4 Tips To Cleaning The Most Common Cat Messes Around The House

As much as we love cats, we acknowledge that they can create quite a mess in the home.

After the initial euphoria of owning a cat and enjoying her company, you might find yourself spending an excessive amount of time cleaning up after your cat.

The mess can get so much that you become confused if the cat is living in your house or you’re living in the cat’s house.

In this article, we will provide you with 4 tips and tricks to cleaning the most common cat messes around the house.

Using these tips will help you have a cleaner looking and better smelling home.

Get A Good Cat Litter Box And Location

cat litter box

A cat litter box is arguably the best and worst part of owning a cat.

Cat litter offers many advantages. It can be a means of reducing the cat smells in the home, and reduce the incident of your cat doing its “business” in an undesignated area of the home.

Many cat owners prefer wood litter over the conventional kind due to its dust free nature.

However, cat litter tracking can pose a big problem. Moreover, if your cat loves licking, it can absolutely become a pest.

With this in mind, how can you reduce the incident of tracking and problems with the cat litter?

One tip that has helped many cat owners is changing the location of the litter box.

If you placed the cat litter on a soft surface, for example, on a rug, it could be a headache cleaning the mess from the cat litter.

Therefore, place the cat litter box on a hard surface. Surfaces like tile floors, wood floors, or linoleum are best to place the box on.

Since they are hard, the cat litter doesn’t grind into the floor.

Cleaning is a breeze. All you need to do is sweep the tracked litter and sanitize the surface.

Still on location, placing a litter mat under the box can drastically reduce the amount of litter tracked.

Once your cat jumps out of the box, the cat litter mat traps any litter caught in her paws.

To prevent accumulation, once you clean the box, dust the residue on the mat on the litter box.

Some really proactive cat owners have placed the litter box in a tub in a disused bathroom. This makes cleaning much easier to do.

Invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner for quick litter cleanups.

A handheld vacuum means you don’t have to pull out your bulky upright for every little mess, and they are usually easier to empty.

Groom Regularly

grooming a cat with brush

Grooming your cat accomplishes many things. It improves the relationship between you and your cat, strengthening your bond.

It enhances the lustre of the cat coat and makes your cat look beautiful

It also does wonders in reducing the mess from fur shedding.

So even if your cat looks clean, when you start giving her more attention and clean her more regularly, you will notice an improvement in the cleanliness of your home.

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Clean Regularly

“Isn’t this article about how I can clean less often?”

Well, yes and no.

Applying the tips will ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning, but one way to reduce the stress of cleaning up a lot of mess at a go is regular cleaning.

Cat hair and cat litter can very easily accumulate and become a headache. But you can act first and stay on top of things by cleaning frequently.

If you inculcate a weekly cleaning and vacuuming habit, your home will be cleaner and spotless.  Furthermore, the stuff your home is made up of, plastics, woods, and other products.

These can, over time, absorb smells from wastes and mess. Cleaning regularly stops your home from smelling like well…cats.

Clean Immediately

cat walk on the sink

Resist the temptation to look away when you see a mess.

You might feel “oh I’ll clean that when I’m doing my weekly cleaning”, but it is better to clean stuff up immediately.

If you do, it makes it harder for the mess to stick to surfaces or seep into your carpet.

Your pet’s dishes should also be clean. If you cannot clean their dishes daily, just try to rinse them out regularly.

Once you start to do this, you will be amazed as to how clean your home will start to look and smell.


The myth that once you have cats, your home becomes disorganized, and “catty,” is just that, a myth.

There are things you can do to keep your home looking and smelling clean. Use the tips in this article to achieve a clean home.

You can have cats without having to sacrifice the cleanness of your home!

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