Dos And Don’ts To Check When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

Dos And Don'ts To Check When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner 1

Dust, dirt, and other unwanted elements usually find a way to somehow get into their lives, no matter what kind of stringent measures we take to avoid them. Having a clean and friendly indoor environment indeed sounds like a romantic idea. Dust and dirt are difficult to avoid, and they always come back somehow.

If you have pets in your house, then it gets even more complicated with their hair. Having pet hair seems an issue as they get almost everywhere, like sofa-corners, clothes, carpets, and whatnot. In this scenario, the vacuum cleaner is a savior as it helps clean your car, office, and homes by cleaning the harmful debris and dust. Buying a vacuum cleaner is not exactly rocket science; however, a half-baked decision may cost you a lot.

What are the Dos and Don’ts while you are purchasing A Vacuum Cleaner?

While we are on the subject, most people think that doing a vacuum is difficult. You can just flip a switch, and voila, you clean the house and wash the filter off and on, and yeah, you have a clean house with nothing to be concerned about at all.  Right?

Um, no, the wrong answer!

I’m not implying that using or buying the vacuum is some sort of rocket science; however, some points are to take note of when you want to buy a vacuum cleaner. A wrong decision can cost you money.

Most individuals think that a vacuum cleaner can rummage across your room like some fierce gladiator and quickly clean everything on its own. Yes, they are used to clean a floor and other surfaces rapidly, but these tools also have their share of offenses if bought in an instant. Some vacuums are cacophonous and heavy, whereas others have too much paraphernalia that putting up with them makes your life difficult. The bins attached to them are also a herculean task if I have not mentioned it before.

On top of all this, when you go out in the market to buy the vacuum cleaner, you can get lost in all the spick and span as there is a saturation of vacuums in the market. Buying the vacuum online can also be challenging. All of this brings me to a million-dollar query- How can I narrow down my options to buy an excellent vacuum cleaner that suits my needs and budget. Well, you have come to the right place to get an answer. I’m going to list down the dos and don’ts of vacuum buying so that you can make an informed decision.

Without any further ado, read the article below:

The Dos of vacuum cleaners

DO think where are you going to use the vacuum cleaner most?

When you think about the places where you will use your vacuum cleaner, they never seem to end. But believe me that the carpets are the most challenging place to vacuum. Therefore, most people want to purchase a vacuum to clean carpets. Simultaneously, the vacuum should be lightweight so that maneuvering it across the carpet should not be a cumbersome task.

DO purchase a vacuum cleaner that suits your lifestyle

Your surroundings matter a lot while using a vacuum cleaner in the house. So, a vacuum cleaner that is not bought while keeping the surrounding environment in mind will definitely fail to do its job.  If you are too tired of all the pet hair shedding, then it might be time to buy an upright vacuum so that those pet hair can be sucked by the vacuum in no time.

If you live in a closed area and there are too many carpets in the house, you should consider buying a bagged upright vacuum to get maximum suction and airflow. But if the upright vacuum seems too bulky for lugging around, then the canister vacuum can be another option for you.

DO consider the vacuum maintenance

Vacuum cleaners can either be bagged or bagless, and you can easily choose between them. In case you plan on buying a bagged cleaner, then check its bag and keep replacing it regularly whenever it is full. Some vacuums also come with a light indicator for your convenience as they indicate when a bag needs to be replaced. Vacuum cleaners without bags are relatively straightforward in operating as compared to the bagged vacuums as their bags do not need to be changed quite often.

DO think about your needs

Usually, people demand only three things from vacuums. First, they want a vacuum cleaner to clean their carpets deeply. Secondly, they want a lightweight vacuum cleaner, easy to push, pull, lift, and maneuver. Thirdly, a vacuum cleaner should be a durable tool for cleaning.

DO know the details about your vacuum

It is always good to be acquainted with vacuum components. You should prefer to buy the vacuum with the crevice tool as it can seep into places that are hard to reach otherwise. It is also good to buy a vacuum with a bristled brush or handy extension to keep the furniture shiny. The vacuums’ models with good suction are quite suitable for delicate fabrics.

DO keep an eye on discounts

For buying vacuum cleaners at attractive prices, never forget to keep an eye out for 20 or maybe 30% discounts that are offered primarily in the holidays. Sales for Black Friday and other coupons, local listings, and coupons can be obtained from famous website newsletters. Many brands give great discounts for vacuum cleaners from time to time.

DO check the weight of the vacuum before buying

While you are in the store to buy a vacuum cleaner, try to push or pull it around or see if it can reach the tight corners and crevices using the handle. Do not bend it and look for the power switch present high on the machine.

DO check your vacuum if buying from the store

The vacuuming drapes fan should buy vital components like an off/on switch for brush control and suction control. Before purchasing a bagless or a bagged vacuum, look up bags and filter prices.

The DON’T of Vacuum Cleaners

DON’T expect that the vacuum would last forever

It is a fact that nothing can last forever, and it is true for vacuum cleaners also. Mostly, whenever a vacuum does not start or refuses to draw up anything, then it means the vacuum cleaner is prepared to be changed. Check the filters for damages or clogs, brush tools, and hoses, and if you can’t seem to make it better, then it is time to say goodbye to the vacuum cleaner.

DON’T just go for the costly models

A few people think that only expensive products are the best, but it is not always the case as some quality products can exist for lower prices. Right? Therefore, there is no need to splurge money for apparent features. If a vacuum seems to have the specs that suit you, then you can buy it without going for higher and higher prices.

DON’T forget that a lot rests on how a vacuum is used

You need to understand that not everything can be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner. It is better to refrain from utilizing the vacuum cleaner to remove the sticky dust on the wet floor. Keep emptying the bin or replace the bag regularly to ensure steady airflow and do the same for your filters. When you are not using a vacuum, then turn it off immediately rather than the vacuum sucking up a sock or something which would block an airflow making the motor almost useless for future cleaning.

DON’T forget to do a thorough research

Never go to the market to buy anything like a vacuum cleaner without extensive research first. Collect as much knowledge about the basics regarding various models. Relate specs of different cleaners with each other. Then choose the one finally.

DON’T forget about the noise

While purchasing a vacuum cleaner, do not forget to take in the noise factor. A vacuum should not be the music system. Do not buy a vacuum that gives off loud noises.

Last thoughts

Whenever you intend to buy something, you need to go for the do and don’ts of it upfront. This way, you can buy a product after thorough research and a clear understanding of the specs and basics. These kinds of tech devices help in keeping the homes dust-free and clean. Therefore, it is better to look at these do and don’ts before buying a vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner should bring value to your money and suit your cleaning needs. I hope this article gave you an insight into vacuum buying.