Best USB Vacuum Cleaners – Vacuums for Keyboards, Cars, and Laptops

Dust, debris, crumbs, and other kinds of dirt are always around us. Whether we use our things or leave them in a closed space, they are still bound to collect dirt. We have to clean them often, and there are many methods and instruments to do. The main point in cleaning is using the right tool to do so. The right tool ensures a hundred percent efficiency in cleaning. For shelves, there is the brushing feather. Brooms and dustpans are used for collecting dirt and crumbs fallen on the ground. A spray bottle and a cloth are used for cleaning glass stains. Vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning pet hairs and places under furniture, and so on. Similar to this, spaces between the keyboards, laptops, and car seats also need cleaning, and traditional methods don’t seem to work well with them. As a solution to this problem, many vacuum cleaner companies have now introduced a USB vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is a miniature version of the standard vacuum cleaners. This article will discuss the uses, features, and the best USB vacuum cleaners available in the market.

What is a USB Vacuum?

For some small things like keyboards and laptops, even the best of upright and handheld vacuum cleaners don’t seem to work. Even the slim crevice tools, which are otherwise great for corners and tiniest spaces, don’t clean the areas between the keyboards. For such closed spaces, USB vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue.

More often than we can remember, small crumbs and dust seem to fall between our keyboard keys and don’t come out no matter what we do. This dust decreases the efficiency of keyboards and reduces their shelf-life. For this purpose, the small Keyboard hoovers seem to do the trick. They have a very thin nozzle that can suck debris from among the keyboard keys and corners of laptops.

Another significant purpose of the USB vacuum cleaner is the cleaning of cars. There are spaces between the air conditioner flaps, around gear stick, between seats, glove compartments, and the cigarette nozzle that are not appropriately cleaned no matter what we do. For this, USB hovers are the best option.

Their suction is not as great as the original vacuum cleaners, but they seem to do the job correctly. Car USB vacuum cleaners have a more potent suction than the keyboard hoover since they have to suck dirt from deeper places.

The keyboard USB vacuum cleaners are attached to the laptop with a USB cable, which acts as a power supply. For car USB hoover, they are battery-operated, which can be recharged by a USB cable. Being battery powered, they can be used for longer terms without being interrupted.  

How do USB Vacuum Cleaners Work?

These USB cleaners are the miniature versions of the full-sized vacuums that we are already familiar with. They don’t have advanced features and filtration systems like the original vacuum cleaners, but they do the minimum job of general cleaning.

The USB hoover has one job: to clean the spaces the standard vacuum cleaners can’t reach. For this, the USB hoovers come in different sizes with multiple various tools. These tools include a thin and long flexible nozzle for keyboards and a smaller nozzle that looks like a small crevice tool.

Since the USB hoovers are battery powered and recharged by using USB cables, their motor power and suction are not that impressive. The USB vacuums generally have an on-off switch, but some advanced versions have an adjustable suction knob. This means that you can adjust your suction power and save battery whenever you can.

Keyboard vacuum cleaners have a battery and motor smaller than those of the smartest handheld vacuums. This means that they are lightweight and small and have ideal size for cleaning laptop surfaces and keyboard crevices. They also use less storage space, and you can store them easily in your desk drawer or cupboard.

The use of USB vacuum cleaners is simple. Just connect the cable to the USB port of the laptop and turn on the power. After that, clean whatever crumbs or dust are present in the small spaces between the keys of the keyboard. After you have cleaned them properly, turn off the power. Their low suction power does not allow them to do a deep cleaning.

The USB keyboard vacuum is ideal for people who use laptops frequently, and they can’t leave their seats even for food breaks. These people include programmers, writers, business analysts, project planners, and so on. Spilling is a common occurrence for such people, and the PC vacuum is like a life-saving device for them.

What Should You Look for in a USB Vacuum Cleaner?

With the increasing popularity and diversity in using the computer vacuum cleaner, many vacuum cleaner companies have released their top models. They have provided a wide variety of attractive features, and every model seems to introduce something different.

The greater the variety among models, the greater the confusion for customers regarding the ideal option for them to buy. The following are some of the features you should look out for before purchasing a USB vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning and optimum use to ease this confusion.

