How Do You Clean? Revealing British Cleaning Habits

Whether cleaning our home is something we love or something we hate, it’s a necessary part of all our lives.

Not only is cleaning beneficial for our health, but it is also essential for our mental wellbeing.

Many experts advocate that good cleaning habits have a direct correlation with improved health.

More recently, there have been studies carried out that provide evidence that cleanliness is also a contributing factor to positive mental health.

We surveyed over 1000 Britons to find out their cleaning habits.

We wanted to find out how often they cleaned certain areas of their home, how children affected the cleanliness of a home, and how many feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning.

Read on to find out what factors can contribute to how clean your house is.

Feeling Overwhelmed

overwhelmed by cleaning

The most alarming statistic from this study found that over 74% of Brits feel overwhelmed at least some of the time when it comes to cleaning their home.

This figure rises to 80% in the 25-34 age group and drops to 60% in the 65+ age group.

Nearly 14% of all respondents said they always feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning. For those who said they always feel overwhelmed, 64% are in the 25-44 age range.

We feel less stressed about cleaning as we get older, with 4% of the over 65s always feeling overwhelmed, and 9% of the 55-64 age range.

When it comes to salary, lower wages equal higher levels of being overwhelmed.

Out of everyone that was surveyed, 87% of those who are always overwhelmed by cleaning have a salary of £50,000 or less.

Only 1% of people with a salary over £75,000 always feel overwhelmed by cleaning.

It seems that the more children we have, the more we stress about cleaning. 70% of people with no kids feel overwhelmed by cleaning at least some of the time, with this figure rising to 100% for those with 4 or more children.

Specific Cleaning Tasks

Different Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to vacuuming our home, the majority of Brits do it at least once per week.

33% of us vacuum several times per week, while 31% vacuum once per week. 18% vacuum every day, while 3.5% get the hoover out several times per day.

0.5% of Britons admit to never vacuuming their home, and 2.5% only vacuum once per month.

It seems the majority of UK citizens like to have a clean kitchen, with 69% of us cleaning the kitchen at least once per day.

5% admit to cleaning their kitchen less than once a week, with 1.5% getting the marigolds out once per month or less.

Bathrooms are one of the most germ-filled rooms in our home and while most of us clean it at least once a week, nearly 20% of us clean our bathroom less than once a week, with 6% cleaning it once per month or less.

41% of Brits clean their bathroom once per week, and 40% clean the toilet more than once per week.

Of those aged between 25 and 34, over 40% clean their bathroom less than once per week.

Polishing is a chore that many of us feel isn’t an important aspect of cleaning, with nearly half of all Britons (47%) getting the polish out less than once per week.

33% of respondents polish once per week, while only 20% polish on a more regular basis.

Our bed is the one place where we spend the majority of our time when we are at home, but it can hide all sorts of nasties such as bed bugs and dust mites.

Despite this, 52% of UK residents change their bedcovers less than once per week.

Less than 1% change their bedcovers daily, with 42% changing them once per week.

How The Stats Were Compiled

We asked 1000 British people of all ages and backgrounds to complete a survey based on their cleaning habits to find out exactly how they feel about cleaning, and what cleaning tasks they felt were the most important.

Sharing Is Caring

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