Best Cylinder Vacuum Review


The most popular and the best cylinder vacuum cleaner are lightweight, efficient, and powerful in cleaning stairs. However, there is wide variety and difficult to decide which one to choose. Cylindrical vacuum is best when it comes to clean stairs and other such spaces. Cylindrical vacuums have more suction power and cleaning radius. The cost for a cylindrical vacuum is also usually affordable.

What is a cylinder vacuum cleaner?

There are two major parts of a cylinder vacuums such as the suction head which is connected with a hose and the main body that you pull as you move to clean. Cylinder vacuums cleaners are not bulky like the robot and cordless models. Cylinder vacuums are also powered by main power instead of a rechargeable battery.

A cylinder vacuum works fine to clean but it doesn’t have a high performance like robot and cordless vacuums. The dust storing capacity of a cylinder vacuum is much more than other so you can clean more without worrying about emptying the bin. They also have long cord, and upright vacuum and a longer cleaning radius. Because of all these features, cylinder vacuums are mostly used on hotels and offices.

Cylinder vacuums are best for cleaning underneath furniture areas and stairs as they have a flexible and long hose. They sometimes have bag and some of these are bagless. They have a variety of attachments. However, they are not easier to store and control due to their bulky design.

Which is better? cylinder or upright vacuums

Choice of a vacuum depends on your preference and the surface you want to clean with a vacuum. According to Katerina Petrova, a worker at a cleaning company, “Cylinder vacuums are flexible and can be rotated to 180 degree angle, the areas difficult to clean can be easily reached with it. These models come with various accessories and brushes and is a multifunctional vacuum, it also has a great suction power.”

How we test the best cylinder vacuums

Our aim is to provide you honest review of cylinder vacuums so that you can chose wisely. We try the vacuum performance on three different floors including carpet, laminate, and floorbeds. The first priority is to check the performance of vacuum in picking up the dust, we create the dust lay artificially and check the vacuum performance in picking up amount of dust.

Then we test its performance for picking up small particles like crumbs or hair. We got plenty of hair from Battersea dogs and cats at home. We spread these hair and crumbs on carpet before vacuuming to check its performance.

We have also checked each of vacuum on stairs to measure its performance regarding manoeuvers. We evaluate the easiness of the instructions given, innovative features, and the design of vacuum.

How can you choose the best cylinder vacuum?

Are You Sure You Want A Cylinder?

The initial question that arises in mind is that do the cylinder you chose fulfils your requirements? Or you would prefer to have a cordless or upright vacuum model? We have perilously discussed that cylinder vacuums are easy to use in difficult to reach areas and have a compact design. This is because it is portable, and you don’t have to pick the whole vacuum to clean stairs.

While the upright vacuums are best for cleaning large carpet and bare floors. A low watt motor can also work as they do not require to move the dust along the hose. In cylinder vacuums, dust does not blow in the air.

Your home floor types may impact the performance of the vacuum. Any floor can be cleaned by an upright and a cylindrical vacuum, however, cylinders are more effective on hard floors and have no motor and more suction power. Some of the cylindrical vacuums come with a turbo roller especially for carpet cleaning.

Cylinder vacuums are best option for home that are comparatively smaller in size, for stairs and for surfaces difficult to clean. However, an upright vacuum is best for cleaning the carpets.

Bagged or Bagless?

Choosing a vacuum with bag or bagless is an important decision! Most of top cylinder models are with bags. Bagged vacuums are also best until they increase a recurring cost for changing the bag. Also, it is sometimes a hustle to empty the bags from the dust and the particles the vacuum has gathered.

The best cylinder bagless vacuum cleaner are also available in the market. They are easy to use as they don’t have bags for storing the dust. However, cylinder bagless vacuums are somehow expensive as compared to others. They can also be available at a cheaper price. You need to go through the guideline about the advantages of vacuum with bags to learn more about it.

A bagged vacuums often has a self-sealing bag. This stops the dust to blow in air while emptying the bag. This is an advantage for those who have dust allergies. The vacuums with bag are also cheap in price.

Filtration System

Filtration system in a vacuum is one of the important features a vacuum need to have. Filter helps to stop dust particles to stick in vacuum and blow in the air. Filters can help everyone, but it is more helpful for people with asthma or dust allergies.

A standard filter is implanted in some cheap price cylinder vacuums. They filter the allergies and dust in more effective way. Mostly people consider the HEPA filter a gold standard filter as they easily filter the smallest dust particles, however, they are expensive than a standard filter.

