Shark Vacuum Cleaners Review


Approximately 20 shark vacuum cleaners have been tested yet. It has a wide range of designs unlike the BISSELL and Samsung and includes so many varieties such as robotic vacuums, secondary handheld configurations and many more. It has cordless as well as corded designs. They have also a wide range in prices therefore you can buy the vacuum of your choice that fits your budget easily.

shark vacuum cleaners

Shark Rocket Pet Pro with MultiFlex IZ163H

The tests reveal that the best Shark vacuum cleaner is Shark Rocket Pet Pro with MultiFlex IZ163H. It is the best shark cordless vacuum cleaner. While the most advanced vacuum cleaner is a stick or handheld vacuum rather than the newer one. It performed outstanding performance on all types of floors. It can work greatly on bare floors as well as on low/high pile carpets. It has a HEPA filter and its bagless design and washable allergen-trapping keep its cost at the minimum level. It is also very easy to use on a surface of tight spots. It comes with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a clip-on hard bristle brush for sucking the dust and dirt particles. When you use it on high power boost mode after 10 minutes, its battery will be drained. However, when you use it in an energy-efficient setting its runtime will increase dramatically to a high level.

The shark vacuum cleaner does not include an on/off switch for brush roll so it might be stuck with the tassels of rugs. However, you can remove the brush roll from its floor head so that you can easily clean it and is easier to clean the tangled hair from it. Shark vacuum does not have a turbo brush in the box, which makes a vacuum cleaner clean the upholstered surfaces from a handheld configuration. Although the ultra-cyclone’s battery timing is very short and does not include a HEPA filter. So, in short Rocket Pet Pro is the best shark cordless vacuum that is tested so far.

Shark Canister Pet Vacuum Cleaner

A rare style that the manufacturer has made the shark vacuum cleaner is Shark CZ351 which is a canister-style vacuum cleaner. Shark used to manufacture the canister-style vacuums before it. During the test, it was revealed that shark canister pet CZ351 can do great function on both pile carpets and hard floors. It is really impressive. It has a unique brush roll which is made with bristles and fins which are flexible and helpful in deep cleaning with picking up the dust and dirt. It is a nice feature of the shark vacuum cleaner. Though it has two basic instruments, a service tool and an upholstery tool and their storage are somehow awkward.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

The people who live in a house which has bare floors, the best choice for them is Shark APEX upright vacuum. It can clean hardwood floors, tiles, small and bulky debris and many others with a bagless upright vacuum design. It does an excellent job by sucking up crevices and debris in cracks with a strong suction force at its floor head. Shark upright vacuum cleaner’s lift away design enables the user to pick up and carry its canister separately from the floor head like most the vacuums so that people can easily clean from the furniture or any other strong spots. Its HEPA filter can limit the spread of fine dust particles because of its allergen-sealed construction and onboard HEPA filter.

However, this shark Upright vacuum cleaner only has basic and few parts that can only do some regular cleaning, which is easy to access. Though it is easy to move, you can relate it to a cordless model just like shark vertex lightweight cordless. It is best for using easy to handle in narrow areas. Also, you can’t turn its brush roll off when it is stuck in some hairy rug or tassels of rugs.       

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus

Now let’s talk about Shark Ultra cyclone pet pro plus cordless and handheld vacuum, model CH951. It is a very lightweight machine for cleaning the house, car seats, cars, boats and offices with its lithium-iron battery-powered vacuum. It is also well suited to those people who have pets in their houses. It has a self-cleaning brush roll called a motorized tool which is specially designed to clean the hair of pets without tangling. We have tested all the vacuum features along with its motorized and non-motorized tools on a host of separate surfaces and debris.

Shark Cordless Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away

Shark cordless vertex pro-powered lift away is best for those who have many carpets in their house. They have impressive performance and can-do great function on low and high pile carpets. It has two brush rolls which are duo clean floor-headed bristles, one has a removable fluffy roller for cleaning the debris and cracks dirt and dust while the other brush roll makes it better clean for the surface of the carpet. However, its primary floor head bristles are not moveable, making it hard to clean the tangled hair. Its canister body can be separated by its whole body and its lift-way design allow you to pick it up easily through which you can clean the under area of chairs and tables. The battery function is also good as it allows you to keep it working on a single charge for about half an hour. When you use it on default mode such as on high power on an upright mode it drops its battery power timing.

You can’t find an adjustment of this vacuum’s floor head-on height. It works on dedicated floor mode for bare floors, and high-pile carpet also depends on how fast the bristles can work and spin. But you have to be careful when cleaning pile shag carpets and tassels of rugs and they can get stuck on the bristles of the floor head of the vacuum. The shark rotator lift away ADV is not a bad option for those who want an upright vacuum and should not be worried about battery life. Although it is a heavy vacuum.

