How To Clean And Maintain The Dyson Cyclone V10

The Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a powerful machine.

The suction power of this cordless vacuum is almost the same as that of a full-size vacuum, while it is equipped with cyclone technology to capture the most minute particles.

There are three V10 models available – Total Clean, Absolute Clean and Animal.

The vacuums can transform into handheld units and emptying the bin is as easy as point and shoot.

A bunch of additional tools are provided with the vacuums, including combination tool, crevice tool, a mini motorised tool for tackling hair and ground-in dirt and soft dusting brush.

These vacuums aren’t cheap either, so regular cleaning and maintenance is of the utmost importance to not only ensure that the performance level remains optimal, but also to ensure that the lifespan of the vacuum is longer.

There are three key things that you need to do/check regularly to ensure the vacuum remains in good health. Firstly, the bin, where the dust and debris accumulate, needs to emptied regularly and if possible cleaned.

You also need to check for blockages and the filter(s) need to be cleaned as well. In fact, the Dyson Cyclone V10 series has nifty indicators for some of these.

Dyson V10 Warning Lights

Dyson V10 Warning Lights

The Dyson V10 has a number of different warning lights to help you diagnose any problems.

Most of the time, any problems relating to performance or suction power will be caused by one of two things: blockage problems or filter problems.

The warning lights are located on the battery pack, near the trigger.

If either the filter light or the blockage light is flashing, your Dyson V10 will not work and you will need to fix the problem. Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix.

Dyson V10 Blockage Light

The first thing to do when the blockage light is flashing is to remove the wand and any tools from the vacuum and hold the trigger in for 10 seconds.

If the blockage light goes off, then there must be a blockage in the wand or cleaning tools. Check both ends of the wand for any blockages and remove as necessary.

Using a coin, remove the end cap from the cleaning head and check for any blockages. Clean the brush bar and check the neck of the cleaning head.

If the blockage light stays on after the cleaning tools have been removed, then there may be a blockage in the bin inlet or the cyclones.

Remove the bin and check for any blockages. Open the bin door and gently tap the bin against a hard surface to dislodge any fine dust or larger pieces of debris.

Once the bin is removed, gently tap the vacuum against a hard surface to remove any dirt from the cyclone.

Put the bin back onto the cyclone, and re-insert the wand and cleaning head. Press the trigger for 10 seconds, and the blockage light should now stop flashing.

If the blockage light won’t turn off and you are confident there is no blockage, move on to the filter cleaning section.

Dyson V10 Filter Light

If your Dyson V10 filter light is on, the filter needs to be cleaned. Follow the steps in the filter cleaning section below. When the filter is completely dry,

insert it back into the vacuum and run the machine for two minutes. The filter light should now be off.

If the Dyson V10 filter light is flashing intermittently, then it means that the filter hasn’t been fitted properly.

Turn it anti-clockwise, pull it out and then refit it by turning it clockwise till it clicks in place.

If the Dyson V10 filter light is always on even after cleaning the filter, or your Dyson V10 is not working after cleaning the filter, you may need to replace the filter.

How To Clean The Dyson V10 Filter

The filter unit is one of the most important but delicate parts of the vacuum cleaner.

It needs to be washed regularly to ensure that its dust capture/retention capabilities remain at the optimal level.

If you mostly clean very fine dust or the vacuum is used primarily in the full suction mode, then you might need to clean more frequently.

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To clean, first, remove the filter by turning it anti-clockwise and carefully pull it out of the vacuum.

To wash the inner section of the filter, hold it under the tap and let cold water run through it, while you gently twist the filter between your palms.

For the outer section, fill it up with water, cover the open end with your hand and shake it.

Repeat the cleaning methods for the inner and outer sections a few times and then tap it cautiously to remove as much excess water as possible.

Finally, leave it to air dry for at least 24 hours. Only when the filter unit is completely dry, refit it in the vacuum by turning it clockwise.

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How To Empty And Clean The Dyson V10 Bin

On the clear bin that the V10 is equipped with, there’s a ‘MAX’ mark.

When the dirt and debris accumulating in it reaches this mark, you need to empty the bin right away.

Do not use the vacuum once the dirt accumulating has reached the MAX mark because then the dirt particles could be sucked into the filter itself, which will cause damage and will require further work on your part to clean.

Before emptying the bin, make sure that the vacuum isn’t connected to the charger.

Now, remove the wand and take the handheld section, along with the bin, to the outside bin.

Hold it in the downward position and simply press the bin release button. The bin itself will slide down and dump the dirt as well as clean the section.

One way to ensure that the minimum amount of dust escapes while emptying the bin is to empty it in a plastic bag held firmly around the bin.

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You don’t need to clean the bin every time you empty it, but every once in a while it is a good idea to clean it and refit it.

In order to do that you first empty the bin as mentioned above and then press the release bin button completely to separate the bin from the rest of the handheld section.

Use a moist cloth to clean the bin, then let it air dry for as long as required (usually, not more than a few hours).

Don’t apply any form of detergent or other chemicals on the cloth before cleaning, as this may affect the vacuum.

Once it’s dry, push the clear up towards the bin base and click it in place. This will also close the clear bin.

Check And Clear Blockages

How To Clean And Maintain The Dyson Cyclone V10 1

One of the really cool features of the Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuums is the automatic cut-out feature.

So, if there’s a blockage inside the vacuum then the power is automatically cut out, after a few quick switch on and switch off actions.

Before you get down to inspecting the vacuum and clearing blockages, let the unit rest for some time and cool. Also, disconnect it from the charger, if it isn’t already.

Do remember that there are parts inside the vacuum with sharp edges, which could injure you. So, be careful while checking for blockages.

  • To check for blockages, begin by removing the wand.
  • Now turn over the brush head and check the cleaner head for possible debris stuck inside. If there is debris, then remove it carefully.
  • Certain debris such as pet hair or thread might get tangled in such a way that you can’t remove it from the cleaner head, without removing the brush bar. To remove the brush bar you have to open the end cap and pull it out. If you need to cut any debris loose, do it carefully.
  • Next check the airway, which is just above the cleaner head, for blockages and remove if you find any.
  • The neck of the cleaner head, which leads to the airway and down to the cleaner head, is another area where debris might accumulate to create a blockage. Check it and remove all such debris.
  • Remove the wand from the vacuum machine and check it for possible blockages.
  • The other area prone to blockages is the bin inlet. Just like the previous steps, remove any debris found at the bin inlet.
  • Now open the clear bin and check the air inlet close to the Cyclone for debris possibly obstructing it.

Following these simple steps will go a long way in ensuring that your Dyson Cyclone V10 is in great shape even after heavy usage and will last you for a long time to come.

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