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Karcher Window Vac Reviews: Best 3 Models Revealed

Karcher Window Vac Reviews: Best 3 Models Revealed

Karcher is one of the most popular window vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and they have been producing window vacs for over 10 years now. These Karcher window vac reviews feature the WV6 Premium, the WV5 Premium, and the Anniversary Edition window vac.

They are all similar in look and performance, but they all have different features and price points that will determine which one is right for your needs. Read on to discover more about the 3 best Karcher window vacuums.

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner UK - 2020 Guide

Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner UK – 2022 Guide [Updated]

There is nothing better than sitting in front of an open fire on a cold winter’s night, with the flames crackling over the logs or coal. Everyone loves an open fire, but cleaning it out the next day can be a real pain.It’s a dirty and messy job that can lead to real frustration. Raking the embers creates a cloud of ash that engulfs the room and lands on your furniture. Emptying the ash container creates even more mess, and if you have to transport it outside then you will be left with trails of ash throughout your home.An ash vacuum is a solution to this problem. The best ash vacuum cleaners allow you to empty the fire with minimal mess, and you can also safely transport the ash outside without leaving trails of ash everywhere.

Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Vax U90-MA-Re Air Vacuum Cleaner Review – Impressive Cleaning Potential

The Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach is an upright vacuum that is among the cheapest that Vax has to offer. It has a good range of features for the price, including multi-cyclonic technology, a TurboTool which is ideal for pet hair, and a long reach hose to tackle hard to reach areas.It is also surprisingly lightweight for an upright vacuum, making the U90-MA-Re Air Reach a solid performer at a reasonable price.

Henry Hoover HVB160 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review - Is This The Best Henry Model?

Henry Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – Upgrade To Popular Model

Cleaning can’t get any more friendly than the Henry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Numatic. And by “friendly” I mean both user-friendly and, well, jolly. This little fella makes cleaning hard to reach, unconventional, and everyday spaces easier than ever — all with a happy smile on his face.

This cordless vacuum is similar to the original Henry Hoover, with the most obvious change being the lack of a power cord. While this does make him more expensive than his corded counterpart, the convenience more than makes up for it.

It’s worth mentioning that Henry Hoover Cordless is also efficient, easy to maintain, and surprisingly portable.

Numatic James Vacuum Cleaner Review (JVP180-11) - Henry Hoover's Little Brother

Numatic James Hoover Review – Henry Hoover’s Powerful Brother

Numatic vacuum cleaners are known for their superb performance and reliability. Numatic International limited has made a variety of vacuum cleaner models over the years including the likes of Henry, Charles and George.

The main feature today will be a recent instalment into this series of Numatic cleaners going by the name of James. The big question is how does this vacuum cleaner fair against its iconic siblings?

To answer this question we will need to dig deeper into its features and find out the advantages it brings as well as the disadvantages that follow. This complete review will help you make a well-analyzed decision on whether you should go for the vacuum cleaner or not.

Numatic Henry Xtra HVX 200-11 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Henry Xtra Review – Most Reliable Vacuum Cleaner?

Henry Xtra is a clear example of why some people swear by the Numatic brand when it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner. This particular vacuum goes over and beyond by providing additional features that make it a stronger cleaning tool than many other alternatives in the market.

The vacuum’s physical design might not make it appear like this is a powerful cleaning tool, but beneath the knowing smiley face lies powerful cleaning potential that has left many people feeling fortunate that they choose this vacuum over other alternatives in the market.

Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner UK Review

Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

I don’t enjoy seeing dirt stuck on the innumerable flat surfaces around my house. As you go around vacuuming your place, there is a part that gets left out pretty often – the windows. Windows can get particularly mucky because of excessive condensation, and forgetting to clean them regularly just makes the task harder when I finally get to it.

This is where the Kärcher WV5 Premium rechargeable window vacuum cleaner comes into the picture, making cleaning a breeze. And don’t think its benefits are limited to just the windows of your house. It can also be used on mirrors, shower screens, tiles and getting rid of things spilt on the floors and worktops.

Shark IF200UKT Duoclean Cordless Vacuum Review

Shark IF200UKT Cordless Vacuum Review – Makes Cleaning Effortless

Most of us have different furnishings around the house, like upholstery, curtains, carpets and rugs, which can collect huge amounts of dust.

While it’s great that there already are different tools that we can use to deal with all these surfaces, don’t you think it would be much nicer if one machine could be used to do all the work? The good news is, there is a vacuum cleaner on the market, that fulfils exactly this criteria!

If you’re looking for a handy vacuum cleaner that can cover all of your cleaning needs, look no further than Shark’s IF200UKT DuoClean Cordless.