.

shark if260ukth duoclean cordless

Shark vs Dyson: Which Vacuum is Best in 2020?

Shark and Dyson are two of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the UK. They both offer a wide range of models that feature the latest technology, great suction power, and innovative features that ensure they stand out among other brands.

In this Shark vs Dyson ultimate guide, you will learn about the different models that each brand produces, along with the differences between models. This will ultimately help you to decide which vacuum brand out of these two heavyweights is right for your requirements.

best miele vacuum cleaner

Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners: UK Reviews 2020

Miele is one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the UK. Their vacuums are known for their powerful suction, excellent build quality and reliability. Made in Germany, Miele vacuums are popular all over the world, and especially in the UK.

The best Miele vacuums are cylinder models, and while the company makes uprights and robots, they specialize in cylinder vacuums. Sticking to predominantly one type of vacuum cleaner has been a good move for Miele, and their cylinder vacuum cleaners are among the best on the market.

best vacuum for laminate floors uk

Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors – Top UK Cleaners

Laminate flooring is a great option to have in your home and can improve the appearance of any room. When it comes to cleaning laminate floors, you have to take care not to damage them. Scratches, dents and chips can make your laminate look tired and lifeless, and will bring down the whole appearance of the room.

Vacuuming a laminate floor is the preferred method of cleaning, and you need to ensure you use the correct type.

dyson v11 absolute stick

Best Vacuum Cleaner UK – 2020 Guide

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners on the market today, and they are usually designed to deal with specific things, such as stairs, pet hair, carpets, or wooden floors. There are also other aspects that you need to decide on – corded or cordless, bagged or bagless, upright or cylinder. With so many models out there, how are you supposed to find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs?

That is the reason I have put together this guide, to help you with your decision. I have spent hundreds of hours researching, comparing, and reviewing vacuum cleaners so you can be sure the ones that I recommend are the very best in their category. I have placed these models into their own specific category, so no matter what your circumstances are, you will find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your situation.

best wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners In The UK [2020 Guide]

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a useful cleaning tool to have around. Not only can you vacuum your carpets and hard floors, but you can also wash your carpets with the same machine. Most wet/dry vacs also have the handy ability to clean up any spills that occur on your floors.The best wet and dry vacuum cleaners will have powerful suction, a large capacity, and a range of tools and accessories to help you clean your home. You know that a wet and dry vacuum will make your life easier, but which one should you buy? There is a huge choice of multifunction vacuums available, ranging from budget models to very expensive ones.

best ash vacuum cleaner uk

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner UK – 2020 Guide

There is nothing better than sitting in front of an open fire on a cold winter’s night, with the flames crackling over the logs or coal. Everyone loves an open fire, but cleaning it out the next day can be a real pain.It’s a dirty and messy job that can lead to real frustration. Raking the embers creates a cloud of ash that engulfs the room and lands on your furniture. Emptying the ash container creates even more mess, and if you have to transport it outside then you will be left with trails of ash throughout your home.An ash vacuum is a solution to this problem. The best ash vacuum cleaners allow you to empty the fire with minimal mess, and you can also safely transport the ash outside without leaving trails of ash everywhere.

best gutter vacuum

Best Gutter Vacuum System: UK Guide [2020]

Keeping your gutters clean and unblocked is important to the well-being of your house. Standing water can damage your structure, and if the water can’t go down your drain pipes then it will find somewhere else to go, usually in your loft space. A gutter vacuum is a handy tool for this task, and the best gutter vacuums will allow you to clean high gutters without the dangers of climbing a ladder.Gutter vacuums are specialized vacuum cleaners that have long telescopic poles, and they come with lots of tools and accessories to make your job a whole lot easier.

best vacuum cleaner for builders dust

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Builders Dust

If you have recently had any renovation work done in your home, you will understand how hard it is to clean up the dust and debris that comes with it. Whether you have had builders doing the work or you have carried it out yourself, there will no doubt be a lot of dust to clean up.A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool in your cleaning arsenal. The best vacuum cleaner for builders dust will have to be powerful, reliable, and have a good filtration system to prevent blockages. Cylinder vacuums are a good choice due to the large dust capacity, and the use of bags make disposing of the dust easier than bagless models.

dyson v11 absolute stick

Dyson V8 vs V10 vs V11 – What’s the Difference?

Dyson has long been the king of the cordless vacuum cleaner, ever since the release of the DC16 way back in 2006. The DC16 was noisy, had a very narrow cleaning head, and the 6 minute run time meant that there was no way it could be used as your main vacuum cleaner.Thankfully, cordless vacuums have improved greatly over the years, with Dyson leading the way when it comes to innovative technology. In this article, we’re going to look at the three most recent additions to the Dyson cordless family: the V8, the V10, and the V11. Read on as we compare all of the features and benefits in this Dyson V8 vs V10 vs V11 guide.

best vacuum cleaner for stairs uk

Discover Which Vacuum is Best for Cleaning Stairs – UK Hoover Reviews

When it comes to cleaning our home, one of the biggest obstacles we face is cleaning the stairs. It is hard to manoeuvre a bulky vacuum cleaner on stairs; there simply isn’t enough space to get the job done properly.

