Powerful Dyson V8 Animal Reviewed

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson is one of the most well-known brands in the vacuum cleaner industry, founded by UK manufacturer James Dyson.

They are the inventors of cordless vacuum cleaners and have them in a variety of models.

The Dyson V8 Animal vacuum cleaner is an improved version over previous models, such as the V6. Features include a larger dust bin and longer 40-minute runtime. To find out how this cordless vacuum performs, read this Dyson V8 Animal review as I put it through its paces.

The V8 comes with a higher price tag than the V6, and it is cheaper than the latest V10. The Animal version of the V8 is made for homes with pets, but even if you don’t have pets it is still a good option.

What I Liked About The Dyson V8 Animal

  • It has great suction thanks to the powerful Dyson digital motor V8 and the two-tier radial cyclones.
  • Effortless and quick to change into a handheld vacuum.
  • It is small and lightweight allowing easy movement around the house when cleaning.
  • It has a large dust canister that doesn’t need emptying after every use.
  • The Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable in 3.5 hours and usable for 40 minutes. This is longer than other similar vacuums in this price range, and twice as long as the V6.
  • It is cheaper than the latest V10 Cyclone and V11 Absolute and provides almost the same cleaning power.

What I Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit expensive when compared with older models like the Dyson V6.
  • The motor doesn’t deactivate when the container is open during emptying. This is not a big deal, but it means you may accidentally turn it on in the process.

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Dyson V8 Animal Review: An Overview

The Dyson V8 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that enables you to efficiently clean your home. It is more convenient and easy to use when compared to regular vacuums since it is very light in weight.

The fact that it is cord free, combined with the trigger switch means that you can clean faster.

The appearance of the Dyson V8 Animal is neat, eye-catching and modern-looking. It can convert into a handheld vacuum with ease, and the provided attachments work with the main vacuum as well as the handheld section.

Quite simply, you can clean your whole house with this. From the floors to the ceiling, hard to reach places, even the car can be cleaned with this flexible vacuum.

The Dyson V8 has plenty of suction power both in the standard and max modes. Switching the modes is also quite easy. It has motorized tools that make cordless cleaning very effective on various surfaces. Additionally, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise.

To ensure exceptional results when cleaning any type of flooring, this machine uses the direct-drive floor cleaner head and a mini-motorised tool. The wide cleaning head ensures that all surfaces and edges are cleaned.

Though it lacks a soft roller head for cleaning hard floors, the direct-drive cleaner head is suitable for tiles, wooden floors, and other hard surfaces.

The Dyson V8 Cordless allows free movement around the entire house. You can clean easily and quickly whenever and wherever you need to since it has no cord to connect, untie, drag around or hinder you from reaching where you want.

The Dyson V8 quickly changes into a handheld vacuum for cleaning on/under the sofa, stairs, in the car, and in hard to reach areas. This makes it easy for you to clean all the surfaces you want effortlessly and faster.

Features Of The Dyson V8 Animal

Features Of The Dyson V8 Animal

Trigger Switch

The machine contains a trigger switch that greatly reduces battery usage. Unless the trigger is pulled, the battery is not used whatsoever.

Some users have reported that the trigger switch takes some getting used to, but the more you use it the more it becomes second nature.

Max Power Mode

The Dyson V8 vacuum has a slide switch to allow power mode selection between the standard and max modes. The standard mode will be fine for most cleaning tasks, and this gives you 40 minutes of run-time.

The max mode is used for the toughest of cleaning tasks and gives you around 7 minutes of run-time. While this doesn’t seem much, you shouldn’t have to use this mode often.

Up To 40 Minutes Of Fade-Free Suction

When using the non-motorized cleaning head, you get up to 40 minutes of powerful suction thanks to the fade-free lithium-ion battery. This gives you ample time to clean every surface in your home. If using any of the motorised floor tools, you get around 25 minutes of cleaning time.

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Large Dirt Bin And Hygienic Dirt Ejector

The Dyson V8 Animal features a large dirt bin that is able to hold a lot before it requires to be emptied. The dirt ejector button releases all of the dirt and debris with a single click.

You don’t have to touch the dirt with your hands, which is a bonus. Every part of this Dyson cordless vacuum comes apart, making it incredibly easy to clean.

Two Tier Radial Cyclones

The Dyson V8 contains 15 cyclones arranged in parallel across two tiers to enhance the flow of air and capture dust. They create a strong centrifugal force that captures all dust, debris, and dirt of all sizes.

Whole Machine HEPA Filtration

The entire machine has the capability to capture allergens and throw out air that is cleaner than the air you breathe.

Dyson V8 Animal Review: Final Thoughts

If you need a convenient, easy-to-use and reliable cordless vacuum for your home, the Dyson V8 Animal is the perfect solution for you. It won’t compromise your pocket and will help you ensure that all surfaces in your house are clean.

You can clean your entire house within the 40-minute run-time offered by this machine.

The excellent cleaning power and suction, larger dustbin, and handheld capabilities are what makes the Dyson V8 stand out. It is sturdy yet lightweight, preventing you from feeling exhausted when cleaning.

Though it’s currently not the best model in the Dyson range, it is efficient and lower-priced than the latest models such as the Dyson V10.

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