Efficient Ways to Clean The outside Of Your Windows

Having clean windows is essential or how else will you let the light in?

Philosophical queries aside, windows do brighten up your room and give your home warmth. Besides, it’s always nice to look out to a beautiful view.

More often than not, even if you give your windows a thorough clean it’s still not enough because the outside of the window is caked in dust.

Since this is the part of the window that is directly exposed to the outside, it tends to be harder to clean. All the grime, dust and moisture from outside lands on the window pane.

So how do you ensure squeaky clean windows, even from the outside?

Window Vacuums

Window Vacuums

Window vacuums are extremely handy, especially since they are built specifically for cleaning windows. Most window vacuums are light, portable and small enough to reach tricky edges.

They provide a streak-free clean and because they work on suction, you won’t have to strain your arm trying to get the best scrub.

If you live in an apartment and the outside of your windows are not easy to reach, you can always opt for a window vacuum with a flexible hose that can reach the outside with ease.

If the window screens are removable, there’s nothing like it. A vacuum cleaner will give you the most perfect, spotless clean possible.

There are also hypoallergenic ones which keep germs, bacteria and allergens out.

The vacuum cleaner will also ensure you get a dry clean and there is no spillage of liquid or cleaning agents. Everything happens internally with the help of one handy device.

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Robotic Vacuums

Robotic Vacuums

There are also robotic vacuums that are designed specifically for window cleaning. These devices are placed on the window with a safety harness, so the device does not fall.

The beauty of it is that the smart robot charts an efficient path for it to clean, automatically. This means that you can let the device do its job. All that’s required of you is to switch it on.

It moves on its own and lets you know when it is done. It’s great for cleaning the outside of your windows since it can maneuver itself independently and does not require you to guide it.

Magnetic Cleaner

Magnetic Cleaner

Technology keeps improving all the time, which means that simple things like cleaning the outside of your window do not need to be painful any longer.

A magnetic window cleaner is a gizmo that allows you to glide a magnet across the window and leave a clean streak behind.

You have to stick one end of the glider inside and the other outside the window.

All you need to do is spray some cleaning liquid onto the window and then pull the glider around in an S-shape.

The magnets pull each other and your window is cleaned in a matter of minutes.

When you start using it the first time, it may take a few attempts to get the movement right. If you glide it too fast, the magnets may disconnect.

Thankfully, there’s a safety string you can hold onto or fasten by shutting the window so the magnet does not fall.

Window Cleaning Kit For Apartments

Window Cleaning Kit for Apartments

If you live in an apartment, cleaning the outside of your window may be tricky – unless you want to hang awkwardly from the fire escape. Naturally, that is not ideal nor is it safe.

There are window cleaning kits made especially for cleaning apartment windows. It’s a U-shaped pole and a mop is attached to the longer end.

It can be maneuvered easily and works best with sliding windows.

The kit also comes with different heads. Typically, there’s a squeegee, a circular sponge and different cleaning cloths. The different attachments ensure you get a versatile clean.

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Mop And Water

Mop and Water

A good old mop and some soapy water can do the trick too. Especially, if the length of the mop is adjustable, it gives you more flexibility if reaching the outside of your window is hard.

You can make a homemade solution of one part water and one part vinegar in a bucket. Soak the head of your mop in it and give your window a thorough scrub.

Once the dirt and grime have been scrubbed off, spray a streak-free window cleaner directly onto the glass and wipe. Wait for it to dry and see the magic!

You can also mix it up with a newspaper. Scrunch the paper into a ball shape and use it to wipe the window.

Newspaper balls can be even more effective in cleaning wet surfaces than paper towels as the texture of the paper is more porous.

It is more likely to give you a streak-free clean and will not leave bits behind. If there are scratches left behind, try a jeweler’s rouge.

Typically used by jewelers as a polishing compound to ensure their jewelry remains sparkling, this can do wonders for your glass panes too.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Most people neglect cleaning the outside of their windows simply because it is too much hassle.

If you live on an upper floor apartment, cleaning the outside of your windows can be near impossible without putting your safety at risk.

No matter how dirty your window gets, avoid cleaning it if it means you need to put half your body out in order to reach the other end of the window.

It is dangerous and frankly not worth it if it means you will need to risk injuring yourself.

Thankfully though, there are several easy, convenient and efficient ways to get squeaky clean windows, from the inside and the outside, without getting too hassled.

While some of the methods mentioned above can simply be put together at home, others require specific products and devices. Either way, window cleaning has never been easier.

No longer do you have to turn the lights on inside as soon as the clock strikes five, your windows can let in the light for as long as the sun stays up!

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