Discover the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Many vacuum cleaners have been introduced in the last couple of years. These vacuums had their distinguishing features, and they made their mark as the best or worst vacuums to use.

All vacuums are designed differently. Some vacuums are corded or cordless. Some are lightweight or heavy. Some have less suction power, and some are strong. Some have dust bags connected, and some don’t have that. Depending on whether they have a particular part or not, vacuums are differentiated into various types.

Following that, some vacuums are classified based on their functionality. Some vacuums are great for homes; some are good for offices. Similarly, some are great for carpets, and some are good for hard floors. Following this, the type that we will discuss in this article is the pet hair vacuum cleaners. Just as the name suggests, these types of vacuums are classified as the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair UK.  We will discuss the features and functionality of the best pet vacuum cleaner UK in detail below. 

Why buy a pet vacuum cleaner?

We all love our furry friends, especially if it is a dog. They don’t demand anything from us, stay by our side, cheer us up, and are a great friend to have around. In other words, they are perfect with a small imperfection. They shed their fur a lot. On your sofas, on the carpets, on the rugs, wherever they go, they shed their hair, which is, in reality, a pain to clean. Especially the fur that gets stuck on rugs and carpets are the hardest to get out. The static electricity also plays a significant part and sticks the pet’s car tightly to carpets and upholstery. No matter what kind of brush you use, it doesn’t seem to get out at all!

For this, you need the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair UK with a strong suction power that will clean up your carpets in no time. Many types of vacuums, such as handheld vacuums, upright vacuums, HEPA vacuums, etc. were tested in the laboratories to find the best vacuum for pet hair UK.

A new line of best vacuum for pet hair UK was introduced with strong suction power to suck up pet hairs. Brushes were also attached to the nozzle’s front to scrap out the pet hairs and make it easier for them to be picked up. Other than that, dust caps attached to the pet vacuums are also easy to clean. Some advanced kinds of pet vacuum cleaners have special filters that trap odor and make the air fresher and cleaner. There are also some pet pee stain cleaners that remove pee stains from your carpets.

Extra features and accessories such as upholstery tools and brushes can also help a lot in cleaning pet hairs. Unique mechanisms and filters for the cleaning of unpleasant odors are also essential. It would be best if you ever considered your pet’s favorite place to hang out. If it’s the stairs, a lightweight pet vacuum model works best.

What do you need to consider when buying a pet vacuum?

There are many features that you can consider when you are buying the best pet hair vacuum. Your choice may vary depending upon the type of house you have or the type of pet you have kept. For example, some breed of cats and dogs shed more hair than others. Depending upon these, your choice of pet vacuum may change. The following are some of the critical points you should consider in order to buy the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

  • Bagless or Bagged Vacuum Cleaners: bagless vacuums are preferred because you don’t have to buy extra dust bags to change them frequently before or after cleaning. However, you will have to touch the debris you’ve collected, and it can worsen the allergies of surrounding people.

Bagged vacuums are better in the respect that when you’ve collected the hair and debris, you have to detach the bag and chuck it in the waste bin. However, it all falls to your personal preference for the type of vacuum you are comfortable with.

  • Attachments: various types of extensions provide different kinds of uses and enhance the pet vacuum cleaners’ functionality. Brush agitator is an essential feature that you should look out for while buying the best pet hair hoover. It helps out clean the dust from your carpet and loosens out any pet hair stuck in your carpets and rugs, easing the removal of pet hair.
  • HEPA filters: these are the filters that can clean 99.97 percent air from the smallest microbes of up to 0.3 micrometers and are a great feature to have in your vacuum cleaners. Especially if you have a pet in your home and one of your family members has a hair allergy, this is a convenient feature to have.
  • Price Range: If you try to find the best upright vacuum cleaner for pet hair at a cheap cost, the chances are that it will face maintenance issues only a few times after you have used it. The best pet hair hoover will be slightly costly, but it does not need to be an all-rounded one. Just a good vacuum cleaner with good suction power is all it needs. Price ranges may vary depending upon the type of vacuum cleaner you buy (upright, handheld, canister, robot, or stick models). A vacuum cleaner with more features will generally cost more.

Types of Pet Hair Vacuums

Many types of pet hair vacuums have flooded the market with their unique characteristics and features. They have a different mode of use and are great for different kinds of situations. They can be classified according to the type of floor you have in your house, whether you allow pets on your furniture or not, and how much your pet sheds.

