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In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Vileda Windomatic | Best Overall Choice: Bosch GlassVac

If you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee by the window but feel distracted by the scratches and marks left on your window pane from cleaning with the wrong equipment, you need a special window vacuum which will give you a spotless clean.

Having clean windows is of the utmost importance as it can make or break the look of your room. It is the only source of light your room may have but if it’s caked in dust and scratches, it can make your room look dingy and dull. Having ample natural light will also help keep your mood elevated.

In order to ensure your windows are maintained, you need to invest in a good window vacuum which will give you a spotless, streak-free clean. Something that is powerful, yet lightweight, thorough, yet quick and efficient.

There are several varieties and brands of window vacuums in the market.

While I was conducting my research I came across three that stood out in terms of features, price and technical prowess. The following is a detailed description of their features. You can then decide which is the best window vacuum for your home.

Bosch GlassVac – Best Window Vacuum Overall

Bosch GlassVAC

The Bosch GlassVac window vac is best used in two stages. Step one is to use a detergent and water solution and spray it on the surface you want to clean with the help of an applicator.

The applicator has an adjustable spray nozzle so you can choose the spray pattern you require depending on the surface area. Using the integrated microfibre cloth, you can also remove all stubborn dirt so it doesn’t leave any streaks when it is vacuumed.

The second step is to switch the GlassVac on and place it against the surface area that has been sprayed with detergent. You can now start vacuuming and notice the streak-free, spotless clean the product gives you.

There are two wiper heads of different sizes, which can be used according to the surface area you are required to clean.

There is also a water tank, in which the dirty water is collected, which can be easily emptied and cleaned. The following are some specific features of the product that stood out for me in the course of my research:


  • Cordless and Versatile: This cordless window vacuum is extremely versatile and is useful in cleaning not only windows, from inside and outside, but also other glass surfaces, tabletops, kitchen counters, shower screens, etc. You only need to spray on the dirt and clean it, following which the vacuum can remove all the residual dirt away.
  • Easy to Clean: The dirty water collected in the water tank can be cleaned out quite easily. There’s a simple rubber button which upon being pressed opens the container. You can then tip the dirty water out and rinse it as you see fit.
  • Streak-Free Cleaning: The wiper blades have an innovative rubber technology that has a polymer coating, which ensures that you get a spotlessly clean, streak-free result.
  • Two-Step Operation: There are two stages in which the cleaning takes place with this window vacuum. The first step is using detergent and water to clean the surface and remove any stubborn dirt. The second is to glide the vacuum cleaner over the surface, removing all the residual dirt in a streak-free way. This step also extracts all the water.
  • Powerful Batteries: The powerful lithium-ion batteries can be recharged using a simple micro USB cable. Its cordless quality ensures that it can be used in any corner of the house, without any fear that the battery may run out mid-clean. The tool has a runtime of 30 minutes after charging.
  • Add-Ons: The tool comes along with two wiper blades of differing width – 133 mm and 266 mm. There is also a wrist strap which enhances both comfort and safety and makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Compact Design: The device is also extremely small and compact so it can be stored easily. At 20 cm, the device is far more compact than competitor models.
  • Integrated LED Light: An integrated LED light displays how much battery is remaining. This is helpful since you are aware of when the device needs to be charged and for how long.


  • Clean up to 35 windows with one battery charge
  • Wiper-blade technology for strike-free windows
  • Fast recharge time


  • Slightly smaller water tank than other window vacs
  • No extension kit for high windows

Vileda Windomatic – Best Budget Window Vacuum

Vileda Windomatic

The Vileda Windomatic window vacuum is another compact and efficient vacuum cleaner that provides a stunning, streak-free clean.

You can use it to clean not only windows but all kinds of flat surfaces, including tabletops, shower screens, kitchen counters, etc. The device also has a powerful lithium-ion battery and can go up to two power levels.

The formidable device can clean up to 120 windows in a single runtime. There’s also a water tank that can be easily detached and is dishwasher safe so you can give the device a thorough clean whenever required.

