Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner Review – Priceless Addition To your Cleaning Arsenal

Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner Review: Cheap Spot Cleaner

The Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner is an electric stain remover, carpet cleaner and car upholstery washer that offers very easy cleaning.

It is designed to pick up dirt and stains from carpets, enabling you to clean your household interior including carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture. The built-in brush attachment is great for dealing with tough stains.

In the Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner review, I will be looking at one of the most popular handheld carpet cleaners.

It is a small and affordable electric carpet and upholstery cleaner suitable for cleaning carpeted surfaces and furniture, although it will struggle to clean large areas of a carpet. I will be talking about the various features of this handheld carpet cleaner, alongside the pros and cons.

Handheld carpet cleaners are designed to enable quick removal of dirt, stains and dust from carpets and carpeted surfaces usually through suction, eliminating the need for scrubbing extensively.

Typically, carpets are cleaned by scrubbing out the dirt and stains with the aid of a brush, however, this can be stressful and back-breaking at times. Handheld carpet cleaners are cost-effective and easier to operate when compared to full sized-carpet cleaners.


  • Inexpensive carpet cleaner
  • Doesn’t make too much noise
  • Simple to operate
  • Made from strong and durable plastic


  • Clean water tank requires frequent refilling
  • Not great for cleaning large areas of carpet

Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner Review: Design and Appearance

At first glance, the small size and rigid plastic body of the Maxi Vac carpet cleaner is striking.

Even though it is small in size, the sturdy plastic body makes it a strong enough machine to clean with. It is an electric machine powered through a 5-metre long cord which is long enough for a handheld carpet cleaner.

For extensive carpeted surfaces, a handheld carpet cleaner may not be the best option, nonetheless, if that is what you like cleaning with or can afford, it will excel on smaller carpet cleaning jobs.

As you can probably tell, the Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner is very light and can be held for extended periods of time. Also, it comes with a HEPA filter for the benefit of people who are allergic and need to get rid of allergens and pollutants.

All in all, the design is really simple and there is nothing complicated about operating the carpet cleaner. When it comes to colour, the options are limited as it comes only in the green colour.

Specification of the Maxi Vac Carpet Cleaner

Portable Vacuum maxi vac

A light carpet cleaner, the Maxi Vac handheld weighs only 4 kg; a handheld carpet cleaner should not weigh much more than this to be classified as a handheld machine.

It is not only about the size, but the weight should also be considered. These machines are designed to be held in one hand so any extra weight could cause problems.

It comes with a 300ml clean water tank where you can pour your cleaning solution before cleaning.

Dirty water flows into a dedicated dirty water tank that has a capacity of 900ml. With these specifications, this carpet cleaner is suitable for light to medium cleaning tasks. Larger areas will require you to fill up the machine and empty it more often.


Electric Carpet Rug Spot Cleaner by Maxi Vac

When the Maxi Vac handheld is used for the purpose it is designed for – light cleaning jobs – then it is one of the best performers on the market for the price.

The portability makes it perfect to clean spills, stains, and spots in specific spots. As I mentioned above, trying to clean large areas of your carpet with this machine will result in a lot of filling, emptying and changing of power sockets.

The clean water tank is where you pour your detergent; you can use any type of detergent with the carpet cleaner but you should avoid detergent that produces too much foam. For light carpet cleaning, the 500W motor is powerful enough.

Due to the inexpensive price and the smaller motor, the Maxi Vac handheld tends to leave carpets wetter than a more powerful carpet cleaner.

This is to be expected, however, it is something to keep in mind as a wet carpet can result in mould growth. As it is only designed for cleaning small areas of carpet, you can get away with patting the area dry with towels or clean cloths.

Additionally, the cleaner removes allergens and pollutants from your carpet through the HEPA filter, making it suitable for people who have asthma and other allergies.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

When you use carpets and rugs for a long time without cleaning, the dirt and stains will eventually become visible, tainting the overall look of your carpeted surfaces. While the Maxi Vac carpet cleaner can be used to clean carpeted surfaces, it can also be used to clean chairs, sofas, and even car upholstery.

As a handheld carpet cleaner, it is not really advisable to use it as your primary carpet cleaning machine, however, it can take care of the occasional and light cleaning activities. Also, the Maxi Vac handheld offers flexibility in cleaning as it can reach areas where full-sized carpet cleaners may not be able to reach.

5 Metre Power Cord

The 5-metre power cord on the Maxi Vac is fairly standard for a handheld carpet cleaner. While the length is reasonable, your experience with it depends on how far away your power source is.

To be fair, the length of the power cord is sufficient, however, it would have been better if there were storage space for the power cord; you have to carefully fold or twist the cord around the carpet cleaner before you put it away.

Maxi Vac Handheld Carpet Cleaner Review: Final Thoughts

The Maxi Vac handheld carpet cleaner is a functional and durable machine that can be used to remove spots, light stains, and dirt from carpets, furniture, and car upholstery.

The machine is best used for spot cleaning as it is not designed for full-scale carpet cleaning. If you have just a room to yourself, you may find it enough as a carpet cleaning machine, however, in a typical home, you will need something larger and more powerful for your carpet cleaning.

It is a more efficient carpet cleaner when used for spot cleaning. You can quickly grab it and clean spills and stains as soon as they happen, which is a big advantage over full-sized machines.

Also, when you use larger carpet cleaners there may be certain areas of your carpeted surfaces that may not be totally cleaned. With a handheld cleaner like the Maxi Vac, you can get to these tight corners and clean effectively.

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