The SEBO X5 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Clean and fresh house is a dream of all, whether stay-at-home moms or university students. Many tools can be used for cleaning, but switching between them is a hassle everyone can understand. It is excellent to know that there can only be one machinery, one vacuum that will handle all kinds of cleaning for you.

Among the thousands of models made to the market, the SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner has made its mark. Its exciting features, durable body, and ability to transform itself to clean all the house’s corners and crevices make it a great choice.

Did the brief introduction make you curious about the SEBO X5, and you want to know more? Don’t worry. This article has got you covered. All the details, features, and customer reviews are explained in detail here. So let’s get started!

Vacuum Cleaning at its Best: Features of the SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner


The SEBO has released many worthwhile vacuums in competition to other great vacuum cleaner companies. One of the great examples is the SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner. It immediately became a customer favorite, and its demand also increased. And it wasn’t without reason.  Many useful features of the X5 cleaner attracts customers and are great to have in your vacuum cleaner at homes and offices. Some of the most prominent features are as follows.

  1. Automatic Adjustment of Brush Roll: if you have many soft and hard carpets and rugs, this vacuum is the best for you. It has an adjustable brush roll that makes it ideal for cleaning the areas that are hard to reach. Under the furniture, in corners, on the stairs, the vacuum reaches everywhere. The head can bend to 180 degrees to make it easier to get and clean these places.

    It has firm bristles that have a brain of their own. They know how much power to use in every situation. It determines for itself how much strength or hardness of brush it needs to clear a particular area.

  1. Smart Controls: the SEBO X5 is the epitome of modern technology. It has intelligent controls that ensure that you are not damaging the vacuum and are using it to its full efficiency.

    It has an indicator light attached to the body that tells you when you have placed your vacuum over an object that is too hard to pick up. The motor automatically shuts off to protect itself from any foreign object. The vacuum also shuts off if the dust bag is full or the brushes need to be changed.

  1. Large Dust Baggage: the SEBO X5 is not only famous for its smart controls or adjustable brush but also for its large capacity to hold dust, debris, and other particles. The dust bag can hold up to 1.4 gallons of garbage at a time. The indicator tells the user when the bag is filled so that it can be replaced.

    The large bag and vast capacity make it cost-effective since you don’t have to change the dust bags and don’t have to buy them frequently. They are also extremely easy to de-attach, and you don’t have to come in contact with the trash at all.

    The best thing about the SEBO dust bags is that they are extraordinarily secure and do not let a speck of dust or debris to escape from its grasp.

  1. Powerful Suction: The SEBO automatic X5 has a powerful suction that makes stubborn cleaning stains a cinch. It has a powerful motor of 1300 watts that adds to its power.

    This strong suction makes it an ideal choice for customers with pets or long hair since sucking and collecting hair from carpets’ depth is its specialty.

    Another thing that aids the powerful motor to work is the wide head. The head is almost fifteen-inch wide and can suck dirt from a wider radius. The smart controls further aid the cleaning.

  1. Triple Filter Protection: the X5 cleaner does not provide overall fresh cleaning due to its powerful suction and broader radius. It is also assisted by a triple HEPA filter. The three filters make up the S-class filtration system that cleans all the allergens, microbes, ticks, mites, and pollens from the house.

    The supreme filtration system promises 97 percent clarity of the environment. It can filter the finest dust of fewer than 0.3 micrometers and will never disappoint you. The German-made vacuum cleaner is approved by the British Allergy and Asthma Foundation, which is enough to prove its effectiveness.

  1. Wide Range of Cleaning: the SEBO X5 is the elite for vacuums cleaning hard-to-reach places. This is facilitated by a flexible suction hose and cleaning wand that together can reach up to 8 feet. So you can clean the corners of walls easily and don’t have to use a ladder for that.

    It also has a 40 feet cord as compared to the standard 12-foot. This means that you can plug the vacuum cleaner in one room and clean the whole floor with ease.

  1. Protective Wheels: the X5 vacuum cleaner may be bulky, but you don’t have to carry it. This upright vacuum cleaner has wheels attached to its base that increase its maneuverability and portability. Not only that, the wheels are wholly padded with rubber to avoid any scratches or stains on your floors and carpets. There’s no other vacuum that takes care of your floors as SEBO X5 vacuum cleaner does!
  2. Additional Accessories: the X5 vacuum cleaner is famous for its versatility. There are many plugs for different tools that you can attach and clean a wide variety of stuff in your house.

Three powerful tools come with the vacuum cleaner. They include a crevice tool to clean the most hard-to-reach corners, an upholstery tool for catching hard-to-see dust from cushions, chairs, mattresses, or sofas small dusting brush for delicately cleaning around windowsills, bookshelves, lamps, blinds, shades, and many more. 