Shark Cord-Free Stick Vacuums

Cordless vacuum seems to be future of the cleaning word. Shark gives two models in it. which are as follows:

  • Cordless ultra-light Shark IONFlex DuoClean
  • Cordless ultra-light Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean

This range from Shark is one of the lightest and smallest vacuums. The super-light design of shark vacuums is the same as its name. A vacuum stick cleaner with a dust bin built and a compact control is the lightest vacuum. Its total weight is only 2 kg, which is super less as compared to the IF250 model.

These ranges can use for boosting shark’s Duo clean technology. It has two brush rolls working parallel to clean as many particles of dust as it can. The best complement for each other is one bristly and one soft on different floors for cleaning. To fulfil your cleaning requirements, it has a smart response system which provides smart cleaning and enhances its power.

They both have one main difference. The expensive model is accompanied with the power packs and the other gives you super additional time to vacuum your belongings. Whereas the cordless shark vacuum is useful to make cleaning of different areas easy and less cumbersome.

Shark Vortex Pro

Shark vertex pro is best for cleaning the pet hairs according to the test. It can greatly deal with a variety of surfaces from bare floors to the high-pile carpet. This vacuum has a crevice tool for cleaning the pet hair. It has a HEPA filter which has great job of cleaning fine particles. It is great for those who have allergies and have pet houses.

However, you have to clean most of the parts of this vacuum cleaner regularly such as its primary brush roll which is not separate from the floor head. It can tangle with hairy carpets. You can’t turn off the brush roll and change its height so we have to be careful when cleaning rug tassels which can be tangled with the floor head.

Shark Upright Vacuums

Shark offers two models in an upright vacuum which are as follows:

  • NV600 – Rotator Lift-Away Speed
  • NV800 – DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed

NV600 – Rotator Lift-Away Speed from Shark

This vacuum machine from the house of Shark is the first lift-away model. It has the rotator as per shark claims. It is being wheeled on the floor in the same manner as a traditional vacuum cleaner, but it can easily be removed from its supporting stand and can be cable-free. It can be made ideal for floor cleaning from all floor types ranging from open floors upto messy stairwells.

Longevity and power can be provided by cyclonic suction. According to the shark company, the user-friendly controls are easier to use. It also has the popular HEPA filtration system. The machine weighs 6kg and it is considered as the heaviest in the shark’s range.

NV800 – DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed from Shark

Pet hair removal and stubborn debris can be cleaned by a special feature of this model known as the Duo lift away because it has a special multi-tool for pets and is best for allergen protection and cyclonic suction. The bristle brush and soft roller are combined together to boost Duo clean technology.

It has a 9-meter-long cleaning hose and a super extra-large dust holder-type cup. Its total weight is 4.5 kg which makes it somewhat lighter as compared to the above model.

Shark EZ Robot Self-Empty AV911S

Shark EZ robot self-empty AV911S has also been tested as the best robotic shark vacuum. It has an automatic system of transferring dirt from its internal dirt compartment to an external compartment. From the companion app, you can schedule the cleaning sessions. However, it does not come with a set of physical boundary makers just like the shark IQ robot RV1001. But it can still do a great job in an organized way by moving itself around.

But here is one thing to keep in mind while selecting this machine that this robotic vacuum does not contain a surface detection system that can automatically change its mode of suction power on a floor that the aim is cleaning. It has a manual system to adjust its companion app for every function of cleaning. It has no onboard HEPA filter as well which means if you have some allergies and are sensitive to fine allergies it is not the best option for you so don’t buy it.

How We Tested the Shark Vacuums  

We tested 20 vacuums. They were tested by first unboxing them and after that, they were set up to use by setting their timing that in which time all its processes will be completed as well as how the instructions will work. The effectiveness of all machines was checked by using it on three types of carpets and hardwood floors. The vacuums are supposed to clean kernels, popcorns, hair and cheerios. We tested their ability of cleaning, and weight and noticed that if any particle or hair is tucked between the bristles and brush roll of vacuum.

They are also tested that how well the vacuum will pick the dust particles up from the floor and the carpet plus how long the shark vacuum cleaners will work. We also noticed whether the vacuum’s operation was messy or simple. This is because vacuums were rated on the characters of real-world conditions and environments. Editors were consistently applied and gathered the testing data from the lab and at home and tell that it is best tested means the shark vacuums are best.


The shark vacuum cleaners are the best household item that gives you many functions like mops and irons with separate prices, points and styles. It comes with handhelds which are helpful to use for cleaning any part of the house. Shark also has a shark cordless vacuum cleaner which is a portable model. However, it has some areas of maintenance as well, while some of its models is trickier to use and clean.