Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners UK: Compare These Shark Hoover Reviews

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners UK: Compare These Shark Hoover Reviews

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: DuoClean TruePet Corded Stick | Best Overall Choice: IF260UKTH Cordless

best shark vacuum cleaner uk

Shark have quickly grown to become one of the UKs most popular vacuum cleaner brands. Their wide range of cordless and corded models ensure that there is a Shark vacuum to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Sharks popularity has been helped with the addition of advanced technology to their vacuum cleaners. DuoClean and Flexology are just two of these technologies, and they work together to ensure your home gets the most efficient cleaning possible. The battery life in Sharks cordless range improves with every generation, and the latest model – the IF260UKTH – has a 60 minute run time, which matches the run time of the latest Dyson cordless model.

Today, we will be having a closer look at four Shark vacuums that I believe are the best on the market. There are two cordless models and two corded models. Three of these models are stick vacuums, and there is one upright vacuum.

Traditional upright vacuums are taking more of a back seat in the UK, with stick models becoming the most popular type. This is due to the versatility of stick vacuums, which can be converted to handheld variations. The upright vacuum on this page is also versatile, thanks to another of Sharks technologies, the Lift-Away canister.

Read on as I attempt to help you find the best Shark vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Top-Rated Shark Vacuums Of 2019

 NameImageLearn MorePriceWeight (kgs)
Best Overall

Shark IF260UKTH Cordless

shark if260ukth duoclean cordlessview prices
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Shark DuoClean Cordless

shark duoclean cordless top pickview prices
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Best Budget

Shark DuoClean TruePet
Corded Stick

shark duoclean corded stick true petview prices
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Shark DuoClean
Powered Lift-Away

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Shark IF260UKTH Review – Best Overall

shark if260ukth duoclean cordlessThe Shark IF260UKTH is the latest model in Shark’s cordless vacuum range. It is an impressive machine, with improved battery life, DuoClean and Flexology technologies, and a fully-sealed filtration system. While it is certainly not cheap, if you are looking the best Shark vacuum cleaner then this is most definitely it.


Although the IF260UKTH is the most advanced Shark vacuum on the market, they have done a great job at keeping the weight down. It tips the scales at 4kgs, making it the lightest in the Shark cordless range. It is also perfectly balanced and very easy to use.

The IF260UKTH is a deep red colour with grey/black trims. As with all of Sharks cordless models the main wand can be removed, converting into a handheld vacuum for cleaning tight spaces.


The Shark IF260UKTH cordless vacuum comes with Sharks patented DuoClean and Flexology technologies. These two technologies work together to create a more efficient cleaning machine.

The DuoClean head features twin brush rolls. The soft brush roll is ideal for cleaning hard floors, while the bristle brush roll is perfect for cleaning deep in your carpets. The soft brush roll is in place of the cleaning head front wall, ensuring that large debris is pulled into the vacuum rather than being pushed along the floor.

Flexology is another of Sharks technologies, and it is basically a hinge in the middle of the wand. When you release the catch on the hinge the vacuum can bend, which makes it easier to clean under low furniture. The IF260UKTH can also fold in half thanks to Flexology, ensuring that you don’t need as much space to store the vacuum.

Read a full review of the Shark IF260UKTH here

Charging and Run Time

if260ukth has duoclean and flexology technologiesThe Shark IF260UKTH comes with two rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries which last for 30 minutes each, giving you a total run time of 60 minutes. This is a great improvement over previous Shark cordless models and matches the run time of the latest Dyson cordless.

The batteries are removed from the machine to charge, which means you can always have a spare one ready to swap when you need more cleaning time. This is one of the advantages over Dyson cordless vacuums, where the battery is sealed into the unit.

Each battery for the Shark IF260UKTH takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge.

Filtration and Accessories

The Shark IF260UKTH cordless vacuum has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal system along with a washable HEPA filter. This ensures that every particle that gets sucked into the machine, be it dust, pollen, or other allergens, is directed through the filtration system. This is essential if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, as it means that dust and allergens from the vacuum do not get released back into the air.

This Shark vacuum comes with a number of accessories and tools. There is a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a dust and allergen brush. It also comes with a double charging dock and charger, along with two batteries as standard.

The Shark IF260UKTH is not just one of the best Shark vacuums, in my opinion, it is one of the best vacuums on the market. With longer battery life and anti-allergen technology, as well as DuoClean and Flexology, Shark have produced a vacuum cleaner to rival the latest Dyson and replace your main vacuum cleaner.

Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum With Flexology

shark duoclean cordless with flexologyThe Shark DuoClean Cordless is a powerful vacuum cleaner that gives you ample space to work in. Since it’s not tethered to a cord, your working radius can stretch as long as the battery lasts per clean (and it sure goes a long way).

It comes in four varieties, ranging in prices — single battery, single battery with pet power brush, twin battery and twin battery with pet power brush. The single battery variety is the basic and the second least expensive of the four cleaners in the range. A heavy-duty, lightweight vacuum cleaner, the Shark DuoClean Cordless has several exciting features to offer and is my number one best Shark vacuum.

What’s Good About It?

  • DuoClean Technology: This cordless stick vacuum comes with a unique DuoClean technology which uses two brush rolls simultaneously to remove three types of dirt and messes from your carpet and hard floors. It can easily clean small and large messes, in one swift sweep of the vacuum, as well as stubborn layers of dust that have gathered over a period of time. While cleaning, it also tries to restore the original shine of the floor. Click here for a full review of the Shark IF250UK vacuum.
  • Converts to Hand Vacuum: It can easily be converted into a convenient hand vacuum so you can clean higher surfaces. There are parts in your house that require you to work more closely than from a distance, using a long stick. With a handheld device, you can give tabletops, stairs, soft furnishings, etc. a better clean than by using a longer stick. The wand has a quick release so it can easily change into a more accessible device and you can get to all the tricky corners using the various onboard tools for different kinds of dirt.
  • Carpets to Hard Floors: The device moves from carpets to hard floors without any trouble. You don’t have to stop and change settings to clean different kinds of surfaces. The second soft roll brush takes care of this, so you can deep clean continuously without changing heads.
  • Get All the Corners: The wand employs a ‘Flexology’ technology which allows it to bend and go into corners and crevices you cannot reach by hand. It bends on its own so you don’t have to. You can clean underneath sofas, behind shelves, etc. The quick release extended wand also makes cleaning curtains and light fittings extremely easy.
  • Store Anywhere: This Shark vacuum is extremely easy to store. Since its a cordless stick vacuum, there are no untidy wires jutting out. With just one click of a button, you can fold down the wand, making the hoover half its size. The cleaner is free-standing, so you don’t need storage hooks or need to prop it against a wall — it can be parked anywhere in your house.
  • Charge Anywhere: The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be charged anywhere. You don’t have to fix it to a single charging station. The batteries can be removed and charged overnight or even in situ. They are also compatible with any outlet in your home. You can also purchase additional batteries to ensure it never runs out mid-clean. A single battery has the run time of 22 minutes after charging for 3.5 hours.
  • Clip-Ons: This Shark vacuum comes with a 20 cm crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush. At 4 kgs, it is a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Shark DuoClean TruePet Corded Stick Vacuum

shark duoclean corded stick true petThe Shark DuoClean TruePet Corded Stick vacuum cleaner is the cheapest of all the three shark vacuum cleaners I am mentioning. It’s perfect for pet cleaners and can go into difficult, dark corners of your room and still not let any pet hair get away. The wand employs Flexology, like the previous product. It can bend easily under low lying furniture and odd corners so you don’t have to bend.

You can also purchase an additional pet power brush to make your vacuum even more effective and deep cleaning. It also employs HEPA filtration, so you can be assured that you’re breathing more hygienic air once the hoover has done its job. Take a look at its features!

What’s Good About It?

  • DuoClean Technology: This DuoClean technology is unique to Shark vacuum cleaners. There are two motorised brush rolls that work in the vacuum head. These brush rolls ensure that you can transition from carpet to hard floor without needing to change any settings or switching heads.
  • Triple Particle Cleaning: This Shark vacuum employs ‘triple particle cleaning’. The DuoClean can remove both large and small particles, as well as stubborn dust that has stuck on. It uses anti-allergen technology and HEPA filtration so you can breathe better. You can also illuminate dark areas with the built-in LED lights, to give you a better view of pet hair and small dust particles.
  • Flexology – Reach Anywhere, Store Anywhere: Flexology allows the vacuum to bend and reach underneath low lying furniture. You don’t have to exert your back so much, it does the job for you and reaches all the hard to access places. Flexology also makes it incredibly easy to store the vacuum. With a click of a button, the wand can be folded down and the compact, free-standing hoover can be stored anywhere in your home, without storage hooks or a wall to stand against. Read the full review of the Shark HV390UKT here.
  • No Loss of Suction: The vacuum claims that you can go from one room to another, change surfaces you are cleaning, etc. without any loss in suction power. At 4 kgs, it is a lightweight vacuum cleaner.
  • Versatile Cleaning: This Shark vacuum converts to a hand vacuum easily. With just a touch of a button, you can have better control of the cleaner right in your hand. You can use this mode for cleaning stairs, crevices, above the floor cleaning, etc. Onboard tools like a crevice tool and dusting brush are available with the cleaner. It also comes with an extra long 10-metre cord to reach light fittings and high curtains.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

