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Eufy RoboVac 11c


Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners - High Tech Solutions For 2022 2

iRobot Roomba 960


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Neato Botvac D7 Connected


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Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I was given the chance to try out five of the very best robot vacuum cleaners that are available here in the UK right now.

Let me tell you if there is someone who needs a little robot helping keep the house clean it is me. Two kids, two dogs and a partner who makes just as much mess as the kids can leave my floors looking like the floor of a circus!

I know that if you are reading this then you also want a little help or something that is just going to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Thankfully making your life much easier is what a robot vacuum is all about and they are pretty cool gadgets that once you have gotten used to one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Today we are looking at five different models. So no matter what kind of robot vacuum cleaner you are looking for or what your budget is, you will find the perfect one for your home just down below.

Eufy RoboVac 11c

Eufy BoostIQ

First up we have the Eufy RoboVac 11c which is actually one of the cheaper robot vacuums. The first thing that impresses you about this is just how cool, compact and sleek the thing looks.

The people who have designed this made it look like some kind of high tech gadget from the future. While it has a solid build to it, the weight is actually surprisingly light. The small design makes it great for getting into places like under the sofa and coffee table.


The idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner is that you can just let it do its own thing. So while this is vacuuming you can be doing something else like watching TV, changing the beds, having a glass of wine and so on.

You can connect this to your phone and you can have complete control over how it vacuums. You can set it on a very specific path or you can just let it wander around and clean any mess that it comes across.

You do this with your phone and the free app which is pretty cool and very easy to do. They have made this so that it is as easy to get the hang of as possible and while you have a lot of control, it keeps it very simple. If you have Amazon Alexa you can even tell that to make it clean which is awesome.

While it is easy to use and you can just press power and let it clean, it has different cleaning modes: edge, spot, and max. Max uses more power, but is great for stubborn messes, edge gets right to the edges of your room and spot is where it will focus on a particular area. I actually had fun messing with these modes.

The dust box that they have in here is one of the largest of any robot vacuum so you do not even have to worry about it getting full quickly.


What makes this one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners is the power that it has. The way that the Eufy RoboVac 11c works is with a three-way attack on dirt and mess.

It, of course, has the powerful suction, but it has a rolling brush that works well on carpet as well as hardwood floors. It also has these side brushes that pull any mess they come across into the path of the main brush roll.

It is a really smart system and I tested it out all over the ground floor of my house so it did carpet, hardwood floor and vinyl in the kitchen. There was nothing it could not handle and my kids had Lucky Charms for breakfast so there was a nice amount of soggy mess to test this with.


We also have two dogs and I was interested in how it would handle pet hair. Well, I am happy to tell you that it picks it up no problem. Not only does it pick up pet hair and other mess, you do not have to worry about a bunch of dust getting kicked out all over the house as the filtration system in here is top of the line.

Speaking of top of the line, this is one very smart device. It can detect if there is an obstacle in its path, if it is going to fall over, and even take itself back to the charging dock when it needs to be charged. It really is like something that the crew on Star Trek would use.

I feel that the Eufy RoboVac 11c is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market right now. It is very, very easy to use and it can handle any kind of mess your family can throw at it.

iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960

Ok so first thing, do not just focus on the near £800 price tag. The iRobot Roomba 960 is regarded as the Ferrari of the robot vacuum world. To say I was excited to get the chance to test this out is a huge understatement.

Once it arrived and I opened the box I was surprised at the size of this thing. It is far larger than I thought it would be which is great as it means it will cover more ground. It has a really high quality and impressive feel to it.


The first thing that we have to talk about is the power. This is currently the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaner on the market. It claims to have five times the power of its closest rival!

The suction on the iRobot Roomba 960 really is phenomenal, but it is not just this that makes it so good at cleaning your floors.

It has a multi-surface brush which they say can handle any surface and let me tell you, I tested this on every single room of my house. From the living room, the kid’s bedrooms and the upstairs hallway that has so much dog hair you would swear a werewolf lives there!

