Gtech Air RAM Complete Review: Is it worth buying?

Gtech Air RAM Review
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GTECH Air RAM was made by an ex-Vax worker way back in the year 2002. The primary design of Gtech vacuums were cordless.Of all the cordless vacuums present on the market nowadays it has the best price of all which is £200. At this cheap price, it has many great functions as well.

This brand of vacuum has a collaboration with Air ram. Air ram was originally generated in 2012 which was the update of mk2 vacuum. It has a bulky head but still, it is so lightweight and easy to move on every floor. It is reliable and tested. You can buy it without any other thought. It will never disappoint you ever on the best prices. Gtech AirRam mk2 vacuum cleaner

The most lightweight and popular vacuum cleaner is the Gtech Air ram mk2 cordless vacuum. It has the best mobility features with the cheapest price and many other best features. This article has all the important information concerning this cordless vacuum which made it best of all.

Gtech Air RAM Vacuum Cleaner- Features

· Its Weight is 3.2 kg

· You can use it for up to 40 minutes

· Its charging time is 4 hours

· Its Bin volume is 0.8 liters

· It has the dimensions of 112H, 29.7W, 25.6cm

· Its Suction power is 22 volt

· It is Cordless

In 2016 it was launched with the best cheap prices and discounts as well. Gtech air ram mk2 K9 is the new model which has a vigorous design. It is created in the way that it can pick a tiny hair. Dust or the smallest dirt particle too.

Advantages: you can charge it for up to 40 minutes, a very handsome time. Its total weight is 3.2kg. as like you hold your bed and chairs you can hold them as well with the best and cheapest price.

Disadvantage: there is no attachment with this vacuum therefore you can’t clean narrow spaces.

Moreover, some people found it too soft and light.

Good things need time to complete. Few tests have also been made to put the right parts in the right place. Like many cordless vacuum machines, it has an empty battery that you can charge before using. It is noted that it took approximately 4 hours to charge. When it gets full green lights, it will show you that the battery is full, and it is ready to use. This feature is quite helpful. The charging lasts for two weeks once it is fully charged. Its usage time is excellent. It is best for use among all other cordless vacuums. Gtech AirRam K9 vacuum cleaner

Those people who have pets should buy this. It has a versatile and successful characteristic for pet lovers. It has standard features. Moreover, the other features include aluminous parts for cleaning the hard floors and the scented tab which you can replace from time to time that keeps your house fresh and smells good.

The best thing about it is that it is easy and simple to use. It has only one button to on and off right down the device. Although it may have some more power control buttons which make it more practical. For example, it should have some power buttons to set and help conserve battery life as well as also has some buttons to lessen its noise.

The design is like the regular use of a vacuum on which you place your foot on it, pull it over and move it and bring it to the right position for cleaning the floor. Air ram is the only one you can use for vacuuming floors Gtech does not supply these additional accessories.

It is known that performance and quality matters for a vacuum. For this purpose air ram, k9 is the best of all. It has a powered brush bar and a strong motor which works together to clean dust and dirt from floors and carpets. If you do a test cleaning, you’ll be surprised to observe that this is best for removing solid particles from the floor or carpet. There is no need to set a configuration for it.

The bristles on the power bar work efficiently on the floor and give a very clean and neat floor in turn. Its performance feedback showed that K9 is better than the standard air ram model. But with very close competition. However, when it comes to cleaning functions K9 is excellent with the best and cheapest price. If it is high in price, you’re not wasting money on it.

It has many mixed features. It is very lightweight. It has no wire to connect. It is very easy to move back and forth. However, the powerful brush smoothly moves along with the machine and cleans your floor. Side by side it is also unpredictable. Such as sometimes it feels tricky by moving it front and back, but it is very often or is not usually.


It is a great feeling to use a very light and easy to move Gtech vacuum cleaners. However, these smart, lightweight and cordless vacuums are powerful too. Like the air ram MK2, the Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners are award winners too.

There are many innovative and new features introduced in Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners. Along with all, mentioned above, another new characteristic of is Gtech cordless vacuum range is AirLOC technology. This technique is used to assure that nothing will go wrong and will easily pick up the dust and dirt particles from the floor and carpets. Moreover, the best feature of these cleaners is its cheapest price. You can buy it at a very cheap rate.

You can choose even a lighter Gtech cordless vacuum according to your choice. Its weight is 1.5 kg only. It has the characteristic of telescoping handle which is very helpful. Through this, you can use it effortlessly and it will give you the perfect cleaning facilities and services. And you will never find such great characteristics in reasonable and best prices anywhere.

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