Cleaning Radius

Cylinder models unlike upright vacuums have dust containers that are linked to the floor tool through a hose. Cleaning radius means that how long a vacuum can a vacuum clean. It is required to have bigger cleaning radius for large rooms.

Suction Power

A motor in cylinder vacuums power the fan that helps in the suction process through the hose. Everything in a cylinder vacuum depends on its power of dust suction, while upright vacuums also have to motorize the brushes to remove the dirt. This is important to look for vacuums that has more suction power.

The vacuum with more wattage has more suction power, however the Eco models that use less power without limiting the suction power are not commonly available. Reading the reviews of previous purchasers is the best way to know the suction power of a vacuum.


The power to clean the difficult parts of home is one of the most important features of a cylinder vacuum. If cylinder vacuum is bulky and heavy, in that case it is not convenient to clean the difficult parts in home. You need to know how much a vacuum need to weigh for convenient cleaning. Most of cylinder vacuums weigh 3 to 8 kg but some are more than this figure. A lightweight cylinder vacuum cleaner can provide efficient cleaning.

Other Considerations

  • Energy Efficiency. Every vacuum must utilize energy less than 900W, however some use less than this. Having less power consumption benefits you for your electricity bill and also the environment.
  • Bag cost. You must know the cost of a bag if you want to buy a bagged vacuum. The vacuums with a bag are usually cheap, however the expensive bags can increase your recurring cost. You need to be careful with the price of a bagged vacuum.
  • Warranty. The vacuum with longer warranty shows that the manufacture has trust on its product. You need to check the warranty of the vacuum as well as its attachments or parts.
  • Tools and Accessories. A vacuum becomes more useful if it has attachments like dusting brush, an upholstery nozzle, and a crevice tool.

Cylinder vacuum is useful for everyone weather you want to clean the dust or remove the pat hair form your home and carpets:

1. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner from Shark family

Our testers have reviewed that the easiest vacuum to clean is the one without a bag. The benefit of a bag less vacuum is that you can just empty the bin like other cordless vacuums. This vacuum also has less noise than others tested by us. The important features of this vacuum includes 8.4 kg weight, 1.6 litres of bagless capacity, and 800 W and 9m long cable.

2. Cylinder Vacuum from Henry

Henry vacuum is famous for its economical price and ionic design. It has reliable cleaning, easily picked dust, talcum powder, and crumbs while the testing phase. However, its suction power is not stronger. It has power more than the expected one which is not good for vacuum, such that it has 620 W power. It also includes a 10 m long cord so that you can easily move from one room to another. It has a longer hose which is 2.2 m, so it can easily clean space under furniture. Its important features include 7.5 kg weight, 2.2 m hose, 6 litre suction capacity, 10 m cable, and 620 W power.

3. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner from Dyson

This vacuum has a strong suction power that can remove pet hair from each and every kind of floor. It has a body that lifts itself up and is one of the top cylinder vacuum models. This is sleek just like a Dyson vacuum. It has 1.8 litre capacity which is less than a bagged vacuum but is quite easy to empty. Its important features include a 6.5 m cable, 600 W power, 1.8 litre capacity, and 7.9 kg weight.

4. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for pets from VAX family

Vax cylinder weighs just 4.7 kg and is one of the best and portable vacuum. You can easily take it across the stairs. You can easily carry it anywhere because of its sleek design. Despite being sleek it has 800 W power and average suction capacity. If you are looking for a vacuum for flats, small home you can get this one.

This vacuum comes with an HEPA filter. HEPA is the best filtration system and a vacuum can have this filtration technology for removing the pet hair, dust and larger particles. Some of the important features include of this model includes 4.7 kg weight, suction capacity of 2.5 litres, 1.5 m hose, 800 W power, and 6m cable.

5. Horsepower Cylinder Vacuum from Miele

This vacuum comes with 800 W power that travels through a motor and gives strong suction. This is one of the best vacuums which can be controlled through foot controllers. You do not need to bend to adjust the power of suction.

Miele vacuum is recommended for use due to the super airclean filter system of the machinethat helps to remove even the small dust particles and according to the manufacturer, almost 99 percent of allergies with its filtration system (HEPA filters) can be removed. Its important features are its 7.3 kg weight, 890W power, 4.5 litre capacity, 10 m cord, and 1.8m hose.


The category of cylinder vacuum is much better than most of upright vacuums. It is a mistake to neglect it due to its old-fashioned design. These machines work best when you need to clean hard floor and have small home. They are flexible than most of upright vacuums that are powered with main power. However, they are not much convenient as compared to cordless vacuums.

This was a bit long article; you need to give it a thorough reading and learn the pros and cons of cylinder vacuums.