How To Clean Windows Without Streaks

Giving your window a thorough clean can be a satisfying, yet frustrating task.

If you’re not using the right kind of tools, the more you rub and clean, the greater the chance that your window will have noticeable streaks.

Getting a streak-free clean for your window is desired as it gives you a clear and clean view of what’s happening outside. You also don’t want the glass to get damaged before its time is up.

So how do you get a streak-free clean?

The following are a few easy ways I found in the course of my research:

Window Vacuums

Window Vacuums

Window vacuums are a great and easy way to ensure your windows get a squeaky, streak-free clean. They are extremely easy to use and come with a variety of attachments and settings.

With window vacuums, you don’t even need to worry about spillage.

Since it works on suction and will give you an almost dry clean, there will be no streaks of water leaving marks on your glass pane.

You can even use the brush setting to give the window a good scrub. The beauty of window vacuums is that the brush heads can give you a versatile clean.

So depending on what your need is, you can use a window vac accordingly. If you need to clean the outside of your window, you can opt for a vacuum cleaner that has a flexible hose.

In case it is hard to reach the corners of the window from the outside, the hose can extend to give you an all-around clean.

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Robotic Vacuums

Robotic Vacuums

Another marvel of technology is the robotic vacuum. These automatic, smart vacuums can give your home a thorough cleaning without needing much support or guidance from you.

All you are required to do is switch the device on and it does the rest. These robotic vacuums also come in versions made especially for vertical windows.

The device uses suction to hold onto the window pane. There’s also a safety harness which catches the device if it loses connection and falls.

The minute you place it on your window, it charts a map and finds the most efficient direction of cleaning. You can go about doing your work while the robot works on giving your window a streak-free clean.

Jeweler’s Rouge

Jeweler’s Rouge

A jeweler’s rouge is a compound that jewelers use to polish stone and gems. It’s fine ferric oxide powder which is used to give precious stone, lenses and silver the final polish.

It’s buffing quality allows whatever it is used on to return to its original luster. While it is usually used in the jewelry trade, it works wonders even if you have to clean a dirty glass pane.

Even if there’s already a streak or scratch on the glass, jeweler’s rouge is extremely effective in taking care of them. The rouge only has to be wet slightly and then applied with a soft cloth.

You can keep rubbing the area where you see the streak until the mark slowly begins to disappear.

Every time a hasty cleaning job leaves a streak or scratch behind, a little jeweler’s rouge should take care of matters right away and your window can look as good as new.



It turns out, my grandparents’ generation had figured it out. There are multiple uses of the newspaper other than simply spreading information.

While that function is no doubt important, newspapers also serve as great window cleaners. It surely works better than paper towels, which invariably leave a streak behind after the glass has been cleaned.

Newspaper fiber is also more porous than a paper towel and at the same time, they are made of more rigid fiber, which means the paper won’t tear and cause lint.

There is, however, a condition. If the newspaper uses petroleum-based ink, it will leak and stain your windows.

The easiest way to check is to simply hold the printed portion between your thumb and index finger. If, after five minutes, ink blotches appear on your fingers, that paper is no good for cleaning your windows.

If your fingers are ink-free, you can use any cleaning spray or liquid and wipe your windows down with the newspaper.



This is a time-tested cleaning method and it works!

Vinegar’s acetic quality makes it a great cleaning agent. It can cut through the grime with ease and give you a spotless, streak-free clean.

Of course, it also depends on what you’re using to clean the window with. Again, newspaper and vinegar solution is a great combination.

You can make your own spray at home by mixing one part vinegar and one part water to make a cleaning solution.

The best variety to use is distilled white vinegar and if possible, mix it with distilled water too. The quality of the water you are using can make a huge difference.

The best part is that it is absolutely safe to use and is non-toxic. You can leave it around without any fear that your kids or pets may be harmed.

Streak-Free Spray

Streak-Free Spray

If you want a store-bought product, there are several streak-free sprays available in the market too.

There are sprays that can cut through the grime, others that don’t trickle down until you wipe the area and still others that are great to wipe oily fingerprints out.

If you don’t rely on homemade remedies like vinegar, there are enough and more options available in the market. All you need is a good microfibre cloth and some streak-free cleaning spray.

Final Thoughts

When it’s an especially beautiful day out but all you can focus on is an ugly scratch or streak on the window pane, that is frustrating, to say the least.

But just because your window pane has already been scratched does not mean it cannot be fixed.

The products and methods mentioned above can easily take care of marks and scratches even after they have already appeared.

So after a day of spring cleaning, you can sit by the window, enjoy a cup of tea and no longer be distracted by streaks marking your window.

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