What’s in the Box?

 The vacuum cleaner is always the main object you desire while buying one, but the absence or presence of additional accessories and guidelines is what really makes a difference. SEBO wants that you can enjoy its products without any difficulties or delays. That is why you might be curious about what the box of SEBO X5 contains when you purchase it. This portion of the article explains all the things in detail that you will find once you open the box. The items are as follows.

  • SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner: the box obviously has the highlight of your purchase: the vacuum cleaner itself. With its outstanding and attractive features of a wide head, powerful suction motor, huge dust bag, and triple filter protection: the X5 cleaner is sure to make your everyday cleaning experience easy and comfortable.
  • Owner’s Manual: This manual may be a small booklet, but it is one of the most important things that come in the box with the vacuum. This manual gives directions on using the vacuum properly, attaching its tools, and indicating the various buttons and lights.
  • Warranty Information: the warranty card comes with the vacuum. Customer satisfaction is vital for SEBO Company. They put this card for the ease of its clients. It is imperative to keep so that if the vacuum ever faces any damages or faults, you can use the warranty card to claim your damages or get the vacuum fixed with minimal cost.
  • Product Registration Card: the product registration card is a kind of pass from the government. It tells us that the SEBO Company can sell and trade its vacuum cleaners in your region. So, you can easily buy and enjoy the X5 vacuum cleaner without any legal constraints.
  • Suction Hose and Wand: the suction head and wand are tools that help to elongate the head so that it can reach far off places that you can’t ordinarily get easily without ladders. These two tools can elongate the head up to 8 feet.
  • Crevice Tool: this tool is available to attach to the head so that you can clean corners and crevices such as space between wall and cupboard or windowsills extremely easy.
  • Dusting brush: this tool aids in cleaning by dusting bookshelves, flower vases, lamps with its soft brush. The powerful motor gives a firm but soft touch to clean the delicate items of your house.
  • Upholstery Tool: this tool has a thin fabric attached to its sides, which can catch fine dust from the surface of mattresses, cushions, chairs, and so on.

Is there a Warranty?

 For SEBO, customer satisfaction is paramount. They give a lot of value to customers’ ease and love it when discussing your problems with them. That is why they offer a warranty for all its products.

The X5 vacuum cleaner has a 5-year warranty on vacuum’s parts and labor, a 7-year warranty for its motor, and a lifetime warranty on its belt.

The best thing about the warranty is that if you ever want to have your vacuum cleaner repaired, the company will do it all at their own expense. They will pick up your vacuum cleaner, fix it, and deliver it to your doorstep free of cost!

Even without the warranty, if you take good care of your vacuum according to the manual’s instructions, you can use the vacuum easily for 10 to 15 years. 

What Do Others say about SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner?

Many SEBO vacuum reviews show that this vacuum was the choice of many, and many people appreciated it when they used it. They gave many supportive reviews about the product, which showed that they were pleased with it. Some of the top SEBO canister vacuum reviews are as follows:

  • “I am very impressed with the engineering put into this machine.”
  • “Would recommend without hesitation.”
  • “Bought an X5, not cheap but the best cleaner I’ve ever had.”
  • “HEPA filter, great for my allergies and cleans up cat hairs no problem . . .”
  • “Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.”
  • “I remember the guys telling me that it is the Mercedes of vacuums.”

These and many other favorable reviews that would increase your trust and interest in the X5 cleaner were found on amazon and official websites for the SEBO X5 cleaner. These comments showed the confidence of hundreds of customers in the SEBO vacuum cleaner.

Where to Buy the SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner?

We find some things in life that may seem very expensive at first, but then as you get to know more about them, you know that they are just worth spending money over. The SEBO X5 cleaner is one of those items that you can’t miss. With its excellent features, ease of use, and durable body, this vacuum will support you for a long time.

You can purchase the vacuum cleaner easily from any of your closest SEBO franchises. It is also available in leading appliance stores like Walmart. If you can’t get out of your house and want to order it online, just go to Amazon’s site. You will find this vacuum cleaner quickly at extremely affordable prices. You can get it called to your home free of cost and start using it immediately.


Well, that’s it, guys. There is no right answer when you want to buy vacuums. You can only purchase the best one if you know what it is you exactly want.

So, now you know everything about the SEBO 9580AM X5 Vacuum Cleaner. You know its features, its strong points, how the customer who has been using it for a long time views it, its warranty period and where you can buy it if you want to. If, after reading it, you realize that this is the vacuum cleaner that you were always looking for, there is only one thing left to do.

Go and buy it, of course!