I have found the top 5 vacuum cleaners that are best for cleaning stairs. There is a mixture of cordless sticks, lift-away uprights, and handheld vacuums, that all excel at stair cleaning. The good news is that these vacuums are good for cleaning your whole house, so you won’t need a separate vacuum just for the stairs.


Henry Hoover Vs Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor – Which Is Better?

Dyson and Numatic are two of the longest standing and well-known hoover manufacturers in the UK and for good reason. Both manufacture high-quality, durable vacuum cleaners with outstanding technological advancements.

Henry is Numatic’s most famous machine – more than 30 years old, and Dyson’s been making Ball vacuums for more than a decade. Let’s see how the Henry Hoover Compact and the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor measure up against each other. 

gtech airram is compact

Gtech AirRam MK2 Vs Dyson V8 Animal – Battle Of The Cordless Vacuums

Versatile, practical, and able to go places normal vacuum cleaners can’t, cordless vacuum cleaners aim to be the future of cleaning.

In one corner we have the Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and in the other, the Dyson V8 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is starting its motor.

Both vacuum cleaners are improved versions of earlier models and we’re taking a look at how they compare to each other.

best window vacuum cleaner

Best Window Vacuum Cleaner 2020 – UK Reviews

If you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee by the window but feel distracted by the scratches and marks left on your window pane from cleaning with the wrong equipment, you need a special window vacuum which will give you a spotless clean.

Having clean windows is of the utmost importance as it can make or break the look of your room. It is the only source of light your room may have but if it’s caked in dust and scratches, it can make your room look dingy and dull. Having ample natural light will also help keep your mood elevated.

best garden vacuum blower

Best Garden Vacuum 2020 – UK Leaf Blower Reviews

Raking the dried leaves out of your front lawn and garden is no easy task. If you have larger trees in your garden, there’s a chance you may have to blow the leaves away every few days or at least once every fortnight.

Now, hiring a professional gardener is not something everyone can afford. But if you can get your hands on a convenient garden vacuum and leaf blower, that you can easily use by yourself, that’s half the battle won.

The following are three options I came across while researching garden vacuums.

best cylinder vacuum cleaners

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners 2020: UK Reviews

There are many types of vacuum cleaners that are available in the market at any given time. If you live in a relatively smaller home, it may be worth your time to look into cylinder vacuum cleaners, as these are usually smaller and lighter than the regular upright vacuum cleaners, which makes them ideal for use in smaller spaces.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are relatively easier to manoeuvre around your home and also do not give trouble in storage when they aren’t being used. They are versatile and can be used on carpets, hard floors and stairs. They can also reach the harder to clean areas around your house with great ease than regular vacuum cleaners.

best vacuum cleaner for carpet

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpets 2020: UK Reviews

Cleaning wasn’t my strongest suit and cleaning carpets was probably my biggest weakness. My neglect has resulted in at least two carpets getting damaged and spoiled. This was because even though I was using a good vacuum cleaner, it wasn’t the right one for the type of carpet I had. Then there were issues with stains on the carpet, which is a matter for separate discussion.

The variety of carpets available can become a bit confusing at the time of buying one. You need to keep in mind where the carpet will be placed to decide which type is ideal for it. And depending on the type of carpet, the process of cleaning it will vary.

best bagless vacuum cleaner

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2020 – UK Reviews

An economical and highly versatile appliance, the bagless vacuum cleaner is quickly becoming the most popular option amongst most households. They require less maintenance and replacement compared to bagged vacuum cleaners. This is because the dust and debris collected by the vacuum cleaner is deposited in an airtight dirt bin instead of a bag. Emptying out the bin is also extremely convenient.

These models are not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Most brands are now competing to create a bagless vacuum cleaner that packs all the power and punch of a bagged version.

best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2020: Top 5 UK Models

If you’re a pet owner, cleaning your house and removing all the pet hair can be a never-ending task. If you have carpeted floors, getting the hair out of the fine fibres can be quite exhausting.

Equally, hard surfaces such as wood and tile are also challenging when it comes to pet hair. The hair sticks out like a sore thumb on hard flooring, and sweeping several times a day quickly becomes tiresome.

What you need is a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for dealing with pet hair. The ideal vacuum for pet hair will make it easier for the hair to be removed, and will also allow you to vacuum less than usual. Designated pet tools are also a must for dealing with carpet, hard floors, and upholstery.

best robot vacuum under 200

Best Budget Robot Vacuums Under £200 – Cheap Roomba Alternatives

The rise of the robot vacuum is well and truly here! I think it all started with the Roomba which is awesome. However, I know that the price tag of that and other robot vacuums can be a little off-putting.

