Henry Accessories


Since 1979 Henry accessories brand serves our homes. It has a human-like face to help with its body. Henry comes with many different names such as Harry, Hetty, and James to serve domestic lives. Henry Hoover vacuum accessories don’t compromise on quality.

The Vacuum cleaners of Henry hoover have a vast variety and are reliable as well. Every badge has a different function and is made to perform a different task according to people’s needs. Here we are going to present the differences between the family of Henry.

For your floors and carpets, we present you to Henry Xtra. This Xtra model gives you relief from carpet dust and hair because of its excellent Airo Brush while with ProFlo dry floor thing your carpet will look as new as it was bought. These two tools are the main parts of the Xtra Henry vacuum with all other standard and great parts of Henry.

The second Henry type is Henry micro, the best friend for allergic people. Though it looks like an ordinary Henry but has a special Microtex filter which catches tiny dust particles in no time.

The standard Henry vacuum accessories is the series of Henry and Hetty. They provide you with the services of cleaning floors, skirting, carpet cleaning and many others with much ease.

henry accessories

Vacuum Parts and accessories

Henry parts and accessories are available easily for replacing. You can just gather quality dust bags for Henry Hoover. It is always ready to take care of your floor with fresheners, crevice tools and extension tubes. Good quality condition is its top priority.

If Henry hoover feels sick, you can find its spare, vacuum bags and accessories parts and fix it. After that, it is ready to serve you again as before.

Henry Accessories 1

Henry Pro Accessory Kit

If you want the most comfortable and easy cleaning results from your Henry Hoover here is a kit for you named Henry Prokit. It is so lightweight and powerful in use from the hard floor tool, and, of course, gives you relief from dust. With its Airobrush, hairs on the carpet can easily be picked. Even tiny hair or dust particles can easily be picked from Henry Hoover accessories. it can take dust from the places where other vacuum doesn’t work such as on the sofa, car seats, under the sofa, stairs and many more. Isn’t it good? It is amazing.

Key Features

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Warranty for 1 year.
  • Can be used for all members of Henry and Hetty.
  • If you have pets, then it is definitely for you.
  • Have a hard floor tool, Airbrush and Airbrush 140 as well.
  • Have excellent cleaning with a pro accessory kit


Henry hoover vacuum and accessories is the most reliable and best vacuum cleaner. In the UK, 20,000 pieces are sold per week whereas 10 million were sold out on their first appearance. Everyone has it and used it once in life due to its guaranteed results with amazingly reasonable prices.