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Buying Guide: Bagged VS Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

There are many vacuum cleaners in the market with their unique features and functionalities. Choosing the best out of all of them seems overwhelming and sometimes hard. However, that is not always the case, mostly if the discussion is bagless VS bag vacuum cleaner.

The first thing you need to do before buying the best cylinder vacuum for yourself is to know your requirements. Do you live in a big studio or a small apartment? Do you have a lot of cash to spare? Are there any pets living with you or not? Do you regularly take out your trash? Answering all these questions will help in knowing better what is in your mind before you buy it.

Similarly is the case when the bagless vs. bag vacuum cleaner is in the discussion. Both of them have great qualities that may seem very intriguing to you, but that doesn’t mean that both types suit your tastes. For this, you need to know all the features of both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. This article will help you explore those points so that you can buy the most suitable one for you without any uncertainty.

What is Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

Bagged vacuum cleaners are based on the traditional design of the old vacuum cleaners. They have a separate bag attached to them that collects enormous amounts of dust. After you are done with the cleaning, you can detach the bag and throw it away.

Its large dust holding and retaining capacity is what makes it favorable in many industries and large offices. It is ideal for deep and extensive cleaning that usually takes a lot of time. You can collect a lot of dust and debris with it to prevent infection. Because of the ability to remove bags, you also don’t have to touch the trash yourself.

It has many other advantages in each model, but the main functionality of dust collecting remains the same. The bags also have multiple layering and excellent material that doesn’t let any debris escape. The zipped portion of the bag is also sealed tightly to aid in this.

Pros and Cons of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

There are many significant advantages to bagged vacuum cleaners. Some of which are given below.

  1. Great Cleanliness: These vacuums are exceptionally known because of their cleanliness. They have a tightly secured bag that keeps all the dust, allergens, and contaminants attached. Many technologies have helped keep the bag sealed shut even when you are detaching it to dispose of it. This helps significantly in keeping the air fresh and clean.
  2. HEPA Filtration: HEPA filters are commonly used in all the bagged vacuum models. These filters pass through several tests and prove their worth by capturing almost 99.9% percent of particles of less than 0.3 microns. They keep the air fresh and healthy. This filter is especially great for people with various kinds of allergies.
  3. Low Maintenance Rate: The bagged vacuum cleaners do not require much of your attention and care while handling them. The reason is that the bags can hold several pounds of dust, so you don’t need to change them frequently. The filter is also present in the bag, so you know precisely when it needs to be changed.
  4. Great for Allergens: the bags in these vacuums are air-tight; that is why no dust particle escapes, and they are great for people with allergies. It also has the HEPA filter inside it, which increases the efficiency.

The disadvantages of these vacuum cleaners are:

  1. Increased Cost Due to Bags: the bagged vacuum may not need a lot of maintenance, but you have to spend a lot on it. This is because the bags need to be changed, so you have to buy new ones every time. This may be different depending upon different models. Also, if the model you are using is not the latest, you may have difficulty finding the related bags.
  2. Decreased Efficiency: As the dust fills the bag, the motor’s suction power decreases as well. Since you can’t see inside the bag, you don’t know whether the bag is full or not. So there is a chance that you waste bags by removing them when they had the capacity or using too much until it overflows. Some cleaners have an indicator light to let you know of the bag’s status to solve this.

What is Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

The competitor of the bagged vacuum cleaner is the bagless vacuum cleaner. As the name suggests, it doesn’t have an extra bag attached to it. Instead, all the debris is collected in the vacuum’s inner container. Because of this, the bagless vacuum cleaners have an erect and elegant design and are easier to handle. Their weight also decreases a lot, so you don’t have to carry the bulky vacuum cleaner.

The canister attached to the bagless vacuum cleaner is mostly transparent, so you can know how much dust has been collected without the indicator light. Also, it is an environment-friendly solution of using multiple bags over and over.

The bagless vacuum cleaners are the symbol of technological advancement in vacuum cleaners. They are a great hit in the markets, and people with smaller apartments and less space to clean adore them. The specific features of all the bagless vacuum cleaner models may differ, but the main points always remain.

Pros and Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The main advantages of bagless vacuum cleaners are many, and they are explained in detail below.

  1. Commonly Used: The bagless vacuum cleaners are more common among people. This is because of its advanced features, less weight, fewer expenses, and more functionality. You can know how much the dust has been collected. If something of value is sucked in the cleaner, you can open the container and get it out.
  2. Less Costly: since you don’t have to buy many bags for this vacuum, it is less expensive. It also decreases the effort and buying the bags weekly. For bagless vacuums, you can empty the container again and again until you use the particular model.
  3. Easy to Monitor: the container in bagless vacuums are mostly made of plastic or other transparent materials. So, monitoring how much dust has been collected is easy. You also have definite proof that the vacuum is collecting dust. This way, if the efficiency starts decreasing, you know that it is time to clean out the canister.
  4. Environmentally friendly: the bagged vacuum cleaners have the record of using hundreds of bags in their lifetime. This is a significant hazard for the environment since many of the bags used cannot be disposed of properly. To reduce their use is a great favor to the ground and its people.

In contrast to the above advantages, bagless vacuums have some disadvantages as well.

  1. Direct Exposure to Debris: Some people think that by cleaning the container’s debris, you get in contact with the dirt itself, which is dirty. In case of such situations, you should open the box in an outdoor environment. In this way, the allergens and contaminants are not rereleased in your own homes.
  2. More Chances of Dust Escape: Since you have to remove dust by removing the container’s lid, dust may rise and spread when you do that. One way or the other, you will have to get in contact with the dirt. In bagged vacuum cleaners, the dust is in an air-tight bag thrown out, but when you compare cylinder vacuum cleaners without bags, not getting dirty yourself is very difficult.

Which Vacuum is Cleaner Better?

In the end, it all comes down to, which is the best vacuum cleaner? The answer is simple. It depends on your requirements.

If you are in charge of cleaning if large offices, buildings, industries, markets, etc., then the bagged hoovers are the best option. This also falls in the category of which vacuum cleaner is best for home and studio. They have HEPA filters inside them, making them useful in hospitals, old houses, and nurseries. In here, you don’t have to clean the containers again and again after every small space is cleared. There is also less chance of dust contamination and debris leakage with the bagged vacuum cleaners.

In contrast to this, the bagless hoovers are great for small apartments where not much dust is collected. They also take less space so you can easily store them anywhere. They have a sleek design due to the absence of a bulging bag, so placing it in a corner is a good option. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective, so it is a great item to keep for people with a limited budget and time for maintenance. There may be an issue of cleaning again and again and getting in direct contact with the dirt, but it fades in front of its many advantages.


This concludes the discussion of Bagless VS Bag vacuum cleaner. Both are great in their own aspects, and hopefully, this article has helped you realize how to choose a vacuum cleaner. Happy cleaning!