Everything You Need to Know About Stick Vacuums


The advancement in technology has touched all aspects of our life. Whether it be food, housing, cleaning, all the gadgets being used have been updated.

Vacuum cleaners are of no exception. They are a necessary household item that not only cleans our homes but also free them from allergens. Earlier models were huge, noisy, and heavy. With their increasing popularity, many necessary changes were made. The latest models are more comfortable to carry, make no noise, and are as compact as a ‘stick,’ thus giving them the name of Stick Vacuums.

Are you still using ancient vacuums’ models and have no idea what these ‘Stick Vacuums’ are? Then you came to the right place. This article will give you a good idea about what precisely these stick vacuums are, their uses, and other desirable features that are taking cleaning to a whole new level.

What is a Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum is a breakthrough in the world of vacuum cleaners. They are used to clean floors, carpets, heavy rugs, kitchen, etc. It has a powerful motor used to suck all kinds of stubborn debris, which would not be otherwise easy to remove.

They are also compact in size. The removal of extra accessories such as dust bags or cords has proved to be a great household appliance for places with compact storage space. The suction head and the motor are present in the same unit, that further aids in its smart size.

The cordless stick vacuums have a slim structure with all necessary attachments. They include a dust release button, brush, and dustbin. Such stick broom vacuums have a rechargeable battery. Charge it before using and clean your whole house comfortably without the worry of messy, tangled wires.

Corded stick vacuums provide no less functionality. They are not exactly fit for in-depth vacuuming. However, they are great if you want a quick refresh before your guests arrive, want to collect fallen crumbs or pet hairs. You can easily remove their stick to convert them into handheld vacuums, which can easily clean compact spaces, increasing their capabilities.

The stick vacuum doesn’t have a bag to collect dust, but that doesn’t decrease its efficiency in the least. They use a small canister or dust cup for that. Other than that, the newest models are great for removing toxins or allergens from the environment.

Since the stick vacuums have no motor, they are not noisy either. Since they don’t make much noise as compared to canister vacuums, they are comfortable to use.

What is a Stick Vacuum Best for?

A Stick vacuum is a modernized version of the legacy model. They come with many benefits and are now commonly seen in many houses and small business offices. Some of the most distinguished benefits are listed below.

  1. Versatile Usage: The most significant usage that the stick vacuums have to offer is their versatility. The stick broom vacuums can be easily converted to handheld vacuums. Just remove the stick and use the vacuum wherever you want in hard to reach places, such as below shelves, cabinets, tiny space between the wall and cupboards, corners of walls, and so on. The cordless stick vacuums add to the versatility and save you the trouble of handling multiple cords.
  2. Lightweight and Compact in Size: Another reason for the increasing popularity of the electric stick vacuums is their smart size. Without excessive attachments, they can be used by people of all ages. They are great for getting rid of crumbs and accidental spills. Their ideal size makes them extremely portable. It is also very easy to store. You just have to hang them in your pantry or cupboard.
  3. No Commotion or Excessive Noise: The stick vacuums show off another one of their good traits, which is little to no noise at all.  Therefore, you can carry out your cleaning without disturbing the lifestyle of your family members or pets. The best stick vacuums produce less than 86 dB of noise while cleaning.
  4. No Dust Bags: The stick vacuums carry no huge dust bags. There is a separate dust cup where the dust is collected. That cup can be removed when the dust is settled and cleared for reuse. No bulky dust bags increase the portability of stick vacuums.
  5. Ideal for Cleaning All Kinds of Floors: The stick vacuum is not picky where it cleans. Carpets are a usual item where vacuums are used. However, stick vacuums can do much more than that. They can vacuum dust from hard wooden or tiled floors. They can also reach corners of walls and tiny spaces where ordinarily vacuums or dusting feathers don’t reach. Their transformation to handheld vacuum aids their cause.
  6. Cordless or Corded? Your Choice: The stick vacuum cleaners can be purchased with or without cords. The corded vacuums inhibit your movement, but you can use them for a longer time. The cordless vacuums can be used wherever you want. However, they don’t have a strong battery, due to which they can’t be used for longer intervals and have to be charged continuously.
  7. Microbe and Allergen Free: the stick vacuums, just like regular vacuums, have secondary filters attached to them. This helps them to clear the house from different allergens and microbes, which can detriment your health. Some stick vacuums also have scented filters, which leaves a sweet after smell, giving a fresher feel to your house.
  8. Easy for Storage: The compact size and slim design of the stick vacuums make them ideal for houses or apartments with low storage space. Some stick vacuums can also be hanged or mounted on walls, so you can easily store them in a cupboard or your pantry.

What is the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum?