There are five major types of pet vacuum cleaners that you can choose from. They are

  1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner: The canister vacuum’s motor and dust bag are present in a separate canister. Because of that, they have a powerful suction motor and a huge dust capacity, and you don’t have to clean it again and again. You can use the hose to clean hard-to-reach places easily. Maneuverability may be an issue because of its vast size, and you may have to plug and unplug the vacuum cleaner while moving among different rooms. You can say that out of all the types; a canister vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.
  2. Stick Vacuum Cleaner: for people who generally prefer lightweight models and want to cover many areas, stick vacuum cleaners are the best option for them. However, the suction motor power and the dust bag capacity are not that great, especially for pet hair. So this model is not the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.
  3. Upright Vacuum Cleaners: You don’t have to bend a lot while you are using the upright vacuum cleaner, and you can clean pet hair quite easily. Like canister vacuums, the upright vacuum cleaners provide many versatile features and come with a lot of attachments, which can make cleaning the pet hair easy. These vacuum cleaners are especially handy for older people or people with various kinds of injuries.
  4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: these vacuum cleaners are great if your pet jumps on the sofas and chairs. This smart model can easily clean the corners and surfaces of sofas and remove pet hair easily. Their suction power may not be that strong, but they can do light cleaning reasonably quickly. However, they are only used for a temporary clean up and not for full in-depth sweeping.
  5. Robot Vacuum Cleaners: they are the smart range of vacuum cleaners that can be set to clean the pet hair around the house. They do the job efficiently and will remove a significant amount of pet hair for you. However, you have to know that their efficiency is not a hundred percent, and you will have to clean the dust bag frequently.

Floor types

Pet Vacuum Cleaners are used for removing fur from the floor. However, every house has its different kind of flooring, and so the removal of pet hair also becomes different. While buying a pet vacuum cleaner, you should take good care of what type of flooring you have at your house to vacuum efficiently without causing any damages.

Some of the typical floor types are as follows.

  • Carpets and Rugs: for carpets and rugs, a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power should be used. In addition to that, a rotating brush should also be included so that it can unwind the pet hair easily and suck it. You can also look for a vacuum cleaner that’s the height can be adjusted so that you can reach hard-to-reach places easily.
  • Tiles and hard Floors: for tiles and hard floors, a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power and crevice tools will be just right. However, Brushes are not necessary as they would not be suitable for hard floors as it would leave scratches on them. That is why choosing a model ideal for your floor type is essential.
  • Furniture: If you can train your pets to not jump on furniture, then that would be the ideal situation. However, if that is not the case, you can choose a vacuum that can be converted to a handheld and has a crevice tool for cleaning cramped places. Suction, of course, remains very important.
  • Stairs: If you have stairs in your house, then a lightweight vacuum cleaner would be ideal. If you don’t want that, you can buy a vacuum cleaner with an extensible hose or cord so that it can reach high places easily without you having to carry them.

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Among the many models that have been released for removing pet hairs, the following are the best vacuums for pet hairs.

  1. Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner: this is the best upright vacuum cleaner for pet hair that is best for people with asthma or allergies. Its HEPA filter cleans the air from the tiniest particles, and its self-sealing bag prevents the dust from escaping. It has many accessories for a spotless house, and it has undergone several rigorous tests that make it the best of its line.  
  2. Hoover Telios Extra Pets Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: it has strong suction power, and it is great for all floor types such as hard floors or carpets. It is accompanied by many useful accessories. The length of the cord is longer than the others: 10 meters. So, you can easily clean the floors without having to plug or unplug them all the time.
  3. Henry Pet PET200 Bagged Cylinder vacuum Cleaner: this vacuum cleaner has been specially designed as a pet vacuum cleaner and does a great job. It has excellent charcoal activated MicroFresh filter, an ultra-long cord, and an adjustable floor head for all floor types, making this vacuum cleaner extremely desirable.

Is it worth buying a pet vacuum cleaner?

For people loving animals and having pets, the answer to this question is pretty obvious. Pet vacuum cleaners are different from regular vacuum cleaners. They have excellent suction power and a long cord to capture all kinds of pet hairs easily.

Several accessories such as upholstery tool, crevice tool, brushes, and other tools are great and increase the ease with which you can remove pet hairs. For people who are clean freaks and still want to have a dog or a cat as a pet, the presence of special pet vacuum cleaners is a great encouragement. Their price may be a little on the expensive side, but their various uses make every penny worth the effort.


And that’s all people. You have looked at all the great features of pet vacuum cleaners, and you know that the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair can reduce the amount of hair on your floors or your carpets. You also know now that you should not just buy a pet vacuum cleaner without considering all the crucial aspects. Therefore, when you buy a pet vacuum cleaner, it would be great if the above article will help you choose the right one. Happy shopping!