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robot vacuum work

How Does a Robot Vacuum Work

When it comes to cleaning your house, there are two types of people – you could be like me who vacuums the house when parents come visiting or like my friend Sharon, who vacuums every nook and cranny of her house every week with due diligence. But the idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner would sound very appealing to either of us because it would require very little human effort. But with so many robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, it is very difficult to find the right one for you. So let’s find out how to look for the perfect one for your home.

how to clean home on budget

How to Clean Your House on a Budget

When you set out to clean your house, you might be thinking of a vacuum cleaner, a few rags, buckets, brushes and other cleaning products, but it won’t hurt if you arm yourself with some lemons. Sounds weird? Well, not really. Lemons are actually quite an effective way to get the residual smell and splatters out of your microwave without the aid of scrubbing.

No one raised eyebrows when grandma used household products for the same purpose, and for a good reason. You can find most of these things inside your fridge or your pantry. The point is that we all want to live in a clean home, but one that is free of dangerous, harmful and expensive chemical cleaning products. Here is a guide to clean your house on a modest budget by using a few unorthodox methods.

clean car upholstery

How To Clean Car Upholstery: Wash Your Seats, Plastics, And Floor

It is pretty crazy how dirty the inside of your car can get. From the kids making a mess to you putting off cleaning it for another month. Before you know it your car can start to get a little ripe and really dirty!

It can get to a point where the thought of giving it a good clean is really overwhelming. The truth is when it comes to cleaning car upholstery is does not have to be that hard or complex.

lithium ion battery for cordless vacuum

A Guide To The Cordless Vacuum Lithium-Ion Battery

If you have been looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner then no doubt you will have noticed that many of the more popular and better models love to talk about their lithium-ion battery. The better cordless vacuum cleaners tend to have this type of battery and in all honesty, if I was in the market for a new vacuum that was cordless right now a lithium-ion battery is something I would want it to have.

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