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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review


Cleaning, mopping the floor and steaming the carpet every moth is an exception, but you cannot escape from vacuuming them on daily basis. You need to have a quality vacuum that removes dust, debris, and cleans all the small and large surfaces of your home. You need to consider the portability, design, attachments, and ability to clean all surfaces in mind while choosing a vacuum. This article is based on the study of various upright vacuum models. Eight among them were upright vacuums. Test was taken with human hair, food remains, to check the effectiveness of vacuum. The noise and storage capacity were also checked during the test.

We have given suggestions for the best vacuums that have been tested. This selection was made on the basis of their design, cost, performance for cleaning, and features. You need to go through this article to find the list of best vacuums, best vacuums for high-pile carpet, and best vacuums for carpets.

The most recommended vacuum is Navigator Swivel Pro Complete Upright Vacuum from the Shark family due to its efficient features of cleaning multiple surfaces, and the HEPA-powered filters.

Bagged or bagless? Canister or upright vacuum?

The upright and bag less design is on the top of the list due to its portable and low recurring cost design. This kind of vacuum is used by most people in North America. However, there is also an advantage of vacuum with a bag that might fit your needs to store more dust. Bag increases the life span of a vacuum. After you empty the bag, you will get a new vacuum to use. A vacuum without a bag might get blockage after some period. People with allergies need to buy vacuums with bags as they can easily throw out the bag that contains dust. Those vacuums with HEPA filters are more effective for severe allergies. Older models with bags were mostly defective, however new models are improved. Today’s vacuums with bag fill the bag completely. New bags in vacuums require changing after few months and a good bag can have $5 price. These bags fill up faster if you have a pet with long hair. In such situation you must choose a bag less vacuum.

The most powerful suction with lowest noise is provided by this Upright Vacuum, belonging to the Shark family. However, it is heavy as well and requires force to control and put it on carpet. It is however effective for multiple surfaces due to its upright body. The testing results revealed that it works best on hardwood floor and carpets and picks every material that comes its way. We have rated it five star and no other vacuum can beat its performance.

It also has a long power cord, almost around 30-feet, so that you can clean a room with single outlet. It also has a cleaning path of 12-inch, 3 handy attachments, a pet brush, an 11 feet long extendable hose, and a crevice and upholstery tool. There is also a built in filter technology for allergic people. It can also suck allergies, dust, and pollen from your home. It is also not so costly with incredible features.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV

Shark rotator lift away ADV is one of the best vacuum with upright and corded design. It cleans best on floor and also cleans every kind of carpet; however, it might take time to clean smaller particles. It also has twin brush roll to clean the garbage well.

You can also carry its floorhead body and canister separately due to its lift away design that helps you to easily clean the shelves and upper parts of home. It has some attachments including a hard bristle brush and a turbo brush to clean the dust sticked with floor or carpets. It also has a button to control the two different surface modes to change the brush roll speed. Some of the parts of this vacuum needs regular cleaning, however you can buy new parts as well. Otherwise, it is one of the best vacuum you can have.

Endura Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright cleaner is best for those with low budget. It just needs to be passed three times on floor to pick all the dust and material. It has a bad noise, but our testers give it 4 star rating. It is also portable and easy to control over every kind of surface. It also has filters that can be washed and reused and includes a dusting brush and crevice tool with it. However, the dustbin is located on an awkward position. It can also collect a lot of dust at one time because it has a dustbin with a capacity of 1.6 quarts.

Kenmore Intuition Bagged

Kenmore intuition bagged is best if you are looking for a vacuum with bag. It also has a low recurring cost, and it will also not release the dirt while emptying it. It also uses HEPA filters to clean all the allergies in your home. It cleans every kind of floor including one with pet hair and has a great performance. It is portable and easy to carry as you can detach the canister from the main body. However, you cannot adjust it according to the height and also has a bulky design that makes it difficult to clean underneath furniture.

You need to go with Kenmore if you want vacuum with bag and HEPA filtration system. If you want your vacuum with zero recurring cost, in that case you might select shark vacuum.