  • Wired or Wireless USB Vacuum Cleaner: you can buy a keyboard vacuum cleaner with or without a battery. USB hovers without wires are generally battery-powered, and they have a separate cord for charging the battery whenever you want to. The wired ones, however, have to be connected to a power supply throughout their use. Wireless ones are generally better since you can clean dirt, debris, soot, and crumbs from anywhere without being restricted by a cord.
  • Filters available: mostly computer vacuum cleaner don’t have filters attached to them. However, there are some models that provide filters. These filters are an excellent choice for people with dust allergies. If you can get your hands on a vacuum with a lifetime filter, that is even better since you don’t have to worry about continuously changing them. The filters protect the motor from dust as well, increasing their lifetime.
  • Additional Accessories: accessories and tools with vacuums always increase their efficiency and functionality. The same is the case with the desk vacuum cleaners. A computer vacuum cleaner UK with different tools increases its usage. Some of the tools commonly associated with the vacuum cleaners include tolls with a thin nozzle, rubber attachments for flexible cleaning, and brush attachments. With these tools’ help, you can easily clean the surface of cars, desks, machinery, makeup bags, storage bags, and laptops.
  • Long Battery Life: if you want to buy a cordless PC vacuum, then the battery life plays an essential part. A USB vacuum with a longer battery life can run for many days. Some vacuums use rechargeable lithium batteries. However, there are some models that use alkaline 2AA batteries and do not recommend rechargeable batteries in them. So before buying your favorite USB vacuum cleaner model, make sure you check the type of battery used in it for efficient and prolonged usage.  
  • Suction Power of USB Vacuum Cleaner: USB vacuum cleaners generally have less suction power than the fully built vacuum cleaners. However, that doesn’t mean that the keyboard hoovers don’t have strong motors and suction power. There are some hoovers that have strong suction power and can be used for cars, laptop surfaces, and desks easily by adjusting their suction power according to the need. So, if you have a car and a laptop and want to use your cleaner with all of them, a USB cleaner with adjustable and strong suction power will be the ideal choice for you.
  • Portable and Lightweight: If you are not a fan of carrying heavy weights for cleaning, then a lighter weight model would be the best option for you. Such lightweight USB vacuum cleaners provide easy maneuverability and can be stored easily in small places too.

Do I Need a USB Vacuum Cleaner?

Whenever you recommend someone to get themselves a USB vacuum cleaner, they always ask this question, “Do I really need a USB vacuum cleaner?”

This answer to this is straightforward. It depends on how long you use laptops and how much you expose it to dirt and debris in a day. If you are a person working in an office or at home and you have to do a lot, so you eat and drink with your laptop on your side, then there is a massive chance that there will be crumbs falling on the computer and such.

If you are traveling in your job a lot and take your laptop with you wherever you go, there is a big chance that it will be filled with dust after one or two days. USB vacuum cleaners play a considerable role in such situations as they clean the laptops without any effort or time.

Not only for this, but USB hoovers can also be used for cleaning hair, mechanical keyboard, piano, car, pet house, or makeup bag quickly.

Compare the USB Vacuum Before Buying

There are many USB vacuums in the market with great and exciting features. Choosing among them is always a confusion that we have to go through. For this, we have decided to help. Following is the list of some of the top USB vacuums in the market.

  • Brigii Mini Vacuum, Air Duster, and Hand Pump 3 in 1: as the name suggests, this powerful mini vacuum cleaner is a 3-in-1 package that is a customer favorite. It has a powerful 80W motor and provides a 4KPa cyclone suction for efficient cleaning. It also has a built-in 2500 mAh lithium battery, which works for a long time and needs only 3-4 hours for charging. There is a reusable HEPA filter attached that sucks all the debris inside. It is also accompanied by many tools to increase its functionality, such as a blow and hose nozzle and a mini brush. It has a smart design with a length of 8.5 inches.
  • Visky Mini USB Vac: this USB cleaner is exceptionally affordable, and you can easily buy three or four units without straining your bank account. It has a good suction that can suck all crumbs from the keyboard without any hassle. It has a smart size and is easily storable. You can place it in your cupboard, and whenever you want to use it, it will only be an arm’s length away. It is equipped with a suctioning nozzle and a bristle that improves the efficiency of the vacuum and helps it reach even the most difficult of spaces. It is available in four exciting colors of black, blue, yellow and green, and is an excellent gift for your friends and family.
  • ELP Mini Desk Electric Vacuum PC Keyboard Cleaner: this high-quality USB vacuum cleaner is the only thing you need since it suits all keyboard models and also can be used for cleaning other types of electronics. They are sturdy models and can be used for many years. They have reusable filters inside them that can be washed and used again and again. It has a strong suction power and a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium battery, which uses only 3-4 hours to recharge completely. The ELP electric vacuum has an ergonomic design and provides excellent versatility for its use.


This concludes our article about the USB vacuum cleaner. In this article, we have looked at several of its features, its uses, and some of the most famous models in the market. Hopefully, reading the above information has solved some of the problems that you might have faced while making a decision regarding buying a USB vacuum cleaner.

In the end, you should buy the model that suits your taste and your requirements the most. If you want more expert advice, you can look at customer reviews at Amazon or other sites. After you’re done, there is only one thing left to do: go and buy it. Happy shopping!