While these are a description of some of the basic features, the following are some features that seem to stand out:

Features Of The Vileda Window Vac

  • Streak-free Clean: The cleaning blade is soft and efficient enough to ensure there are no streaks left behind. You can enjoy a spotless view out of your window.
  • Two Power Levels: The device can operate on two power levels. On ‘Max Mode’ the device can get up to 50 per cent extra power. The lithium-ion batteries are strong and resilient and can clean up to 120 windows in a single charge.
  • Versatile: The device is extremely versatile and can be used to clean not only windows but also any other flat surface. If there’s a spill on the floor or if your kitchen counter could do with some cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is a great tool to use in both situations.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Water Tank: The water tank can be removed easily and is perfectly dishwasher safe so you can give it a thorough wash every now and then.
  • Flexible: The device also has a flexible neck which allows it to clean in areas that are typically hard to reach. You can clean right up to the edge of the window and even in hard crevices with this flexible neck.


  • Cleans up to 120 windows on one battery charge
  • Two power levels for cleaning different surfaces
  • Easy to remove water tank


  • Can leak if used horizontally

Kärcher WV5 Premium

Kärcher Window Vac WV5

Kärcher, known to be the inventor of the handheld window vacuum presents the Kärcher WV5 Premium window vac, a formidable, powerful and efficient way to ensure your windows are spotless, from the inside and the outside.

The batteries are removable and have a long life. You no longer have to worry about the device running out of charge mid-clean, that’s how power efficient the device is. If you do have concerns about the battery running out, you can always buy an extra replacement battery (sold separately) for backup.

You can enjoy a spotless, streak-free clean with this Kärcher product. The cleaning blade also has manually adjustable guides so you can navigate the tool into harder to reach crevices and tricky corners.

There’s also a second blade, which is smaller and can reach even more difficult areas, like Georgian windows, glass cabinets, etc.

Read More: Full review of the Karcher WV5 Premium

It also has an incredible water suction technology so the liquid doesn’t trickle down and leave marks on your window. While there are several promising elements of the vacuum cleaner, the following are some features I came across in the course of my research which stood out:


  • Spray Bottle Set: The vacuum cleaner comes with a spray bottle set, a microfibre cloth and abrasive strips which help to remove stubborn dirt before it is vacuumed away. This ensures the dirt doesn’t leave a streak or a mark when it is vacuumed.
  • Without Drip Cleaning: The vacuum cleaner cleans without any drips and is great for removing condensation. This is especially great to use on shower screens after a long steam bath.
  • Small Suction Head: The suction head is small and compact at 170 mm and can go into tight spots and crevices without any issue. It is especially useful if you have to clean dusty lattice screens, hinges and smaller windows.
  • Not Only Windows: Other than being great for cleaning windows, the vacuum cleaner is useful even in other household chores. It can pick up small spills and messes with ease. If you knocked over a glass of water, this vacuum is perfect for sucking up the liquid.
  • Battery Indicator: There are convenient, integrated battery LEDs which indicate the amount of battery remaining. This way you can be prepared with backup and won’t run out of battery in the middle of your cleaning session.
  • Edge Guidance: The main blade has an adjustable distance roller which allows it to go right up to the edge of the window and provide a streak-free clean.
  • Removable and Rechargeable Battery: The batteries are removable so you can charge them anywhere. They also have a 35-minute runtime, which allows you to clean approximately 105m² in a single charge.
  • Removable Blades: Depending on what kind of cleaning you require, you can easily remove the blades and use the tools you require. The blades can be removed after each clean.


  • Cleans over 100 windows on one battery charge
  • Edge Guidance system to clean right into the edges
  • Interchangeable suction heads of different sizes


  • May have to use a cloth to get a completely streak-free finish
  • Small water tank – have to empty often

The Best Window Vacuum Cleaners 2021:

  1. Bosch 06008B7070 GlassVac Corded Window Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vac
  3. Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vac

What to Consider Before Buying

Having gone over the specifications of each vacuum cleaner, you are in a better position to make a decision.

