How To Clean A Chandelier

There is nothing that adds a touch of elegance to a room more than a sparkling crystal chandelier.

When the sparkle starts to fade it becomes dull and dirty looking, and this is when you know your chandelier needs to be cleaned.

Whether you have a crystal or a glass chandelier, after reading this guide you will know exactly how to clean a chandelier, and bring it back to life.

How Often Should I Clean My Chandelier?

crystal chandalier

Because chandeliers live high up on the ceiling, they don’t tend to accumulate dirt as fast as other furniture that is on the ground.

The main issue with chandeliers is dust, but thankfully dust is easy to control.

All you need is a feather duster, and just lightly go over the chandelier until all of the dust is gone.

If you do this on a weekly basis you will reduce the need for a full clean for a longer period of time.

Alternatively, you could use a vacuum cleaner that has a soft dusting brush attachment. Most cordless stick vacuums are light enough to use above your head.

When you have dusted your chandelier and it still looks dull, this is the time to give it a proper clean.

It is recommended to clean your chandelier once every year; if it accumulates a lot of dirt then you could clean it twice a year.

How To Clean A Chandelier – Before You Start

man standing on ladders and cleans chandalier

Before you start to clean your chandelier, it’s a good idea to take photos of every angle.

Chandeliers usually have complex hanging patterns for the crystal or glass and depending on the method you use, it’s important to know you can put it back together again.

Place lots of padding underneath the chandelier. The crystal or glass elements are very fragile and padding will reduce the risk of breakage if you drop a piece.

You can use anything for padding; just make sure that it is soft enough to prevent breakage.

Turn Off The Power First

This should be obvious, but you need to ensure that there is no electricity going to the chandelier.

Switch it off at the wall socket, and to be extra safe you can turn off the power directly at the circuit board.

Just make sure you have another source of light otherwise you will be working in the dark!

Some people leave the bulbs in when they are cleaning and make sure that they are tight, but it’s best to completely remove them.

Place tissue paper in the light sockets to prevent water from entering, or tie plastic food bags around the fittings.

Crystal On Or Crystal Off?

crystal off method

There are two methods you can use to clean your chandelier: You can either clean the chandelier as it is hanging, or you can remove each individual piece of crystal or glass.

If you remove the crystal or glass you will be able to clean the chandelier more thoroughly, but it’s a much more complicated and time-consuming job.

Crystal Off Method

This is the method to use if your chandelier is really dirty and a quick clean won’t do. Carefully remove a few crystals at a time, and wash them in a basin of warm, soapy water.

Line the basin with a cloth or tower to avoid damage to the crystals. Place the crystal in another basin of water to remove the soap.

Gently dry the crystal with a microfiber cloth and leave somewhere safe.

Then take another soft cloth, dampen it with warm soapy water, and gently clean the chandelier frame where the crystals were removed.

Attach the crystals back onto the chandelier, and then do the same with another few crystals. Work your way around the chandelier until all parts have been cleaned.

Remember to look at the photos you took at the start to ensure you place them back in the correct location.

Crystal On Method

If your chandelier just needs a quick freshen up or if you don’t fancy taking it apart, you can clean it by leaving the crystals or glass still attached.

Fill a spray bottle with warm soapy water, or use a spray that has been specifically designed for chandelier cleaning.

Spray the whole chandelier, including the frame, taking great care not to spray any electrical components.

You can either let the liquid drop down to the floor, taking the dirt with it, or you can gently clean the chandelier with a soft cloth.

Work your way methodically around the chandelier to ensure you don’t miss any sections.

Fill another spray bottle with just water and spray the entire chandelier. This will rinse any soap and dirt off, leaving your chandelier sparkling.

Finally, gently dry and polish the crystals and the frame to bring up the shine.

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