There are many models of cordless Stick vacuums that have reached the market. They have different features that give the customer various choices to choose from. They can select the one that is closest to their ideal type. Some of the best cordless stick vacuums are as follows.

  1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive: For cordless stick vacuums, Dyson has launched many spectacular vacuums, which were all the best in their time. On top of it is the Torque Drive. It has the best lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which makes it all the most desirable.

It is also provisioned with a strong motor that removes all dust particles, making the area spick and span. It is even efficient in removing pet hairs from the sofa, rugs, and even hard floors.

The most intriguing part about the vacuum is that the bin is extremely easy to clean. Just push a button that opens the lid of the bin. Clean the bin and press the button again to close.

It is also equipped with several accessories that make cleaning small spaces, crevices, hard carpets and sucking out stubborn stains extremely easy.

  1. Tineco Pure One S11: This vacuum is another model in an ocean of models that is sure to intrigue customers with its prominent features. It cleans as well as any other stick vacuum, but the catch is that it has the right weight balance. Also, it gives comfort to your fingers. Rather than pressing the button continuously for running the vacuum, you can lock the button.

Another fantastic feature of this model is that it has a dirt detection system, where the vacuum tells you where to clean. Even the sneakiest spots can’t hide from this vacuum.

It also has a changeable battery, rather than a rechargeable one. So you can switch batteries rather than waiting thirty minutes for a recharge. Acquiring the batteries may be a little costly and challenging, but it is definitely worth the effort.

  1. Black + Decker Powerseries Extreme: If you have no pets but have carpets and rugs that want cleaning, this vacuum is just the right item for you. It has an excellent knack for gathering crumbs and spills and can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces.

The real catch as to why this model is sure to catch your eye is the affordable price. Other than that, the battery that this vacuum uses is standard in many Black and Decker products, so finding spares would be a breeze. As a whole, this vacuum is sure to give you the comfort that you desire from your home at a reasonable cost.  

  1. Miele Triflex HX1: Miele is exceptionally famous for its sturdy and dependable vacuum cleaners. This is the first cordless model that it has launched, and true to its name, it is very dependable.

It has a very desirable design as it can be easily switched between handheld and stick vacuum models without any additional tools. It has a strong battery and great suction, cleaning all kinds of floors remarkably. It is also affordable in price.

What to Look for in a Good Stick Vacuum?

Explaining the characteristics of thousands of models of stick vacuums does not solve the main burning question among customers: what is the best stick vacuum cleaner that we need?

To find out the answer to this, there are several features that a person should look at carefully before choosing. Some of the standard features are as follows.

  1. Weight and Size: weight and size are the main factors that we look for when searching for the perfect vacuum. You should make sure that it is nothing more than 4kgs since it can be hard to use on carpets. You should also make sure of the fact that the weight is more focused on the bottom than the handle so that your hands don’t tire out quickly.
  2. Battery Life: Battery life is an excellent feature to look out for if you have wide floors. Some cordless stick vacuums offer short battery lives that last for a few minutes compared to longer charging times. So the battery is one thing to look out for if you are opting for a cordless vacuum.
  3. Suction Power: Strong suction power is a must for all vacuums. It is especially crucial for people with long hair or pets since hair can easily be stuck on carpets. Also, to eliminate stubborn stains, vacuums with strong suction power are always a good option.
  4. Allergen Filters: If your family members are allergic to various microbes, a vacuum with a good secondary filter such as a HEPA filter is an ideal choice. They clean the air of microbes and allergens and make your area easier to breathe.
  5. Sensory Technology: It is a nice feature to have in your stick vacuum if your place has a lot of furniture. It can sense where there is debris and notify you. Also, a vacuum with headlights can be helpful for more detailed cleaning.
  6. Floor Nozzles: Some vacuums come with different nozzles and brushes for carpeted floors, wooden floors, precision cleaning for tiny spaces, and many more. Such a vacuum is an excellent choice if you prefer many-in-one kinds of devices.
  7. Vacuum Dust Bags: Different vacuums come with different sizes of dust bags attached to them. While getting a vacuum cleaner, you should also make sure that you know how frequently you will clean. Easier to detach dust bags and dust bags with lids are the most preferable.


So, this was all! This ends the article where the information about different kinds of stick vacuums was given to you.

From considering your environment to seeing what kinds of floors you have, whether you have pets and allergic people around or not, who are people that will use the vacuum cleaner, whether there is enough space to store vacuum cleaners or not, whether the stick vacuum is affordable or not, are the several factors that you should look out for a while getting your ideal vacuum cleaner.

Many features were described to give you a clear picture of what you should look out for when purchasing a stick vacuum cleaner. The best way to choose the ideal kind of stick vacuum is to know precisely what you want.