We are now entering the age of the budget-priced robot vacuum as there are a few models on the market right now that are much lower in price.

I have had the chance to look at three of the contenders for the best robot vacuum under £200 award. I was very interested to see how they compared to their more expensive counterparts.

best small vacuum uk

Small Vacuum Cleaners – Which Compact Hoover Is Best In 2020?

The need of the hour is a compact, small vacuum cleaner that takes care of all your cleaning needs without taking up too much space. It needs to be lightweight, small and yet be versatile and powerful enough to get even the most stubborn dirt.

There are several areas in your house that are prone to collecting dirt and dust. The carpet, upholstery, light fittings, corners, high surfaces, etc. Especially if you have pets, the chances of fine dust, hair and dirt getting stuck in invisible parts of your house are high. You, therefore, need a vacuum cleaner that can tackle all of these problems without requiring too much maintenance or work on your end.

best lightweight vacuum cleaner uk

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners – Top UK Hoovers For The Elderly 2020

If managing your vacuum cleaner takes more effort than actually cleaning your carpet, it is probably time to trade up that vacuum cleaner for a lighter one. Getting dust out of upholstery, crevices and corners can be frustrating enough.

But a cumbersome vacuum cleaner only makes it harder and does not even do the job any better than a lightweight one. Besides, it’s not as convenient to store either. All the bulk for no extra benefits!

3 top rated upright vacuums

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Top UK Hoovers 2020

If your home has carpets, curtains, and upholstery, as any furnished home typically has, you need a good vacuum cleaner to ensure you can keep your home dust-free. There are several options out in the market but a traditional upright vacuum cleaner is most likely to give you the most power and efficiency.

Being upright is not the only criteria, however. The vacuum cleaner should also have other features that make it a worthy buy. You need to take into account weight, filtration, versatility, etc. before making a decision.

best shark vacuum uk

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews of the 7 Top Models in the UK

Shark have quickly grown to become one of the UKs most popular vacuum cleaner brands. Their wide range of cordless and corded models ensure that there is a Shark vacuum to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Today, we will be having a closer look at four Shark vacuums that I believe are the best on the market. There are two cordless models and two corded models. Three of these models are stick vacuums, and there is one upright vacuum.

the best numatic henry hoovers

Henry Hoover Range – Which Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Is Top-Rated In 2020?

How can you not love Henry? I guarantee that if you let the kids pick a vacuum cleaner they would pick Henry and who could blame them?

Henry is a real British classic and even when I was a kid I had a soft spot for Henry. I have tested many vacuum cleaners over the years. Thanks to my kids and dogs they always get put through their paces very well.

I am very interested to see if Henry will still have that smile on his face once he has had a meeting with my house!

budget vacuum featured image

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners Under £100: Low Cost Value UK Models

While I love getting the chance to check out some of the most expensive vacuum cleaners, I know that for many people those are an extreme luxury item and out of reach for a lot of people.

However, a great vacuum cleaner does not have to cost you a fortune. That is why today I am looking at what is the best budget vacuum cleaner under £100.

dyson featured image

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews and Comparison

Dyson has long been the king of the vacuum cleaners. While there are other brands that are taking a larger share of the vacuum market, such as Shark, you can’t quite beat the quality and prestige of a Dyson.

In this guide, I will be taking a closer look at four of the best Dyson vacuums on the market today. There are two cordless models, and two corded models. While the corded models are still available now, they are no longer being produced so once the stock has run out, I will update this page.

best handheld vacuum cleaner uk

The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews Of The Latest Cordless Hoovers In The UK

A handheld vacuum cleaner is one of those devices that at first you think to yourself “do I really need one?”. But then when you actually use one, you wonder how you ever managed to live without it. A handheld vacuum cleaner is something that can be used to clean the house from top to bottom.

Not only that, you can take it outside to give the car a clean and reach all those annoying spots a regular vacuum cleaner cannot. Looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaner can be tough as there are so many great ones.

robot vacuums featured image

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews Of The Latest UK Robotic Hoovers In 2020

I know that if you are reading this then you also want a little help or something that is just going to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Thankfully making your life much easier is what a robot vacuum is all about and they are pretty cool gadgets that once you have gotten used to one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

car vacuum featured image

The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners: UK Guide To The Best Cordless Hoovers In 2020

Giving the car a good clean can be brutal. No matter if you drive on your own or if you have kids and pets making a mess, a car can very quickly become filthy.

In this guide, I will be reviewing five of the most highly regarded car vacuum cleaners on the market right now. I am going to put them through their paces and see which one is the best car vacuum cleaner.

cordless vacuum featured image

Best Cordless Vacuum for Hard Floors – Top UK Stick Vacuum Reviews

Vacuuming the house is not one of the most fun things in the world, especially if the vacuum you are using is not the best. You have to hoover over the same part time and time again, it turns itself off and in general, it makes an already annoying chore much worse!

