Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

How to choose the Best Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

One may wonder why it is crucial to have the best handheld vacuum for a car. Every one of us spends much time in cars, and having a clean car is really important to maintain our health. Moreover, we may not know who will be the next person to sit in our car; therefore, it is all the more important to keep the car as clean as possible.

Significantly, the people who have kids and pets often need emergency vacuum cleaners, and the cleaners need to be ready for use in an instant. This is one of the most important reasons to have a reliable and powerful car vacuum cleaner with us. It will come in handy in situations like these.

What is HandHeld Car Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld car vacuum cleaner is also called as “Dustbuster.” The term has been used in some regions of the world because of its major success in design and worldwide recognition.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is called so because of its design specifically for the smaller spaces, making it pretty easy to preserve and clean the interior of your car and make it spotless. They are also easy to control as compared to household vacuums. Handheld vacuums for the car are mostly lightweight and cordless.

The corded cleaners need to be plugged into the house’s main power or into the cigarette lighter of the car. But as most of the best handheld car hoovers have a power source of a battery, they need an incremental charging source, which can be either the primary power source or any system with 12 volts.

Five things to consider before buying a car vacuum

A handheld vacuum for the car can be handy for car cleaning, but there is a significant point considered here. Which car cleaner will be right as per your needs? Do you need to get a wet vacuum cleaner or a dry vacuum cleaner? Should your cleaner have a cordless model of battery or a handheld one? Don’t worry, and we have got you a list of five things that need to be considered before you get your hands on a vacuum cleaner. Let’s see what you need to have in mind before hitting the vacuum aisle.

  1. Consider the runtime

The cordless car vacuums own a battery that can be recharged; runs for 20 to 30 minutes only. Therefore, you should check the available manual online before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Look up in the manual about how much time it holds the charge and see if it is enough to tackle your work. If it does not fit with your chores duration, then you should consider purchasing the corded model.

  1. Check the switches of the cleaner

Most of the handheld vacuum cleaners have a single control switch, that is, the power switch. But at times, it may be needed to hold down if you are doing difficult, tiring, or inconvenient work if you lack skill. Also, if you are going to do more than quick pick-ups from the car, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner with different speed levels.

  1. Test the weight and size of cleaner

If it is possible for you, you must check the powerful car vacuum cleaner for its size and weight in the store before buying. If it seems comfortable for holding and does not strain the wrists, it should be okay to buy it.

  1. Keep an eye for any helpful attachments

Some car vacuum cleaners come with rotating brushes that can be wonderful for picking up the hair of the car’s pet or carpets. Dusting the short hoses for accessories, crevice tools, or brushes can be done using the rotating brushes. Moreover, you can reach under the furniture using the brush if it comes with the model.

  1. A waste container is a must-have.

The waste containers come in different sizes and shapes. If your container is big, then it may not need to empty that often. But you should also look for a container that is not difficult to be removed. If the container is transparent and clear, it would be even better as you will know exactly when to empty the waste container.

For cordless and corded vacuum cleaners dilemma, here is some quick information to make the right decision. Corded vacuum cleaners are plugged into the electrical outlet directly, so you can use much power for high vacuuming efficiency. This saves time and gives a thorough cleaning experience. 

Cordless car hoovers are useful for any space where there are less debris and dirt to be picked up. Just buy one with fast charging and a long-lasting battery.  Best cordless car vacuum designs are readily available in the market at a reasonable price.

Dry Vacuum or Wet-and-Dry Car Vacuum Cleaners

There is a difference between wet and dry handheld car vacuum cleaners. The dry vacuum cleaner is the same as any other vacuum cleaner. It makes use of high suction power levels to suck up the dry messes like the debris and dust and clean the car. This stores the debris and dust in a dry container or a vacuum bag.

On the other hand, a wet car vacuum can be used for cleaning both kinds of messes – dry and wet- such as debris, dirt, or any spilled liquids. For this purpose, the two bucket system is used for the dry mess, and the other is used for the wet mess.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

The lightweight and compact, powerful car vacuum cleaners can be beneficial for having direct access to most of the car surfaces and good cleaning. Still, for cleaning the interior of the car with greater detail, you will need to have some cleaning attachments as listed below.

  • Crevice Tool purpose is to have one narrow and long tool for cleaning. The intention is to clean the corners, crevices, gaps, and edges well using the cleaner. Some of the crevice tools have the center section pretty flexible, which allows them to bend; clean the areas that are not easily accessible using the hard crevice tools.
  • Flexible Cleaning Hose is valuable for increasing the vacuum user’s access and cleaning those hard-reaching, eerie-looking areas that cannot be cleaned otherwise.
  • Dusting Brush has rows of bristles with a gentle touch tossing off the debris and dust present on the surfaces. It is then vacuumed using robust suction.
  • Pet Turbo Tool has a tiny brush roll that powers from the air turbine. When this brush roll rotates, it pulls the deeply embedded fibers, lint, hair, and any other dirt present. It is then vacuumed by the robust suction into the debris container. This specific tool is the favorite of many pet owners who vacuum their cars using it and use it for vacuuming the stairs, sofas, beds of the pets, and other same surfaces.
  • Upholstery Tool has the purpose of vacuuming the car seats, which are very sensitive and need to be deeply cleaned. It can also be used for the mats, which cannot be cleaned using the pet turbo tool. This tool might not be as thorough as the turbo tools are, as it does not have moving parts. However, it is very smooth to clean different surfaces along with the easy maintenance feature.

Many manufacturers offer a set of tools for cleaning along with their vacuum cleaners. These tools are very appropriate for vacuuming cars and homes. These manufacturers also give special kits for cleaning the car, which is valuable for cleaning of the vehicle in a lot more detail.

If you own a vacuum cleaner, but it does not have a feature like the cleaning tools, don’t worry. Many cleaning kits for the cars are available with standard attachments that can absolutely fit the cleaner you have. You just need to look for a cleaning kit for a vehicle that is compatible with your cleaner.

Some quick tips for using a vacuum cleaner

To get an understanding of how to use a car vacuum cleaner properly, here are some quick tips:

  • While you are cleaning the car using a handheld vacuum cleaner, do not forget to open the car’s windows and doors.
  • Remove the large objects and trash physically rather than the cleaner.
  • Before cleaning the car using a vacuum cleaner, remove any car accessories. You have to have a thorough cleaning.
  • Vacuum every nook and corner of your car’s interior.


This concludes the discussion of choosing the best handheld vacuum for a car. I hope that this article gave you the much-needed insight into different aspects involved in purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your vehicle.