It picked up everything! It even manages right to the edges thanks to the side brushes.


While the iRobot Roomba 960 is very high tech, it is also very easy to use. It has a long running time or around 75 minutes and it will go and charge itself when it needs to. You can just press a button and let it go clean randomly or you can use the app and take complete control of it.

The iRobot HOME App is awesome and lets you set it on a cleaning schedule so that it works while you are at work. You can set it to do a specific room or you can make it clean a really specific spot that is pretty messy.

The app is great, but Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can also be used. After a few uses, you will realise what the best cleaning mode for your home is and then you will notice the amount of time you spend vacuuming each week is next to nothing as this does it all for you.


I know I said that this is large, but the thickness is rather thin. It managed to get right under my sofa which was great as well as the kid’s beds and I do not even want to think about what it found under there.

Whatever it picks up, you do not have to worry about it getting spat back out as this can trap over 99 percent of the rubbish that it picks up. This means that no nasty dust particles are going to be floating around your house when it is done.

I am the kind of person who loves to mess around with my gadgets and that is what I did, but you do not have to do that. You can keep it on the same cleaning schedule all the time and that is great.

The ease of use I think is what makes this so popular. Also, it is able to hold a lot of rubbish before you need to think about emptying the mess which could not be any easier to do.

I know that the iRobot Roomba 960 is not cheap, but if you want the most powerful robot vacuum, this is it. It sucks up so good and it can get into all kinds of nooks and crannies.

I also love how it gives you complete control over it so you can get really specific with how you want it to clean. If the price is no barrier then I do not think there is a better robotic vacuum on the market right now.


ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum – Best Budget Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE A4s is one of the most interesting robot vacuums and it always appears on best robot vacuum lists. As of right now, this is the cheapest robot vacuum on this list, and this price tag is what makes it one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners around.


Rather than using an app like the first two we have looked at, the ILIFE A4s comes with its very own remote control. It makes it very easy to use and while you may think that as it does not have an app, you will not have as much control over it, this is not actually true.

You can still program it to clean a specific room at a certain time and then it will go back to its charging dock once the cleaning is all done. So even at this more modest price point, you are getting a lot of technology.

The ILIFE A4s has different settings that you can play around with and use to make sure your floors get the best cleaning possible. The cleaning modes are auto, spot, edge, and MAX, and I liked having the different modes.

For example one morning before school my youngest decided that the kitchen floor needed to share his Cookie Crisp cereal. The ILIFE A4s on spot mode was able to do that general area where the disaster happened and it cleaned it all up.

MAX mode uses up more battery life, but it kicks the power up a notch and is great for not just stubborn areas, but I found our thick carpet in the bedroom was better cleaned when it was on MAX mode.


I am really impressed with this robot vacuum. I think people may look at the price and just assume that it is not as good as the rest, but that is very unfair.

The suction power may not be as high, but I found that it still gets the job done, it just takes a little longer to do it. It actually will change the amount of suction power it is using depending on the kind of floor it is cleaning.

It is packed with sensors so it knows if a wall, chair or even the stairs are in the way. It is very smart, so smart it may become self-aware and take over your house! In all seriousness, the ILIFE A4s is a fantastic little robot vacuum cleaner and it will certainly make your life a lot easier.

I set this thing off to just go and do a general clean of the downstairs while I was at work and was very happy with the results when I got home.


The filtration system and the amount of rubbish it can hold are both impressive. I have dust allergies and never once noticed this kicking out any kind of dust particles. Even getting rid of the mess in the bin is made super easy.

If you are on a tighter budget, but still want a robot vacuum to help cut down on the amount of time you need to spend vacuuming, you cannot go wrong with this.

I think that for the price, you are getting a fantastic deal here and once you figure out the right cleaning mode for your house you will be very impressed with the job that it does.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato Robotics D701

Now, this really took me by surprise. The Neato Robotics Botvac D7 has a very interesting design. When you look at the other robot vacuum cleaners on this list, while they may all be a different size they are all that same circular shape.