Thankfully, there are many great cordless vacuum cleaners these days and I have been given the chance to test out some of the best cordless vacuums in the UK right now.

Product Reviews

nilfisk pressure washer review

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Review: E145 Power Washer

Don’t know how to clean the mossy, slimy algae on your patio? Having a difficult time trying to clean between the narrow spaces of your fence? The Nilfisk E 145 BAR Pressure Washer can be the answer to all your problems. With this power washer, you can take a break from all the scrubbing. This high-pressure spray does all the work for you, making cleaning quicker and easier.

The easy to use Nilfisk Washer comes with multiple different attachable accessories. These attachments allow for versatile cleaning. It gives you the capability to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt marks. That, too, at a very reasonable price.

wolf pressure washer review

Wolf Pressure Washer Review: Blaster Max 2 Electric Washer

In this Wolf pressure washer review, you will discover that the Blaster Max 2 is a cheaper and altogether more enjoyable way of keeping your car clean. It will also take care of your patio, fence and any other outdoor surface.

The Wolf Blaster Max 2 will do a great a job at a cheaper price. This pressure washer is not only portable but it comes with a whole lot of easy to use attachments. If the Wolf Blaster Max 2 has caught your attention then I suggest you keep scrolling.

vax dual power carpet cleaner review

Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner Review: Powerful 2-in-1 Cleaning

Let me get you in on the ultimate truth about carpet cleaning. Vacuum cleaners, even the most powerful ones, don’t work at all when it comes to long term cleaning. You see, carpets provide lots of surface area through their fibres for dirt and debris to stick in. Meaning, there’s way more dirt accumulation on a carpet than there is on marble or wooden flooring.

In this Vax Dual Power carpet cleaner review, I will go through the features and benefits of this powerful carpet washer. If it’s been a while since you changed your carpet, you’re probably living on debris that’s been there for years. The solution? Get a carpet cleaner for your home!

maxi vac handheld carpet cleaner review

Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner Review: Cheap Spot Cleaner

The Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner is an electric stain remover, carpet cleaner and car upholstery washer that offers very easy cleaning. It is designed to pick up dirt and stains from carpets, enabling you to clean your household interior including carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture. The built-in brush attachment is great for dealing with tough stains.

In the Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner review, I will be looking at one of the most popular handheld carpet cleaners. It is a small and affordable electric carpet and upholstery cleaner suitable for cleaning carpeted surfaces and furniture, although it will struggle to clean large areas of a carpet. I will be talking about the various features of this handheld carpet cleaner, alongside the pros and cons.

vonhaus vacuum review

VonHaus Vacuum Review: Affordable 2-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum

In this VonHaus vacuum review, I will be reviewing this 2-in-1 stick vacuum, highlighting the features and revealing its benefits and drawbacks. It features a 1.3 L tank that is easy to detach and empty. It also comes with a HEPA Sponge Filtration system to lock in any small particles. It is an affordable vacuum cleaner that is both practical and versatile.

Today, technology has advanced to the stage where stick vacuums have no problem cleaning almost any type of surface. The VonHaus stick vacuum excels at cleaning hard surfaces, but it can also handle carpets without a fuss.

vytronix vtbc01 review

Vytronix VTBC01 Review: Affordable Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The Vytronix VTBC01 bagged cylinder is a reasonably priced and powerful vacuum cleaner that is perfect for people who are specifically looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner. The highlight of the Vytronix VTBC01 is the price; it is not the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, nor is it the most efficient when it comes to cleaning. However, it is capable of taking care of simple household cleaning tasks like vacuuming carpets, furniture, and floors.

In this Vytronix VTBC01 review, I will be talking about this budget cylinder vacuum cleaner, succinctly talking about its several features; from the performance to the specification, the features, the pros and cons, and more.

karcher k5 review premium pressure washer

Karcher K5 Review: Premium Full Control Pressure Washer

In this Karcher K5 review, I will go over the features that make this pressure washer stand out from its competitors. The ability to control the pressure at the touch of a button, the convenience of the 3-in-1 multi jet lance, and the included T350 patio cleaner are just a few of the features that make this a powerful and efficient pressure washer.

The on-board storage and wind-up hose add to the convenience, and the 8-metre hose is longer than most of the similar machines on the market. Karcher has produced a number of models of pressure washers, but not many can match the K5 when it comes to raw power and convenience.

karcher k2 pressure washer review

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review: Full Control Patio Cleaner

In this Karcher K2 pressure washer review, you will see how this machine can comfortably tackle outdoor cleaning jobs, such as car washing, patio cleaning and fence/shed cleaning. It has 4 power settings, and the wide range of accessories make it an ideal choice.

The Karcher K2 pressure washer is a powerful cleaner, with a 1400w motor capable of delivering 360 litres of water per hour. Read on to discover more about this mid-range pressure washer, and how it can help you to keep your outdoor areas clean.

nilfisk c110 review pressure washer

Nilfisk C110 Review: Pressure Washer And Patio Cleaner

Pressure washers became popular largely because of the ease they bring to outdoor cleaning activities. They are very effective in cleaning buildings, pavements, floors, and even vehicles. If what you want is a stress-free outdoor cleaning experience, you need to get a good pressure washer.

