Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Commercial Use

Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Commercial Use

Vacuum cleaners are popular in homes and offices. They have multiple uses such as cleaning wet and dry debris, sucking pet hair, and so on. They have many features that attract customers, especially housewives since it increases cleanliness and makes it a comfortable experience.   Cleaning is an integral part of every business we do, even if it is the cleaning business itself. Nowadays, many factories and industries also use vacuums, although their range of usage is extensive. Traditional vacuum cleaners don’t work in such businesses. Because of this, several vacuum cleaner companies have introduced commercial vacuum cleaners UK.

The commercial vacuum cleaners UK are large, and they have a lot of suction power. They may not be comfortable to use as upright vacuums, but they are incredibly durable. This article will discuss the versatile usage of commercial vacuums, their features, the most popular models of 2022, and their difference from the industrial vacuums.

What is a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

A commercial vacuum cleaner is mainly used in offices and homes by cleaning companies. Most commercial vacuum cleaners uk are upright and canister vacuums. Their basic design and shape are similar to the domestic vacuum cleaners, but their composition is different. Their outer casing is mostly made of metal or high-grade plastic.

The commercial vacuum cleaners uk have long cords so that they can be used in many places. They are generally not accompanied by many attachments since they can get lost easily. An exciting feature is that they have a strong magnet attached to the nozzle that can attract small pieces of metal like tacks and paper clips.

They have a robust filtration system embedded in them. Most offices do not need it, but places like hospitals or nurseries may require them. They are great for wet and dry debris. They can handle more massive spills as well, but it will take a long time. The best part is that despite their large and robust motor, they are not noisy at all. Even if it is, you can use an exhaust muffler to reduce its voice.

How to Choose a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Due to the increase in commercial vacuum cleaners’ popularity, many models have been introduced one after the other. They all have unique features that will make you want to buy. However, there are still some things that you should consider while purchasing commercial vacuum cleaners UK. Some of the essential features the best commercial vacuum cleaner has are as follows.

  • Durability: The first feature that the best commercial vacuum cleaner has is that it is more durable than a domestic vacuum cleaner. The exterior is made of metal or high-grade plastic. They are tested to bear all kinds of abuse and can be used on all sorts of floors. They have stronger wheels that allow them to work over rugs and wires. Since they have high-quality materials used, they are generally higher in cost.
  • Maintainability: the more you use a vacuum cleaner, the more you will have to maintain it. The good thing about commercial upright vacuum cleaners is that they can be maintained pretty easily. You can remove their bags easily. You can replace their brushes and belt easily as well. Their wheels are durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking. Generally, the warranty that the commercial vacuum cleaners provide is for longer terms, although it may vary between companies.
  • Larger Dust Capacity: since the commercial upright vacuum cleaners are used for longer durations, they have a large dust capacity. You don’t need to change their bags frequently. Sometimes, cloth bags are also used instead of the original filter bags, which help secure the dust and debris and avoid leaking.
  • Longer Cord Length: Another noticeable feature of commercial vacuum cleaners is that they have long cords. This means you can clean the entire floor or the long hallways without facing the hassle of plugging and unplugging the cord frequently.
  • HEPA filters: HEPA filters are the grade quality filters that remove 99.7 percent of dust from the air. Many commercial vacuum cleaners don’t have these filters, but you can spend just a little more money to include them since their advantages are numerous. They are especially great for people with allergies. Hospitals, daycares, nursing homes, clinics, and nurseries, where health is of prime importance, appreciate if you clean their place with HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.
  • Powerful Suction and High Powered Motor: this is the feature you have to look out for the most. This is because not all commercial vacuums have powerful suction. Therefore, to get a hundred percent efficiency worth your cost and effort, you should look at what kind of suction the model provides. With powerful suction, there will be less labor effort involved, and you would be able to clean efficiently.
  • Versatile Application: Many commercial vacuum cleaners provide a universal application because of their tools. It would be best if you looked for a commercial vacuum that has several devices. If you want to cover a lot of areas, a wide nozzle would be the best option. If you are cleaning waiting rooms or places with many furniture, a crevice tool would be great. A long hose is perfect if you want to clean the stairs.

Which are the Best Commercial Vacuums in 2022?

If reading the great features of commercial vacuum cleaners has piqued your interest, the next step is to know which market’s best model is. The vacuum cleaner companies launch new models every year and adorn them with exciting and attractive features and designs. Great models have been released this year too. Some of the most popular models are as follows. 

  • SEBO Automatic XP20 Vacuum for Professional Use: SEBO Company has launched many impressive models over the year and has maintained its reputation by launching the Automatic XP20. This model is most favored because of its capacity to clean all kinds of floor types such as carpets, wooden floors, tiles, and many more. The vacuum cleaner is smart and has an automatic brush set that can match the floor you are working on.