Dyson’s Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuums are usually costly and Dyson ball multi floor is also the same. It has a self-adjustment feature for self-cleaning and works almost on every kind of floor. This vacuum is worth to buy. It becomes more stable with its ball feature and easy to control. It also has an HEPA filter technology. This vacuum includes some attachments such as an extension wand, a tool for stairs, and a tool known for combo use.

This vacuum comes with a detailed instruction as it takes time to understand its functions properly. They can easily catch the cat hair, but you have to empty the dustbin frequently and do not full it completely. It’s also hard to remove the filter because of its wedged shape.

Shark Cordless Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away

A vacuum without a power cord! Yes, it is amazing if you want to control your vacuum without a power cord. Shark cordless vertex pro powered lift away is the vacuum that gives you high cleaning performance without the hassle of power cord. You can detach the canister and the main body and is portable as well.

This vacuum works amazing on empty floors and removes every kind of pet hair. It has also a great battery time of 40 minutes. However, on a high power mode it only works for 10 minutes. It has two modes one id boost mode and other is upright configuration and it works well on both modes to clean bare floors. It can also work well on low and high pile carpets.

However, besides all the amazing features, this vacuum doesn’t contain a brush roll off switch. This might cause the carpet or rug stuck in the inside the brush roll. The company advertised this vacuum as self-cleaning design. However, due to its non-removable primary brush roll it can stick many pet hair in it. It also does not work to clean underneath places due to its bulky dustbin design. It’s a good choice if you want a vacuum without a cord.

Best for Carpet: Another Upright Professional Vacuum from the Shark family

Is there any vacuum specifically designed for cleaning rugs and carpets? Yes, here we will tell you about this navigator DLX machine from Shark that has best cleaning over high and low pile carpets.

However, it has weight more than other vacuums, it has a weight of around 20 pounds. Despite its bulky design it cleans hair and food remains well. The swiveling floorhead of this machine rotates 180 degrees that helps to clean the area under tables. This vacuum has been given a 4-star rating due to its effective cleaning.

It also has a built in HEPA filter that removes all the allergies from your home. The attachments that come with it includes a crevice tool, an upholstery, a wand hose, and a motorized nozzle. It has many other attachments that comes with it, and this increases its worth. However, its assembly process is difficult to understand. You would also need a screwdriver to attach all the pieces together. However, its setup has been given a mid-level rating due to difficulty in attaching the parts.

Eureka FloorRover Elite NEU630

Eureka floor rover elite NEU360 is a best choice if you want to clean your pet hair completely using an upright vacuum. It works efficiently on all kind of bare floor, carpets including low and high pile carpets and hardwood floor to clean pet hair. The attachment that comes with it includes a brush to switch to semi-configuration mode to effectively remove the pet hair from upholstery.

You can easily remove the brush roll and cut the hair that are stuck on the brush roll. It also has a built-in HEPA filter that not only helps to remove allergies but also cleans all the smallest particles that comes its way. There is a drawback that while emptying the dustbin it releases much dust in the air like many other bag less vacuums. The plus point is that it cleans and doesn’t make any bad noise as pets are sensitive to loud noises.

The vacuum itself is not much stronger due to its plastic body. As plastic cracks with the passage of time. Another drawback feature of this machine is that the dirt storage parts are weak when you clean the underneath furniture areas they get cracked and it has been reported during the testing as well. However, it is another best upright vacuum that can easily remove all the pet hair form all kind of floors.

Hoover Upright Vacuum

Traditional way of cleaning the floor and making it to shine was a hard process. This vacuum gives you the same traditional cleaning with shiny floor and removes all the large and small particles from the floor. It removes all the particles and dust in just one or two moves for which our testers rated it a 5 star rating. The noise level for this vacuum was given 1 star as it makes a bad noise while cleaning. However, it is easy to clean and empty the vacuum. Its portability makes it easy to control. It cannot be moved to any angle you need to shift the whole vacuum to the side to clean.