In this Nilfisk C110 Review, I will talk about the unique features of the pressure washer, highlighting, in particular, the lightweight and portable design, the durable pump made from aluminium, the additional accessories, the on-board storage space and more. The Nilfisk C110 is made for people who need a portable pressure washer for outdoor cleaning activities, including car/bike washing and patio cleaning.

vax 6131t multi function carpet cleaner

Vax 6131T Review: Powerful 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner

In this Vax 6131T review you will see how this powerful machine performs as a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner. The third function of this versatile vacuum is the ability to clean up any spills quickly and easily. It also has a huge dirt and water capacity and is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the five caster wheels it sits on.This is a bagged vacuum cleaner which makes it easy to empty, and it is simple to switch between vacuum and cleaning modes. Read on to see all of the features and benefits of this powerful 3-in-1 carpet cleaner.

henry allergy hva160 vacuum cleaner

Henry Allergy Review: Numatic HVA 160 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Allergy HVA 160 is the newest addition to the Henry Hoover family, and Numatic has produced a vacuum cleaner that has been given the seal of approval by the British Allergy Foundation.If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies then you know how important it is to reduce triggers as much as you can. A good vacuum cleaner goes a long way to ensuring that your home is a safe and comfortable environment for allergy sufferers.In this Henry Allergy review, you’ll see how the HVA 160 is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to dust and pet-related allergens.

vax blade 32v

Vax Blade 32v Review: Powerful Cordless UK Vacuum Cleaner

Vax is one of the best-known vacuum cleaner brands in the UK, and also one of the most trusted. They are keeping up with the trend of cordless stick vacuums with the release of the Vax Blade 32v.In this Vax Blade 32v review you will see how this small and lightweight cordless vacuum helps you in your mission for a clean home. It is versatile, powerful, and it also has a battery life that rivals some of its more expensive competitors.

vax u90 ma re air reach bagless vacuum cleaner

Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

The Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach is an upright vacuum that is among the cheapest that Vax has to offer. It has a good range of features for the price, including multi-cyclonic technology, a TurboTool which is ideal for pet hair, and a long reach hose to tackle hard to reach areas.It is also surprisingly lightweight for an upright vacuum, making the U90-MA-Re Air Reach a solid performer at a reasonable price.

shark if260ukth duoclean cordless

Shark IF260UKTH Review: A Cordless Vacuum to Rival Dyson?

The Shark vacuum company has grown quickly in a short space of time and can now be recognised as the true competitor to Dyson. Part of this is due to the innovative features and technologies that come with every new generation of Shark vacuum.The Shark IF260UKTH is no different, with the new features making this one of the best cordless vacuums on the market. Improved battery life, DuoClean and Flexology technologies, and a fully-sealed filtration system mean that this latest Shark cordless vacuum is a match for even the latest Dyson.

dyson v11 absolute stick

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – The Best Vacuum Ever?

With the release of the Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum, Dyson announced that it would no longer produce corded vacuums. Now that the V11 is here, that seems to be a decision that has paid off.By putting all of their resources behind this latest generation of cordless vacuums, they have produced a fantastic vacuum that will ensure you say goodbye to the cord for good.The Dyson V11 Absolute isn’t cheap, and this will be the main reason that holds customers back from purchasing one. It really is an excellent piece of kit though, with better suction, intelligent sensors, and even an LED screen to alert you of any problems, all of which make the high cost justified.

vax gator handheld vacuum

Vax Gator H85-GA-B10 10.8v Handheld Vacuum – UK Review

Imagine setting up a dinner date at home and realizing you forgot about appetizers. So, you drive to the shop and when you get back you step some dirt onto the carpet. Now you must haul your vacuum from the cleaning cupboard and find a socket before being able to tend to the spot. It wastes another 10 minutes of your time and you still have to get dressed.

Or in the morning, everyone is ready to leave the house for work and school and one of the kids drops their toast on the floor. There are crumbs everywhere and you don’t have time to pull the vacuum out, but you don’t want to leave the crumbs on the carpet all day.

The Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner was designed with exactly these situations in mind.

black and decker pd1820l

Black & Decker 18V Lithium-Ion Flexi Handheld Vacuum Review

What do you get when you combine a snail with a vacuum cleaner? The Black + Decker PD1820L-GB Handheld Vacuum of course!

Don’t get us wrong, this is not because the cleaner is slow, because it’s anything but. It’s simply because Black & Decker got a little creative with this creation.

The innovative design features a flexible hose that can wrap around the machine when not in use — hence the snail analogy. But how does the look help its performance?

