Top Tips To Declutter Your Home

There are a lot of acceptable reasons as to why you might want to declutter.

The main reason obviously is to want to have a better-looking house.

Decluttering is the process of minimizing the number of items you have inside your house either by throwing them away or bringing them into storage facilities to store.

Another reason to declutter is when you and your family are downsizing. Downsizing is the process of moving from one place to a much smaller place.

This means that you are making the move from one house to a much cheaper place. Downsizing is done for practical reasons especially with the cost of living steadily increasing.

Unfortunately, decluttering is not as easy as it sounds. Often, people who decide to declutter are left with a half-finished list of tasks.

wardrobe full of things

Before you start decluttering, make sure that you have enough time and a proper gameplan so you can end up successful.

When you choose to declutter, start off with four boxes. These will hold your different items in.

Label each box properly so you do not confuse one with the other. Here are the four boxes that you would be using:

Box For Storage Facility

When you start to declutter, you will realize that your house has tons of items that you do not need or use.

They are essentially just taking up space inside your room, closet, wardrobes, etc.

Rent a storage facility near you and store in there the items that you do not regularly need but can’t throw away.

The list includes baby photos, old clothes, books, souvenirs, unused pieces of furniture etc.

A storage facility is much cheaper than deciding to rent a bigger house just because of all the items that you have.

Box to Throw Away

boxes full of things

Honestly speaking, this box should be filled to the brim. When you decide to declutter, most of it should go to the trash bin.

You’re not just storing them elsewhere but rather getting rid of them.

The list of items that can go here are items you never use, are broken, and/or items you don’t even want in the first place.

Box To Donate

Donate any items that are still usable but you don’t want to have in your house.

This not only allows you to empty out your house but also allows you to help out in your community. Charity centres or your local church will take care of distributing them for you.

Box To Sell

Decluttering kitchen

Having a garage sale is a fantastic idea to do when you’re decluttering.

Instead of throwing away your items, you are selling them. You will get a small profit and you are assured that all your items get a second life.

Declutter in an orderly fashion. Try to follow this order so you can keep being motivated even after hours and hours of cleaning and packing.


The bathroom is perhaps the dirtiest but also the easiest room to clean. It has a small area which is a sure plus for you. It’s quite easy to lose your motivation when decluttering.

That’s why you should start small first. That sense of achievement will keep you going for more hours.

Raid your makeup and medicine cabinets and make sure that all your products are still good and not past their expiration dates.


Make your bed and get rid of any items that are laying on top of your bed, dresser, nightstand, etc. Often, these are watches, loose change, wallet, etc.

Your bedroom would also be filled with small knick-knacks like jewellery, pens, and other broken items. Buy an organizer box for this stuff.

Raid your closet and get rid of the unused clothes. Donate or sell them away. The extra space will shock you and you’ll realize you’ve been wearing the same 6 or 7 pairs of clothes all along.


optimization in kitchen

Clean your kitchen out. Throw away leftovers, expired products and broken/unused appliances.

Often, people forget to declutter the kitchen assuming that everything will be useful once the recipe asks for it but I don’t think a recipe still has yet to list 2-year old dust as an ingredient.

This also ensures that you get rid of the many health hazards there is.

Living Room

Lastly, the living room is where most of your guests stay.

Make sure that you leave a decent amount of space for your guests and don’t let it get too full of furniture and decorations that you can honestly do without.

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