The Neato Robotics Botvac D7 though is in a D shape and the idea here is that it can better get into your corners. Now, this is currently being sold as one of the more expensive models on this list.


Neato Robotics has made the Botvac Connected so that you have as much control of it as possible. You connect it to your phone or tablet and from there you have complete control over it.

You can set it on a specific path if you want a certain room cleaned or you can just let it wander and clean as it sees fit. What is cool about this is that while it has sensors to detect objects, you can actually tell it not to go to specific areas.

It does this as it actually maps out a room as it cleans and it will tell you where it cleaned and where it did not. This is really cool and eventually, you will get the hang of programming it so that it can clean all those annoying areas.

You can have it on a lower power energy saving mode which has an incredible 2 hour run time which is longer than any other robot vacuum I have used.


You can also crank up the power which eats up more battery, but delivers a more powerful clean. While it has more than enough battery power to clean a whole floor of your house, it can find its way back to the battery charging dock when it needs to.

Let’s say you are at work and you remember that you have some people coming over, but you know that the floor is covered in Smarties, dog hair and god knows what else! Well, you can program the Neato Botvac Connected D7 from your phone to clean the house even when you are not at home.


So while the technology that lets you control this is great, what about the actual cleaning? Well, I was very impressed. Thankfully the day I opened this up one of my dogs was shedding really bad.

So there was a nice amount of dog hair right next to one of the sofas. This thing picked it all up with ease and it did not even kick out any nasty dust which I was happy about.

From carpet to the hardwood floor, the Neato Botvac Connected D7 was able to handle anything that my family threw in its path. I must admit, I did not think the D shape would make much difference, but I did notice that it managed to get much further into the corner of our living room which is kind of a weird shape.

I must admit that the asking price is rather high, but I really do think that the Neato Botvac Connected D7 is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners I tested out. It has a funky shape that helps with cleaning and the way you can use the app to get really specific with the way it cleans comes in really handy.

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Last, but by no means least we have the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner which is really right in the middle when it comes to the price range of the robot vacuums we have looked at. One thing I found out was that it quite often goes on sale so keep an eye out for that.


Once I took it out of the box and got it ready for action, I was surprised at the size of it. It is nice and solid and has a really high-quality build to it. I was very, very impressed with the excellent job Deik has done here in terms of the overall design.

At this price, I was not sure about the power, but the first time I tested it out, it came back with a ton of dirt, dust, dog hair and a few other things I am not really interested in knowing what they are.

It comes with a little remote control so that you can get it running which is very easy to do. You can program it to clean at certain times and you can also pick one of the different cleaning modes that it has.

For example, you can send it on a general clean of one room, or if there has been a major disaster with the morning cereal, which in my house happens at least once a week. You can tell the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner to focus on that spot.

Using a remote control and not an app clearly does not give you the pinpoint control you have with some of the more expensive modes, but to be honest, you can still have this cleaning the whole house with very little effort.


This is a more updated version of this particular vacuum cleaner and one of the things that the folks at Deik did was improve the sensor.

Never once did I notice it bang into the wall, coffee table or see it get stopped by a rug. It is a very smart little robot and I honestly think that turning it on, putting it in a room and just letting it do its thing is probably the best way to let it clean.

It really will make your life a lot easier and even if you think the floors are clean, if you send this out, you will be amazed at what it can find.

The side brushes, the strong but gentle brush roll, and the powerful suction all work together very well and I found nothing in my house, even the nasty matted dog hair, was too much for it to clean up. It may take a few going overs for some really bad messes, but I think no matter what it is, you will find that this can clean it up.

Out of the five robot vacuum cleaners I tested I would say that the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner at first glance is the most basic, but I think this could be to its advantage.

I say this because it is so easy to use that anyone could use this, it is very simple and best of all it does a really good job of cleaning up the mess from your floors so you get to spend less time vacuuming.

