Pros and Cons Of Handheld Steam Cleaner

Various TV ads and products are shown in the stores that encourage Handheld Steam Cleaner usage. But different people have different opinions about the effectiveness of the steam cleaners and if they are appropriate to use for cleaning the house. However, one thing is quite sure that steam cleaners are way better than the traditional ways of cleaning, like using a bucket and mop for cleaning. Having said that, you must be wondering which methods would be best and if the steam and floor cleaners are actually the best options compared to the traditional methods. The most straightforward answer to this is your needs and what you are going to clean, and you may find that the steam cleaners are the right option for your cleaning needs.

A wide range of handheld steam cleaners are available in the market for daily cleaning, and you can only decide after looking at the pros and cons of this cleaner that you want to buy it or not. Various manufacturers are available in the market for steam cleaners. When you are looking to buy a handheld steam cleaner, it is crucial to think about the purpose for which you will use the steamer. It is about time that we see if the hype of steam cleaners in the media is justified and suit the basic needs of cleaning.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Handheld Steam Cleaner?

Before delving into the pros and cons of a steamer, you need to understand its basics and what specs it must have. Firstly, the steam cleaner should produce steam hot enough to perform the surfaces’ proper cleaning. Handheld steamers are mostly used for cleaning dust mites, vehicle interior, carpet, windows, ovens, stovetops, fabric, upholstery, bathroom, and much more. The cleaning would be useful, faster, and more comfortable if there is a high steam temperature produced by your steamer. Here are some of the simplest things to expect and look for in a good steam cleaner:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long-lasting steam
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and not tipping over
  • Hot enough
  • A long cord
  • Heat-up time
  • Chemical-free
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Tight seals

These are just some of the features that mean the steam cleaner is good enough for your cleaning projects. Now, let’s have a closer look at a steam cleaner’s pros and cons.

Pros of a Handheld Steam Cleaner

  • Hard surfaces dry quickly

Traditional cleaning methods like using a bucket and mop for cleaning does not let the surfaces dry quickly, while a steam cleaner lets the hard surfaces dry much faster. These cleaners are just perfect to use for surfaces that need quick drying. If you are going to use the cleaned areas right after cleaning, then the steam cleaners are an excellent option. Places like the walkways present in commercial buildings can have a significant advantage by using handheld steam cleaners.

  • Effective cleaning

Steam cleaners have a high steam temperature to clean the surfaces, which may seem like a safety concern when used inefficiently. Still, steam cleaners provide an effective sanitation option for the floor surfaces when you look at them. We know very well that bacteria cannot be seen through the naked eyes. But the steam cleaner helps kill germs and bacteria because of its steam temperature, which results in complete sanitation, which is excellent compared to the bucket and mop option.

  • No Chemicals

Traditional steam cleaning options can become dangerous around pets and kids. You also worry that the hazardous chemicals would affect the kids and pets when you use conventional cleaners. As the steam cleaners use high-temperature steam for sanitizing a surface, there is no need to worry about the dangerous chemicals. There is no use of chemicals in a steam cleaner. This makes it safe not only for the kids and pets but also friendly for the environment around us.

  • Handheld Steam Cleaners can be utilized for multiple surfaces

The steam cleaners are not just for the floors. As a matter of fact, they can be used for different surfaces using attachments available in the market for cleaners. These attachments allow you to clean anything like furniture, mirrors, sliding doors, windows, car interiors, and whatnot. This means that you can clean almost all your home areas using just a single equipment piece. This is a massive advantage of steam cleaners over traditional cleaners.

  • Easier Maintenance

Maintenance is easier for the steam cleaners. However, it also depends on the kind of steam cleaner. Cleaning the cleaner might be quite simple, like throwing the reusable pad in your washing machine. You can reuse the filters or pads depending upon the model. You just simply need to wash them before the next usage. This will help the steam cleaner to last longer and save much money simultaneously as you won’t be needing replacement of mop heads or refills.

Before purchasing a handheld steam cleaner, determine first what the cleaner will be used for, what surfaces will be cleaned by the cleaner, and where. Various cleaners are better to use for different room types and other areas. Therefore, it is better to buy a steam cleaner that suits your needs. Various cleaners can be found in the market ranging from environment friendly to safe to reliable. You just need to research deeply. With proper maintenance and care, cleaners can last much longer and work with the highest efficiency. 

Cons of the Handheld Steam Cleaner

As always, nothing can exist without its cons. So, here are some of the cons in the handheld cleaners.

  • Higher Prices of the Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner costs more than your traditional bucket and mop cleaning method. The higher cost is obviously because of the high costs of making the equipment. You will pay some cost upfront for the steam cleaner as the equipment is efficient.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind. A steam cleaner just only needs the water for using it, whereas the traditional bucket and mop system will require a floor cleaner that will be added to the water so that you can disinfect and clean the floor. It means that you will pay an overall more cost every time you clean. To save money in the longer run, you should buy a steam cleaner as the higher upfront cost will be just worth it.

  • Very hot steam

Very high-temperature steam is used in the steam cleaners to clean the floors, which can be considered a hazard. But for this, the user should be aware that the steam is very hot and use the handheld steam cleaner with care to avoid an injury. This may seem like a con, but it is actually a benefit of the steam as higher temperatures ensure effective cleaning.

  • Needs cleaning more than traditional cleaning

Using a steam cleaner can need more cleaning than using the traditional bucket and mop. Many people think that the bucket and mop ensure that the floor’s dust gets out and the floors become cleaner, whereas a steam cleaner will only clean the upper apparent of the floor. But this depends on the kind of floor you clean, and you may be proven wrong by the steam cleaner in your case.

Many steam cleaners are useful in working with the floor’s small grooves, whereas the mop cannot reach the grooves easily. However, this is directly dependant on the kind of surface you are working on and how strong is your handheld cleaner.

  • Carpet takes a long time to dry

If you use a steam cleaner for the carpets, it may need up to 24 hours for the carpet to dry completely, and only after that will you be able to walk on it again. It may be inconvenient for some people if this carpet is in a commercial area or a workplace. But it is also true that steam cleaning is not done often for the carpets, and when you do steam them, it can sanitize your carpet and do some deep cleaning. If you deep clean the carpets, this will give the carpets a fresh look, and the carpet would feel like new and not to mention any nasty kind of smell will also be gone.


A handheld steam cleaner is like a dream for cleaning the house in the easiest possible way. Any substances like chewing gum, glue, wax, and other things can be easily removed by this tool. It can give a nice and fresh look to your floors and carpets with its deep cleaning capability using steam. As a steam cleaner is relatively easy to use, it is gaining more popularity today. If you were wondering about a bucket and mop system and a steam cleaner, we have tried to give you all the pros and cons information you need to know about the cleaner a