Read on as I go over the benefits and features of this handheld vacuum.

shark duoclean if250uk cordless vacuum

Shark Duoclean IF250UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

Shark aims to be the solution to all our problems. The Shark Duoclean IF250UK features a fresh design and the advanced technologies combined with said design promises highly efficient cleaning.

There are 4 models in the Duoclean IF range. The basic model and the cheapest is the IF200UK, which comes with a single battery and is blue in colour. The IF250UK is the same as the IF200UK, except that it comes with two rechargeable batteries instead of one and is orange in colour.

The IF200UKT has a single battery and comes with a Pet Power Brush attachment, and is purple in colour. The IF250UKT is the most expensive of the range and comes with the Pet Power Brush attachment, two rechargeable batteries, and is silver in colour.

Today we are looking at the Shark Duoclean IF250UK model.

numatic hetty hoover het160 vacuum

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET160 Review – Fun, Pink, And Powerful Vacuum

Henry Hoover is among the most popular vacuum cleaners in the UK, and today we are going to look at another of Henry’s siblings. Hetty Hoover is Henry’s sister and she is also a member of the Numatic family. Numatic has always put a lot of hard work into perfecting their brand and Hetty won’t disappoint you either.

Hetty is designed almost identically to Henry, with the only major difference being the colour (and the eyelashes). Hetty comes with a number of extra features and also has Eco technology, helping you consume less power and save money.

Despite her lower wattage, Hetty provides powerful suction thanks to her twin flow power motors. She can even switch between higher or lower power, depending on your cleaning needs. You might be surprised at how powerful and effective this little thing is. Read on as we go through the features and benefits of Hetty Hoover.

numatic george gve370 all in one vacuum

Numatic George Vacuum Cleaner Review – Part Of The Henry Hoover Family

The George Hoover vacuum cleaner is a clear indication of just how ambitious Numatic has been over the years. Despite their achievement with the Henry Hoover, they have still remained focused and relentless in their efforts to bring us the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Although George Hoover may not be perfect, it does bring a whole new perspective to vacuum cleaning. George is not your typical Numatic cleaner as it surpasses most of its brothers in terms of the scope of work it can do.

George can be referred to as an all-purpose or an all in one vacuum cleaner, and you won’t need any other cleaning appliance when he’s around.

charles numatic home vacuum cleaner

Numatic Charles CVC370 Wet & Dry Vacuum – UK Review

Vacuuming your home can sometimes be a bit of a chore, more so if you’re using the wrong kind of vacuum cleaner. Reliability is key as you want to get something that will not only get the hard to reach places but is also versatile enough to handle both dry and wet floors, tiles and even carpets.

When it comes to corded vacuum cleaners, the Charles vacuum cleaner has features that enable you to vacuum and clean your carpets. Charles is part of the Henry Hoover range, and while he is larger and more expensive than most of the Numatic range, he is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner which reduces the need for a carpet cleaner.

Read on as I go through all the features and benefits in this Charles vacuum review.

henry hoover cordless hvb160

Henry Hoover HVB160 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – Is This The Best Henry Model?

Cleaning can’t get any more friendly than the Henry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Numatic. And by “friendly” I mean both user-friendly and, well, jolly. This little fella makes cleaning hard to reach, unconventional, and everyday spaces easier than ever — all with a happy smile on his face.

This cordless vacuum is similar to the original Henry Hoover, with the most obvious change being the lack of a power cord. While this does make him more expensive than his corded counterpart, the convenience more than makes up for it.

It’s worth mentioning that Henry Hoover Cordless is also efficient, easy to maintain, and surprisingly portable.

numatic james hoover vacuum cleaner

Numatic James Vacuum Cleaner Review (JVP180-11) – Henry Hoover’s Little Brother

Numatic vacuum cleaners are known for their superb performance and reliability. Numatic International limited has made a variety of vacuum cleaner models over the years including the likes of Henry, Charles and George.

The main feature today will be a recent instalment into this series of Numatic cleaners going by the name of James. The big question is how does this vacuum cleaner fair against its iconic siblings?

To answer this question we will need to dig deeper into its features and find out the advantages it brings as well as the disadvantages that follow. This complete review will help you make a well-analyzed decision on whether you should go for the vacuum cleaner or not.

dyson v8 animal cordless

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson is one of the most well-known brands in the vacuum cleaner industry, founded by UK manufacturer James Dyson. They are the inventors of the cordless vacuum cleaner and have them in a variety of models.

The Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is an improved version over previous models, such as the V6. Features include a larger dust bin and longer 40-minute runtime. The Animal version of the V8 is made for homes with pets, but even if you don’t have pets it is still a good option.

The V8 comes with a higher price tag than the V6, and it is cheaper than the latest V10. To find out how this cordless vacuum performs, read on as I put it through its paces.

henry hoover xtra vacuum cleaner is great for all surfaces

Numatic Henry Xtra HVX 200-11 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Henry Xtra is a clear example of why some people swear by the Numatic brand when it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner. This particular vacuum goes over and beyond by providing additional features that make it a stronger cleaning tool than many other alternatives in the market.