Its floor head do not move to 180 degree angle due to which our experts gave it low rating due to its maneuverability. It is also not good when you want to clean the space under the coffee table. It is also bulky, and you need to pick it up to clean the carpet. It has a great suction power due to which our experts recommend having it. You need to have a vacuum with no noise if you live in an apartment.

Hoover WindTunnel Tempo Bagged

Hoover WindTunnel Tempo Bagged is a best option if you want a cheap priced upright vacuum. This kind of vacuum usually includes an HEPA filtration system that removes all the dust and allergies particles from your floor and environment. It also has a removable brushroll from which you can easily remove the hair stuck in it.

This vacuum works well on hardwood and barefloors. It not only works well on floor but also on high as well as low pile carpets. However, it might need to be passed two or three times to completely remove the material in the carpet. It comes with various attachments such as soft bristle dusting brush and turbo brush with which you can easily clean the areas which are usually hard to reach with traditional mop.

However, you will need to change the dust bag after some time which implies some recurring costs to it. The vacuums like NaceCare HVR 200 Henry which has a large dustbin increases more recurring cost to the vacuum. It does not allow you to clean the hidden areas due to its bulky design. It cannot rotate to 180-degree angle but provides you with easy control of the machine. However, it has an option to switch off and on the brush roll. This vacuum would be the best option if you want an upright vacuum with a bag and are conscious of the complete cleaning of your home.

Why you should trust us

We are testing and reviewing the vacuum cleaners for your ease. We review appliances including handheld, robot, cordless, and plugin vacuums. We have till now reviewed more than 1000 vacuum models. We have tested them on different kinds of floor and have taken the review from many experts such as repair technicians, engineers, quality specialist,s and also the regular users of vacuum cleaners and included all of their reviews in our articles.

All our team members are professional and understand the technology of home appliances including vacuum machines.

Important, useful features

The traits mentioned in this article are for the best upright and canister vacuum model that you need to consider while choosing your vacuum.

  • Strong cleaning performance: This feature contains three basic elements. The most important is the flow of the air that is caused by a powerful motor that has more suction power and an efficient intake path for dust and other particles. Second important element is suction, the more the suction power the more vacuum is able to pick the heavy and larger particles as well as the smallest one including sand. The last one is agitation. This the functioning of brushroll that hits the fiber of carpet and exerts right amount of force to pick the dust. We also have taken some important notes on the factors that affect the vacuum performance such as water lift, motor watts and many others. This information was taken from the reviewers, brand representatives, repair technicians, and store owners. However, we believe that worrying too much for number only wastes time. The thing that matters is to use the vacuum and tell if it has effective performance or not. Our review says that the vacuum is best if its motor has adjustable speed and if it has feature to adjust the height of stick. This makes it easier to clean the soft and expensive rugs and carpet and also if they are long.
  • Ease of use: Cleaning becomes easier if the vacuum has a self-sealing bag, it becomes easy to empty the vacuum whenever you want to. You can also increase the life span of your vacuum if it has a reusable filter, and it would work well for a longer period of time. The steering control not only becomes easy but moving vacuum upstairs also become easy task if vacuum has portable design. The average weight of a vacuum needs to be around 17 pounds as it can easily be lifted. A vacuum with a canister can be heavy due to an extra part with it. It is not important to have a complete control of handle, but it can be effective in cleaning.
  • Quiet operation: We have tried to look for the vacuum that has lowest or no noise, however, mostly vacuums have loud noise. A vacuum noise is annoying if it crosses the limit if 20 dbc. We have also reviewed vacuums for you that have low frequency so that you can tolerate the level of noise.
  • Reliability: We also have reviewed the vacuums that have longer period warranty, brand that have good customer service and products with longer life span.


We have made recommendations on the basis of the best vacuums that we have found during the testing phase and reviews. We have not only given recommendation on the overall performance, but we have considered various factors including the price, cleaning performance, readers feedback and many others in this article to give our judgement for each and every model of the vacuum machine.