Why Your Home Needs A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While I have reviewed what is regarded as the five best robot vacuum cleaners, I also want to share with you what makes having a robot vacuum cleaner so good and also a couple of things to watch for.

They Make Your Life Easier

They Make Your Life Easier

I said this a few times during the reviews, but it is true. I am not saying that a robot vacuum cleaner is going to make it so you never have to break out the regular vacuum from the cupboard.

However, it is greatly going to lessen the frequency of the number of times you have to vacuum as it will keep on top of the general, heavy traffic areas of your home. You do not need me to tell you that the less time you spend vacuuming the better!

Anyone Can Use Them

I know that for some people the thought of connecting a little robot to a phone or tablet sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. But all robot vacuums are made to be as easy to use as possible.

Some come with a remote and they are great and some use Wi-Fi and allow you to control them when you are not even in the house! It sounds very futuristic, but they are so easy to use.

What is cool is that eventually, you will figure out what room needs what kind of clean and really be able to get the best out of it.

They Are More Affordable Than You Think

Ok, so a couple of the ones that I reviewed were of the high-end variety and they have a high price tag. Robot vacuums though have really come down in price and more and more companies are throwing their hat in the ring.

I would advise that instead of just buying the cheapest one, you look for sales and these things do quite often end up on special offer.

Tough To Reach Spots Become Easy

Tough To Reach Spots Become Easy

In order for me to clean under the sofa, I would either have to move it or get my partner to lift it. Both of those things were way more hassle than I would have liked especially asking my partner to help.

Robot vacuums are made to be as slender as possible with getting under sofas and coffee tables and even beds in mind. It makes things so much easier and ensures that there is not a huge pile of dust and dirt building up under there.

Also, your robot vacuum cleaner will not give you a load of cheek like the kids or your partner will when you ask for help!

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You Can Tell It To Clean When You Are Not Home

Ok, so this is only true for the ones that work via Wi-Fi and use an app.

However, it is really cool to be able to fire up the app and set the robot vacuum cleaner off in the living room because you have company coming over or maybe because you forgot to do it before you left or maybe because you just like feeling like a big shot as you have the power to tell a robot to clean your house from your phone!

In all seriousness, this comes in handy more times than you would think.

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A Lot Of Power In A Tiny Body

When you look at a robot vacuum you at first think about how weak it must be as it is so tiny.

These though are made very, very cleverly and to be honest, while the suction power may differ from model to model, the way they all work is very similar as they tend to have a main brush roll, side brushes and then the suction part.

Some may clean up a mess quicker than others but when I set it to clean something, it always got cleaned up, even the less powerful ones managed.

Very Smart

The technology is getting better and better, but even now robot vacuums are very smart.

You do not have to worry about them taking a tumble down the stairs, repeatedly banging into a wall or drinking the bleach from under the sink. Robot vacuums are made to clean and clean with as little help from you as possible.

What To Watch For

There are not many negatives that I can think of when it comes to a robot vacuum cleaner. But look for things like the battery life as that can really differ between models. Most give you at least an hour, but some can give double that!

Also, have a look at how much mess they can pick up before you have to empty them. Speaking of that, filtration is something that I think is important.

Most robot vacuums have high-quality filtration systems in them, but look to see if you have to replace them or just clean them yourself.

What Is The Best Robot Vacuum?

eufy robovac 11c is my top pick

I was not disappointed with any of these and I really think that it boils down to your budget.

The iRobot Roomba 960 is most certainly the most powerful and the industry standard bearer, but I know that price tag puts it out of reach for most people. However, if money is no object, go for the Roomba.

However, taking everything into consideration I would say that the best value for money is the Eufy RoboVac 11c. It has a lot of power, can hold a ton of dirt and the app is awesome and lets you get really specific with how you want it to clean.

Plus it is less than half of the price of the Roomba so I think I would have to say that is the best robot vacuum out of the ones that I tested.

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