The vacuum’s physical design might not make it appear like this is a powerful cleaning tool, but beneath the knowing smiley face lies powerful cleaning potential that has left many people feeling fortunate that they choose this vacuum over other alternatives in the market.

dyson v6 cord free vacuum cleaner

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

It’s safe to say that the Dyson brand is well known to be among the best when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Dyson pioneered the cordless vacuum, and they are so confident in their cordless vacuum cleaners that the company’s founder, James Dyson, recently stated that the UK manufacturer will no longer research or build corded vacuums.

It was the introduction of the Dyson V6 cord-free that changed the way we look at cordless vacuums. It is a huge improvement over previous cordless models with improved battery life, larger dust canister, and more powerful suction. Since the release of the V6 in 2015, Dyson has released a range of upgraded models such as the V7, V8, and V10 Cyclone. While the V10 is the latest model and boasts much-improved features over the V6, it is 2 -3 times more expensive.

miele complete c3 cat and dog powerline

Miele Complete C3 Cat And Dog Powerline Vacuum – UK Review

Cleaning is a hard task and if you have pets at home, this task just gets tougher. Dogs and cats leave tons of hair and fluff all over your furnishings and carpets that aren’t just unappealing to look at but can also cause allergies and other respiratory issues.

One of the best products in the market for keeping your house clean when you have pets is Miele’s Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline bagged vacuum cleaner. As a part of the company’s Cat and Dog Range, this particular appliance is a godsend for pet owners as it uses a special brush to remove hair, fluff, coarse particles and fine dust with great ease.

stihl she71 leaf blower shredder

Stihl SHE 71 Garden Vacuum And Leaf Blower – UK Review

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year but can easily turn into a nightmare when you see large piles of dried leaves hanging around your front porch or backyard. Not only are they aesthetically not pleasing to the eye (except in pictures of the fall), they can also be a nuisance to your health because of all the slippery surfaces.

Clearing them out on a regular basis can be a task that most of you probably don’t enjoy but that’s where garden vacuums and blowers come in. These appliances are easy to use and make getting rid of those dried leaves literally a breeze.

The Stihl SHE 71 is a multi-function appliance that can be used as a garden vacuum, a shredder, as well as a leaf blower, making it a great investment if you’re looking for an all-in-one garden-cleaning device that will work wonders in both homes and gardens of all sizes.

karcher wv5 premium window vac

Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

I don’t enjoy seeing dirt stuck on the innumerable flat surfaces around my house. As you go around vacuuming your place, there is a part that gets left out pretty often – the windows. Windows can get particularly mucky because of excessive condensation, and forgetting to clean them regularly just makes the task harder when I finally get to it.

This is where the Kärcher WV5 Premium rechargeable window vacuum cleaner comes into the picture, making cleaning a breeze. And don’t think its benefits are limited to just the windows of your house. It can also be used on mirrors, shower screens, tiles and getting rid of things spilt on the floors and worktops.

miele blizzard cx1 cat dog powerline bagless

Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog Powerline Vacuum Review

Companies are coming out with specialized vacuum cleaners that not only help you clear out dust and other substances from your furnishings and floors, but also concentrate on pet hair.

One such cleaner made by Miele is the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine, one of the best products in the category of pet-specific vacuum cleaners. So no need to fret over the small things anymore, keep reading for all you need to know about Miele’s Blizzard CX1!

shark duoclean corded stick true pet

Shark HV390UKT DuoClean TruePet UK Review

It is great to have pets at home but no matter how much you love your cat or dog, you can’t deny that it can be tough to get rid of all the hair they shed over your beloved sofa or across the carpets in your house.

In a scenario like this, Shark’s HV390UKT DuoClean vacuum cleaner – with its motorised pet tool – may be the answer to all your cleaning woes. The vacuum comes with Shark’s DuoClean technology, coupled with Flexology technology, which makes the product easy to use. It can also be converted to a handheld vacuum, increasing its range of uses.

shark cordless duoclean pet hair vacuum

Shark IF200UKT Duoclean Cordless Vacuum Review

Most of us have different furnishings around the house, like upholstery, curtains, carpets and rugs, which can collect huge amounts of dust.

While it’s great that there already are different tools that we can use to deal with all these surfaces, don’t you think it would be much nicer if one machine could be used to do all the work? The good news is, there is a vacuum cleaner on the market, that fulfils exactly this criteria!

If you’re looking for a handy vacuum cleaner that can cover all of your cleaning needs, look no further than Shark’s IF200UKT DuoClean Cordless.

miele compact c2 cat dog powerline review

Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

The Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine vacuum cleaner is a cylinder vacuum that is designed specifically for dealing with pet hair. I know exactly how pesky dog and cat hair can be. They embed themselves in sofa covers, carpets, upholstery and clothes. They get into nooks and crannies in the house, making it difficult to clean.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a TurboTeQ floorhead, which deals with these pesky pet hairs better than anything else. In addition, it also absorbs bad odours, which is a major help if you have a four-legged friend staying over at your place.

