Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Review

BISSELL vacuum cleaner is designed by an American manufacturing company that designs cleaning appliances. They have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners including handheld cordless vacuum cleaners heavy corded upright vacuums and others. They have low-cost vacuums and they have a very low recurring cost. Some of their vacuums are bulky and clean all the larger particles while their design makes them look cheap.

BISSELL vacuum cleaner were accidentally designed when Anna the wife of Melville R. Bissell was looking for the easiest way to clean the dust from the floor in 1876. They started the BISSEL brand with a simple sweeper and then they designed a carpet vacuum cleaner. All the products of BISSELL are targeted towards pet owners as their wide range includes vacuum, Argos Bissell vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, hard floor steam cleaners, and air purifiers.

You have an open choice to select a vacuum that suits your cleaning needs. We have reviewed two of the Bissell brands for our readers.

Bissell vacuum cleaner

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Upright Vacuum

People who own pets in their homes must buy BISSELL pet hair eraser turbo upright vacuum. Its cyclonical cleaning system and a bristle brush head give you the best performance to clean all the pet hair and do not affect your carpets and furniture.

As compared to other brands its suction power is low which is 7 amps. However, it is cheap and provides good performance in removing all the pet hair. People who use it really like it that way. Such performance at a low cost is good enough for home cleaning of pet hair from carpet and low and high areas of your home.

This turbo pet hair eraser comes with a few attachments including a 2-in-1 pet dusting brush, a pet turbo eraser tool, and an LED crevice tool that is also designed to remove all the pet hair. It also has a brush head that you can rotate to easily clean the surface, you can also clean your stairs, bed, sofas, and other shelves using the bristles attached. It also includes a system to remove all the allergic particles and remove the pet odor as you clean your pet hair.

This turbo eraser hair cleaner also includes an extension wand. Our professional study says that it is not easy to use in real as it is difficult to clean the surface under the furniture. The design of the vacuum is not reliable and is heavy to handle. It is not the best tool to clean underneath surfaces. It is also difficult to operate as it is designed on the upper side of the stick.

What Comes with a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Upright Vacuum?

There is a pet turbo eraser tool given with Bissell pet hair eraser turbo upright vacuum, 2-in-1 pet dusting brush is also included in the package along with an LED lighted Crevice tool.

There is a spinning brush attached to the pet turbo eraser tool that can be used to easily remove the pet hair from furniture and stairs or cat towers. This brush includes two bristles; one of them is to clean shelves and upper places to remove the pet hair. A long tube is given in form of a Crevice tool that helps you to clean the areas underneath furniture.

The cost of BISSELL pet hair cleaner turbo upright vacuum is $247 which is much more affordable than Dyson Ball Animal 2 which costs $500. However BISSELL pet hair vacuum is of the same price as WindTunnel 3 which has high-quality performance and costs only $240. This cost gives you a vacuum and three separate parts. Another option is to purchase 3-in-1 vacuum parts for stairs for just $40.

Best for:

  • Clean pet hair and remains.
  • Those who have allergies can use it.
  • Those who want quality vacuums for heavy use.

Not suggested for:

  • Cannot clean shelves and upper parts of the home or office.
  • Makes a lot of unnecessary noise.

BISSELL PowerForce Helix

BISSELL powerforce helix is one of the best vacuums that works best on carpet cleaning. You can adjust this upright vacuum in five levels that allow you to clean the shelves and change the brushes according to your surface height. This is super helpful if you have a mixed type of home or office floor. BISSELL vacuum gives high-quality cleaning on low pile carpet and has sucking power to clean sand, pet hair, as well as baking soda. It also has a low recurring cost due to its bagless design and filter to clean the motor. You also do not need to empty it frequently as it has a high storage capacity. It is portable and lightweight. You can hold it easily and carry it to the office as well. The wands given in BISSELL Vacuum also help to clean small areas. You can attach soft brushes or crevice tools to clean small areas. The negative point of the BISSELL vacuum is its large design as you cannot take it anywhere. It cannot be turned anywhere you want, you need to hold the whole vacuum to turn it.  It has average equality brushes, wheels, and a bin.

Compared to other brands

  • Not much costly. BISSELL is much affordable and has much to offer to the customers. They have a wide variety of Vacuum appliances.
  • They do not require a bag. Most BISSELL vacuums come with filters that you can wash and reuse which cuts the recurring cost.
  • They are best for cleaning pet hair. BISSELL vacuum easily cleans the pet hair. They can easily remove all the hair of every animal kept as a pet at your home or office.
  • They are lightweight as most BISSELL parts are made with plastic. This also makes them affordable as compared to rivals. However, their design with plastic makes them look cheap.
  • They give a satisfactory cleaning performance on the floor. Only some of the BISSELL vacuums have passed our test on bare floors to clean them properly. They cannot suck heavy particles such as food.
  • They do not involve any specialized tools. BISSELL vacuums use low-quality brushes and tools in vacuums that limit their performance and cannot meet all the cleaning needs such as cannot clean the shelves.


Bissell vacuums are not much costly and you can buy them easily. However, buying Bissell vacuums might sacrifice your cleaning performance, the quality of products, and the life span of the vacuum appliances. As compared to shark vacuums they are bad in quality and also not satisfactory in cleaning every kind of surface. However, they are affordable. You can go with a BISSELL vacuum if you can compromise on the performance and quality of the vacuum.