shark duoclean powered lift away uprightThe Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away is a versatile upright vacuum cleaner that can be converted into a handheld vacuum when required. It has powered brushes that are extremely effective in cleaning stairs and under furniture. The DuoClean technology allows this upright vacuum to go from carpet to hard floor, without stopping or needing a setting change.

It holds a strong suction on carpets as well as hard floors and has enhanced effectiveness, thanks to its swivel steering. Its anti-allergen technology and HEPA filtration let you breathe easy and hygienically. Take a look at the main features.

What’s Good About It?

  • DuoClean Technology: There are two brush rolls working simultaneously in this hoover. The soft brush roll allows it to work effectively on hard floors, working well on stubborn, stuck-on dirt and at the same time, trying to restore the original shine of the floor. The second bristle bar works effectively on thick carpet fibres and gets the dirt out from deep within the carpet. You can go from one room to another without losing suction power or changing settings.
  • Triple Particle Cleaning: Clean small and large debris and stuck-on dirt with ease. Usually, you may have to change settings to clean all three kinds of dirt but DuoClean claims to be versatile enough to handle all three at once.
  • Lift-Away: Take your vacuum around with you, from room to room. This traditional upright vacuum can be converted into a portable, handheld vacuum in an instant. The detachable pod is lightweight and allows you to clean spots like the stairs, tabletops or other above-the-floor surfaces. With Powered Lift-Away, the vacuum is able to give power directly to the brush roll head. This allows the brush roll to rotate on its own power, without needing any suction.
  • Ease of Use: This upright vacuum has swivel steering and a handle designed to ensure easy and smooth movements. The vacuum head also has LED lights so you can illuminate dirt, pet hair and dust hiding in dark corners and concealed areas. It weighs 6.1 kgs. A full review of the Shark NV801UKT can be found here.
  • All-Round Cleaning: Complete with useful onboard accessories like crevice tools and dusting brush, you can expect to get an all-round deep clean. The extended reach of the vacuum cleaner allows you to reach high curtains, light fittings and hard to reach corners in the ceiling.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: The cleaner uses an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which can suck in and hold over 99.9% of minute dust particles and allergens. It is held in the dust cup and not allowed back into the air you breathe.

What to Consider Before Buying A Shark Hoover

Now that I have laid out all the special features of each of the Shark models you can consider, it’s important also to set criteria for your purchase. What are the things you should consider before buying? You may want to go over the details of each to make an accurate comparison and buy the product that fits your needs the best.

You may want to answer a few general questions before deciding:

  • How noisy is the vacuum cleaner? If it makes unnecessary noise without being just as effective as a cleaner, you should look for a quieter alternative.
  • Is it bagged or bagless? A bagless vacuum cleaner uses a dust cup and doesn’t require you to keep buying extra bags, while a bagged vacuum seals the dirt for you — both have their pros and cons.
  • What are your requirements? Assess what your home needs — you may need a specific kind of cleaner if you have pets, carpeted floors, thick upholstery, etc.
  • Does it use anti-allergen technology? If you’re prone to allergies, you may need to get a hoover that has a HEPA filter to ensure your house gets a deep clean of all potential allergens.
  • Is it lightweight? If your house has many levels or many rooms, it may be difficult to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner around. Investing in a lightweight cleaner is perhaps best.
  • How much space do you have? If you live in a small apartment, you could use all the storage space you can get your hands on. A large, cumbersome vacuum takes up too much space. A compact one may be a better fit for you.
  • Is it cordless? If the rooms in your house are large and with not enough power sockets, a corded model may be difficult to vacuum with. The working radius of the cord may not always be enough.

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The following are some of the specific factors you may want to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner:


Different vacuum cleaners may be useful for different things but do they serve the purpose for you?

