Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Not Picking Up Well? [solution]

All vacuum cleaners stop picking up dirt after a while and that is only because they need to be maintained and taken care of from time to time. With all the dust, hair, cotton strands and fluff, vacuum cleaners need some taking care of and Dyson vacuum cleaners are quite user-friendly when it comes to maintenance.

If your Dyson Vacuum not picking up dirt after a while, chances are that it might need some TLC.

With the vacuum being an integral part of your cleaning process, it is necessary to keep the machine clean but in the process of picking up dirt, it might have collected some dirt that needs to be cleaned up.

In most cases, the rectification can be done at home itself and you won’t be required to take the machine to the repair shop.

When too much dirt is clogged in the machine, the vacuum tends to stop picking up dirt. Try a few ways at home before rushing out so you can save time and money.

This is what you need to do if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt well:

Check The Roller

Dyson Vacuum Not Picking Up Well

If the machine is still working but the vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt, the roller could be the problem area. Unplug your cleaner and turn it upside down.

After using the vacuum for some time, the roller will clog hair, cotton strands and if you have pets, their hair will also get clogged up here.

If the vacuum is not cleaned on a regular basis, the roller will clog up. This will result in the vacuum cleaner not functioning properly.

Check The Filters

After you have checked the roller of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, check the filters as well.

The filters also need to be cleaned from time to time as they will gather dust which will weaken the vacuum cleaner’s strength to suck more.

You will have to check if your Dyson model is the one with reusable filters or disposable ones.

Dyson has filters that are reusable so you can take them out, clean them nicely and use them again. The will work just as efficiently the next time.

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To clean up a filter, all you have to do is wash it with hot water mixed with detergent. The water will look a little dirty first but as the filter cleans out, the water will become clearer.

After you are done cleaning these filters, you must let them dry completely, ideally overnight. Place them back in the vacuum cleaner in the morning.

Try and clean your filter once a month so the vacuum cleaner can function properly.

If you do it frequently, it won’t take up much of your time but if you keep putting it off, the job will become even more tedious.

If you have cleaned the filters and the suction is still not as it should be, it may be time to replace them. You can buy replacement filters for a good price on Amazon.

Check The U-Bend Pipe

This pipe is located at the back of your cleaner and can be detached. There are a few newer models where this pipe is transparent.

If the pipe in your model is opaque, pull it out and blow on one end. You will know if the device is clean or not by blowing into it.

There are also models where the U-bend pipe is transparent. Here, you don’t even have to pull it out to check.

After you have cleaned the U-bend pipe, you must attach the part back on to the vacuum cleaner.

Check The Side Valve

The side valve is located on the side of the machine. You can push a button and detach it from the main device. After you detach the valve, just blow on one side.

If you can feel air coming out on the other side, then great, if not, then you need to clean up this valve.

Check The Bristles

If your vacuum cleaner is not picking up, you must also check the bristles of the cleaner. The bristles are usually sharp but with time, they start wearing out.

You must ensure that they always look like a new toothbrush. Having equipment without clean bristles will slow down your process.

Check The Bin

Another thing you must do in order to make sure that your cleaner works, is to check the bin. Your vacuum cleaner has an area called the bin, which is attached like a pouch.

It has multi-lock systems that make it convenient to use. You must ensure that all its locks are correctly in place. So the best idea is to detach it and attach the bin portion again.

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Check The Hose

Check the external hose in detail to see if there are any clogged areas or anything that could affect the suction of that vacuum.

While you are at it, you must check the internal hose as well. In case there is any dirt, you will get a chance to clean them.

Check The Base

Check the base of your vacuum by removing the clear bin and checking the inspection port cover. If there are any blockages that need to be clear, clean them.

Also, take off the red internal hose collar for inspection. If there is any debris here or any blockage, remove it.

Check The Cleaner Head

To check if the cleaner head is causing a problem, remove the base plate to access the air passage. Firstly, take off the cleaner head by removing a ‘C’ clip.

Turn the cleaner head dials until they click and then you can place the cleaner head on its back. Lift up the top of the base plate, rotate it and lift it out.

After it is out, you can check if there is any blockage in this area that is needed to be cleaned.

For your vacuum cleaner to function well, make sure all the parts are well cleaned and you must take care of replacing any old parts as and when it is required.

Replacing parts is much cheaper than buying a new cleaner, so it is totally worth the money.

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