It has a powerful motor of 890 watts, which guarantees its performance. It has a long cable of almost 12 meters, which can reach everywhere with ease. The lightweight of 8.1 kg increases its maneuverability and portability. It also produces significantly less noise, only 80 dB, which means that you won’t disturb the people around you while cleaning.

It has an anti-allergy, S-class filtration system embedded in its frame for overall healthy cleaning and a fresh environment. This means that even the finest dust has no chance of escaping. To increase the functionality, the XP20 Automatic has low hand weight, is easily maintainable, and has a tube hose to clean hard to reach places easily.        

  • Nilfisk Aero 26-21 Wet and Dry: This vacuum cleaner is excellent for all kinds of wet and dry debris and spills. Since it has to clean wet and dry spills, it has a massive capacity of 15 liters for dry waste and 14.5 liters for damp debris. With such a large debris holding capacity, you can easily clean commercial roofing, construction sites, or places with dirty water. However, it would be best to keep in mind that it is not suitable for cleaning carpets.

Aero 26-21 is a smart model with a great ergonomic design, and its lightweight of just 9 kg is excellent for quick cleaning. It has a powerful motor which creates an airflow of up to 3600 liters per minute, making it one of the most efficient models. It is also equipped with a reusable and washable PET filter that clears the air completely.

This model has a useful “Push and Clean” system specially designed for cleaning the filters. Another feature added for the user’s ease is that it produces significantly less noise of 64 dB, not disturbing the other customers and people while you work.

  • Numatic NRV 240-11: it is one of the best dry vacuums in the market. It has a powerful 580 W motor and suction, making it one of the best in its line. It’s vast dust capacity of 9 liters and wide cleaning area adds to its charms. Its long cable has a length of 12.5 meters and can clean long hallways without any hassle. Another attractive part about these workshop vacuum cleaners is the tightly sealed dust bags that don’t allow any particle to escape and are easy to dispose of. Overall, it is a durable model that is significantly favored by customers around.

What to Look for in an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are sturdier than commercial vacuum cleaners. They are used to clean up industries, pharmaceuticals, construction sites, machine shops, and recovering metals. They are great for cleaning both dry and wet spills and debris and can be used in all types of facilities.

There are many models to choose from, and finding the best industrial vacuum cleaner is not easy. The best industrial vacuum cleaners have the following features.

  • Single Stage or Two-Stage Motor: the less expensive industrial vacuum cleaners have a single-stage motor. This means that the air used for sucking debris is used to cool the engine as well. This may not be good since there is a high chance of litter being sucked into the motor and harming it.

The two-stage or by-pass motor has a separate fan for the engine’s cooling and is sealed away from the vacuum so that no particles enter it at all. This may be expensive but is of a quality higher than that of a single-stage motor.

  • HEPA Filters: filtration system is vital, especially if you have to clean a place with a lot of powdery materials. The first filter may clean out particles with a 10-20 micron size. But if you want adequate cleaning, then adding a HEPA filter will do the trick. It can filter particles of 0.3 microns easily. It is excellent for filtering hazardous particles in radioactive plants since the particle size it can filter is equal to that of tobacco smoke particles.
  • Sturdy Frame: since the best industrial hoover has to clean in many harsh conditions, their build should be sturdy. Before buying an industrial vacuum cleaner, you should know what its frame is made of. Industrial vacuum cleaner body made of stainless steel, aluminum, heavy-gauge steel, or high-density heavy wall plastic is the one that does a long way. It is reliable and will allow the industrial vacuum cleaner to work for a long time without wearing down.
  • Liquid Recovery: this feature is excellent if you are working in a place with liquid spills. This smart feature shuts off the vacuum cleaner if the tank is full and doesn’t work until you have emptied the tank. A tilting tank is also great for cleaning tank with liquid debris. If you search for a vacuum cleaner to clean wet spills, the best industrial vacuum cleaners are the ones with these features.
  • Noise Mufflers: since the best industrial vacuum cleaner has a large motor and a large suction capacity, these heavy-duty vacuum cleaners also make a lot of noise. If you don’t like that, then some models have in-built noise mufflers inside them to reduce the noise. You can also buy a noise muffler to attach to your unit. It may be expensive, but it will provide you with comfort in the long run.
  • Hose Diameter: if you want your industrial vacuum cleaner to do a lot of things such as cleaning wet or dry spills, collecting leaves, dust particles, etc., then you should consider buying a vacuum cleaner with a large hose diameter. Some models provide different hose attachments. You can opt to buy such models as well.


This concludes the article about commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners. This article has given you an insight into commercial vacuum cleaners UK and has also provided an overview of the best industrial hoovers. We hope that all this information would be useful for the next time you want to buy an industrial or commercial vacuum cleaner. Happy shopping!