A good vacuum should serve at least the following common purposes:

  • Carpets and Floor: The vacuum should be able to work efficiently on both carpeted floors and hard floors. If only part of your house is carpeted, you should be able to glide the device onto another surface without needing to change the settings. A model with a motorised brush is likely to work better on carpet fibres than one which is solely powered by suction.
  • Corners: The vacuum should be able to get tricky corners that are otherwise hard to get. Often stubborn dirt gets stuck in the corners of the room. The brush bar should be able to handle crevices.
  • Underneath Furniture: The handle should have some give or flexibility so you can bend it to reach surfaces under low lying furniture. If the handle of the vacuum is adjustable, it can get into tricky spots like underneath the sofa or behind a large bookshelf.
  • Above-Floor Surface: The hoover should be useful not only for the floor and flat surfaces like the carpet but also above the floor surfaces. If you’re cleaning at a higher level, however, you may need the handle to be shorter so you have better control. Ideally, one that converts into a handheld vacuum is best for cleaning tabletops, staircases and other above-the-floor surfaces.
  • Light Fittings, Curtains, etc.: The vacuum cleaner should be able to extend enough to clean higher surfaces, like tall curtains and light fittings. Either the handle should be extendable or the vacuum should at least come with an additional extendable wand for higher surfaces.

Price – Cheap, Expensive, Or Somewhere In The Middle?

Before buying anything, you need to set a budget. What is the most you’re willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner? If the one you like is outside your price range, try to assess what makes it expensive. Does it have additional features that could be useful to you? If you can do without those features, it’s best to stick to your budget and buy within a certain price range. It may also be helpful to ascertain how often you clean. Does it make sense to buy something expensive if you’re going to use it only once a month?

Ask yourself these questions to ascertain what your budget should be. Your search for the perfect vacuum will become narrower if you set a price range.

Unique Features

The products mentioned above all have some unique features that set them apart. But it is up to you to see if these features are useful to you or if they just sound great. Some useful features you may need in a vacuum cleaner are:


The most unique feature of the Shark DuoClean series is the flexible wand. With just a press of a button, the wand can shorten, become longer, bend to clean underneath low lying sofas, behind shelves, etc. All of the vacuum cleaners mentioned above can be converted into hand vacuums so you can clean surfaces above the floor too.

LED Light

Two of the vacuum cleaners mentioned above – Shark DuoClean TruePet and Powered Lift-Away have inbuilt LED lights so you don’t miss a single speck of dirt. Sometimes dirt gets accumulated in dark corners and crevices that don’t have any visibility. The LED light is extremely useful for those situations.

For Pet Owners

The Shark DuoClean TruePet is built especially for pet owners to get every strand of fine pet hair, even if it’s stuck deep within the fabrics of your carpet. The triple particle cleaning, available even in the other two vacuum cleaners, ensures the hoover picks up not only small and large messes but even stubborn dirt stuck on the floor or in crevices.


Only the Shark DuoClean Cordless models have the cordless flexibility of moving wherever you like. The cordless quality means you don’t have to look for a power socket in every room. You can simply clean all across the room without being tethered to a power socket. The batteries are detachable and can be charged easily either in situ or at any other power socket. This means if you want to charge the batteries overnight but your storage space does not have an electrical outlet, you can simply detach the battery and charge it elsewhere.


All these vacuum cleaners are lightweight and can potentially be carried around the house, even if they are not cordless. The Shark Cordless models and the Shark DuoClean TruePet Corded Stick all weigh 4 kgs. The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away is the heaviest at 6.1 kgs.

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All three devices come with add-ons like crevice tools and dusting brush.

Shark Vacuum UK Reviews – Final Thoughts

shark duoclean cordless top pickAfter looking at the features and benefits of these Shark vacuum cleaners, I would say the Shark IF260UKTH cordless is the top performer. It is incredibly lightweight and flexible, so you can clean underneath low lying furniture and in tricky crevices. It also has better battery life compared to the other models.

But what works for it the most is the fact that it is cordless. The power cord hinders movement, makes storage difficult and simply gets in the way of your cleaning. No matter how much of a working radius the cord has, it still sets a limitation on how far you can go.

Besides those basic features, it can also be converted into a handheld device so you can clean above-the-floor surfaces easily. The long handle does not have to get in the way of cleaning the kitchen worktops or tabletops or even stairs. It is compact and can be stored without the additional hassle of a long power cord.

Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive of all the vacuums mentioned. But the features it offers make it a worthy buy. The other vacuum cleaners are closer to each other in price but the cordless variety is only slightly more expensive than the others. If you’re spending a few hundred pounds already, a little extra for great benefits and flexibility does not seem like too much. My vote goes to the Shark IF260UKTH cordless.

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