How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

Is your old vacuum cleaner on its last leg, and you quickly need to replace it? No worries. You just need to look for a new one online, but it is not as easy as it seems. Looking for a new vacuum cleaner can be quite challenging as there are great vacuums in the markets, magazines, and online, but only a few will suit your needs and budget quite honestly.  But do not panic. This article will act as a guide for you when you want to buy a vacuum cleaner and don’t have a lot of time to spare.

We have put together some questions in this article that will help you a lot while you consider buying a new vacuum and will help you narrow down your research. You may have thought about these questions already, but this list will gather those all in one place.

What kind of vacuum cleaner will suit my floors?

Canister and upright vacuums can work on multiple kinds of floors. But this is one factor you should keep in mind you buy a vacuum cleaner. Floors can be hard floors, carpeted, or combining these two. Generally, the homes with too much carpeting, the upright vacuum would be an excellent choice. But if your own priority is a canister vacuum, then there are some excellent choices available in the market. Be confident that the cleaner has the floor nozzle and the height adjustment opportunity and motorized brush roll to work on different kinds of carpets.

In case you have a tile flooring or hardwood floor with some rugs, or you have carpeting with a low-pile, then the canister vacuum would be an excellent idea. Canister vacuums have a dedicated floor brush, which makes them easily maneuverable to work underneath the furniture quickly. Some cleaners have a combination of floor tools, making cleaning the scatter rugs very easy. Some machines have a good quality motorized nozzle for floors to handle the carpets with a deep-pile for people who love canister vacuums.

Usually, folks have a blend of hard and carpeting floors. For this, you will be guided by the style preference. But do not forget to check some convenient features like an off/on brush roll control, suction control, and height adjustment. Also, note if the brush roll is electrically powered or air-powered as it will affect the usefulness of cleaning the carpet with a deep-pile.

Is there a need for controlling the allergens?” target=”_blank”

It is an essential factor to keep in mind as we spend around 90% of our time indoors on average. Therefore, indoor places will have about 3 to 4 times higher pollutants than average outdoor concentrations. It is imperative to consider if someone in the family or you have allergies or asthma. Those vacuum cleaners that provide HEPA filtration would be important in improving indoor air quality. HEPA filters seize the specific matter to around 0.3 microns to clean the indoor exhausted air. Some machines also involve charcoal filtration so that the indoor odors are controlled, which is even great for the people who own pets.

You can additionally consider a vacuum that uses the HEPA filters in the totally sealed system. It would mean that there will not be any leakage of the air through fittings or housing of the cleaner and that all the air and pollutants will be forced to pass through the machine’s filtration system.  This would make the indoor air free from any allergen.

How regularly do I need to vacuum?” target=”_blank”

A robotic vacuum can be programmed as you like. This is something that you might not have understood before. This way, the cleaning schedule’s regularity will be readily determined by the difficulty or ease of accessing and storing the vacuum.

For the people who leave their shoes outside as soon as they enter the home, their feet will be accumulated by the sand, dirt, crumbs, or pet fur. Therefore it is better to do the vacuum cleaning task daily. And if the vacuum cannot be quickly and easily accessed, this simple chore can turn into a cumbersome daily task. You should think of buying a robotic vacuum that can be made to clean even when you are busy working at the office or running some errands. When you come home, your floors would be grit-free and clean and very cool if you usually have company when you come home.

If the debris at your home gets concentrated in some particular areas, then the stick vacuum can be an excellent option to effectively get the daily mess cleaned up on carpets or hard floors. This way, your extensive cleaning of the weekend will get easier. There are some compact canisters and lightweight uprights which have parking features. It makes them very simple to store or use in almost no time.

How many stairs do I have at my home?” target=”_blank”

A stick vacuum can be easily carried upstairs or downstairs. In simple words, it matters a lot how many stairs are there that you will need to go up or down daily. There are various lightweight and maneuverable cordless vacuums with a longer run time and powerful suction to handle many kinds of floor efficiently. Some vacuums are lightweight, both in the canister and upright styles, which make it relatively easy to transport them on different floors.

An added thought here is what kind of floor you have on every level. It may seem crazy to you but sometimes having more vacuums is a useful idea. In case you have the main floor, which can use a vacuum dealing with various kinds of floors, but the upper floor only needs the vacuum that is best for the hard floors and carpets, then having more than one vacuum would help. The reverse can also be true but in any case, try to think about buying a stick vacuum to use for the place that suits it. This would save you from the grueling tips upstairs and downstairs transporting the vacuum.

Will you be cleaning additional surfaces?

Are you a person who likes to vacuum away the dust from the baseboards, moldings, curtains, and furniture items instead of dusting? Then you will need a vacuum that comes with different accessory tools. Many vacuums involve the combination of crevice tools and brush, whereas other vacuums may come with additional specialized accessories, upholstery tools, or floor nozzles to do a particular kind of cleaning in the house. If you have too many stairs or have pets, then you should think about buying the vacuum that comes with the mini-motor tool to help you clean quickly. Some vacuum cleaners offer extension wands and different specialized tools, which you have an option to buy separately if you need those tools.

Will I be OK with the noise?

If you consider the vacuums’ technology, a certain level of noise can always be expected from the vacuums when you use them. Most of the vacuums with heavy-duty and larger size produce more noise than the others. But suppose you want a vacuum for an office space or home where noise is not desirable. In that case, some vacuums have been specifically designed using a housing of the insulated motor and motors with low noise so that they work on quiet mode.

Will I be able to do the required maintenance?

This is an interesting question: the answer to this depends on how much you think is “a lot” for you while doing the maintenance? The vacuums without a bag do not need bags to be altered, but the dust bins must be washed regularly. A vacuum with the HEPA filter would need to be substituted with a new filter when needed. The cost of maintenance should be low and easily doable for you. Otherwise, your cleaning life could be a mess.


All of the questions that can come into your mind about buying a vacuum cleaner have been answered in this article with ample information. Now, you will consider purchasing a vacuum that is just perfect for your needs. This article will help you sort out different vacuums available in the market or online forums as you now know about the types of vacuums and what kind of specs they have in general. You will now end up buying a vacuum that suits your lifestyle and home requirements. Today’s vacuums come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs. But in the end, what matters is how well a vacuum does the cleaning work. It is good to have a vacuum that has apparently useful features, but it should fulfill your cleaning requirements simultaneously. Now that you know how to buy a vacuum cleaner, go and buy a vacuum today like a pro.