The slightly higher price you will be paying for the Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine vacuum cleaner is worth every penny because it essentially is a multi-purpose appliance. It cleans the house, plays a part in improving the household health, takes care of hair shed by your pet(s) and it’s durable as well.

ilife a4s robot vacuum review

iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

Thankfully now, people like us don’t have to worry about tasks like vacuuming, because the iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaner is here to save the day.

iLife has come up with a cute and compact programmable vacuum cleaner, called the A4s. Circular in shape, the product is built to ensure it can fit almost anywhere around the house and get rid of any unwanted dust, dirt and other particles. It is a minimal-looking product which has no cables linked to it and doesn’t bring the hassle of storage space either.

numatic henry hoover hvr160 needs bags

Numatic Henry Hoover HVR160 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Henry Compact HVR 160-11 is one of the many vacuum models of the Henry Hoover Range. The Henry is one of the UK’s most popular vacuum cleaners. The HVR 160-11, in particular, has been designed to provide all the features of a conventional vacuum cleaner in a compact body with easy access and convenience.

Henry Hoover is a bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner with a large dust capacity and a powerful motor. The sturdiness and performance make him the ideal household vacuum.

Most British households identify this vacuum as the one with large eyes and a cheeky smile, and Henry has grown to be one of the most trusted names for vacuum cleaners.

dyson light ball multi floor upright

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

Last year the European Commission banned vacuum cleaners that had a maximum power consumption exceeding 900W. Previously, this limit stood at 1600W.

The new rules also require vacuums to emanate noise under 80 decibels. The reason this step was taken was to reduce overall household energy consumption and to reduce pollution levels.

The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor vacuum is part of this new generation of vacuum cleaners. The features that made Dyson’s Ball vacuums popular are all available in this new model, except the power which has been trimmed. But that doesn’t affect the performance of the vacuum.

shark duoclean powered lift away is good for carpets

Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Duoclean Powered Lift-Away is an upright vacuum cleaner that can handle most cleaning tasks. The Lift-Away technology ensures that it has all the benefits of an upright, with the added advantages of a handheld or stick vacuum. This versatility makes it one of the best buys on the market at this moment in time.

gtech multi mk2 is a great handheld vacuum

Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Review

The Gtech Multi MK2 is a handheld vacuum designed to clean everything from car upholstery to stairs. This cordless device comes with a wide range of accessories and tools.

It promises to take care of anything a traditional vacuum cleaner finds difficult. For instance, small crevices, curved surfaces and awkward nooks are not easily accessible to the pull-along vacuum cleaner.

dyson v6 car and boat review

Dyson V6 Car & Boat Handheld: 2020 UK Review

Dyson is a household name for every kind of vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld is an exceptionally versatile device to clean surfaces and upholstery in cars, boats and even at home.

Designed specifically for cars and boats, this model has great suction power (28 AW on normal mode and 100 AW on maximum) and comes with a wide range of accessories to manoeuvre the surfaces in your vehicle.

With a Dyson digital V6 motor, the Car+Boat unit is among the most powerful cordless handheld vacuums. It is also lightweight which makes it a delight for easy storage and function.

dyson dc58 animal handheld vacuum

Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

The DC58 is one of the latest products from Dyson. It uses cyclonic technology and is powered by the Dyson digital monitor V6, which spins up to 110,000 times a minute. In other words, it claims to have the ability to spin three times faster than other motors. Its 350W motor helps the machine produce a powerful suction, also enhanced by 2-Tier RadialTM cyclones.

eufy robovac 11c review uk

Eufy RoboVac 11c Review – Robot Vacuum UK Review

To dream of a robot cleaning up your home at a simple voice command, may not be a far-fetched fantasy anymore. Robot vacuum cleaners are now widely available and are no longer out of reach for most people thanks to lower-priced models.

The Eufy RoboVac 11c is an inexpensive WiFi robotic vacuum cleaner with high intelligence and convenient integration with Amazon Echo and the Google Home smart speaker. The cleaner can be easily controlled remotely through a smartphone.

dyson cyclone v10 absolute cordless

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review – The Best One Yet?

Dyson’s Cyclone V10 Absolute is a premier technology vacuum cleaner. Armed with extended suction power, dual cleaning heads and an hour of constant buzzing, this powerful cord-free machine is the perfect companion for deep cleaning the house.

It is versatile, packed with extra tools, designed to be lighter and engineered to last longer, with fewer trips to the rubbish bin. It is a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner that might take a toll on your budget, yet promises to be a long-term facilitator of a cleaner home.

deik cylinder compact vacuum

Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner UK Review

A vacuum cleaner is an essential buy to keep your home dirt-free and hygienic. There are several varieties of vacuum cleaners available in the market today — cordless, robotic, handheld, canister, etc. The one I will be reviewing is the Deik Cylinder vacuum cleaner.