But how can you tell which is the best fit for you? The following are some general questions you can ask yourself when looking for the perfect window vacuum cleaner:

  • What are your specific requirements? Every individual may have different requirements from a window vacuum cleaner. What may work for someone you know may not necessarily work for you as well. So it is up to you to decide the criteria. What floor is your apartment on? Do you have sliding windows? What climate do you live in? How often will you need to clean? Do you need a telescopic pole for cleaning a conservatory roof? These are all specifications you will need to consider.
  • Is it corded or cordless? Both corded and cordless vacuum cleaners have their own pros and cons. If you are using a cordless vacuum cleaner, you have the freedom to clean around the house without being limited by a power cord. But a corded vacuum cleaner allows you constant power supply and you don’t have to worry about losing battery mid-clean.
  • How heavy is it? How heavy the vacuum cleaner is will determine with how much ease you can clean. If it is too heavy, you may have trouble cleaning large, vertical windows. If the surface area is large, you may have trouble cleaning the entire surface at once with a heavy vacuum cleaner.
  • How thorough is the clean? Any good window vacuum cleaner should be able to give you a spotless, streak-free clean. The blades, microfibre cloth, etc. should have all the provisions to give your windows a thorough clean. Having a streak-free clean is of the utmost importance.

Now, what has been described so far are generic questions and checklists you can follow in order to find the best window vacuum for yourself. But you may also be looking for specific tips so you can make an informed choice:

How Good Is It At Cleaning?

Cleaning window with Bosch vac plus

A decent window vacuum cleaner should serve at least the following common purposes:

  • Streak-Free Clean: Any basic window vacuum cleaner should be able to give you a streak-free clean. If you are looking out of your window and see scratches, streaks and marks despite a thorough clean, your vacuum cleaner is not doing its job right. The vacuum cleaner should have all the right tools, add-ons and facilities to give you a perfect, spotless clean.
  • Clean Edges and Tough Corners: The vacuum cleaner should have a dynamic blade that should be able to give you a thorough clean. You should be able to navigate the wiper and blade in whichever way you like and be able to hit even awkward hard-to-get areas. If the vacuum cleaner has a flexible neck or if it has wipers of multiple widths, this could be of great help to you. You should be able to clean lattice shutters, edges of the window, the hinges, etc., without any trouble.
  • Versatile: The vacuum cleaner should not only be good for cleaning windows but should also be able to clean other messes you home. Ideally, any flat surface should be conducive for using the vacuum cleaner. If you toppled a bottle of water on the floor or spilt breadcrumbs on your kitchen counter, you should be able to clean these small messes even with your window vacuum. Most window vacuums are also good for cleaning shower screens, especially after a good steam bath.
  • Lightweight and Compact: It is ideal if the vacuum cleaner is also lightweight and compact. Its compact quality means you can store it anywhere you like – in a desk drawer or even a small cupboard under the stairs. It’s also important for the vacuum cleaner to be lightweight since windows will typically be high and have a large surface area. If you have to clean multiple windows with a heavy vacuum cleaner, you will injure your back.

How Much Does It Cost?

Before moving on to anything else, it is important to set a budget.

This will help you narrow down on the right choice without feeling overwhelmed with all the various options. There may be several products that have attractive features, but once you know your budget you can prioritise which features are worth your money and which are not.

Try to get to the bottom of what makes a vacuum cleaner you like more expensive than the others? Does it have extra features that set it apart? Then think about whether these extra features are useful to you.

Something else that you should keep in mind and which may help you decide a budget is how frequently you will use the product.

How often do you clean your windows?

If it’s once in two months or only when it’s time for spring cleaning, you may want to invest in a less expensive model.

What Does It Do Differently?

The three cleaners I have listed above have some features that are unique to them.

While they may all be promising, some features may be more useful to you than others. The following are some specific features that stand out for each vacuum cleaner:

Two-Step Operation

The Bosch GlassVac uses a unique two-step operation. It works in two stages.

First is when the detergent and water solution is sprayed on the surface using an applicator. Using the inbuilt microfibre cloth, you can then take away all the stubborn dirt which may leave a streak if you attempt to vacuum it directly.

Once the dirt is gone, you can glide the vacuum cleaner over the surface to take away any residual dirt. This step also extracts all the water and leaves the glass looking shiny and spotless.

Easy to Clean Water Tank

Both the Bosch and Vileda have inbuilt tanks which can be cleaned with just the touch of a button.

All the dirty water sucked in after you are done with your cleaning is collected in this water tank. When it is full you can simply click a button, open the tank and empty it out.

The Vileda water tank is also dishwasher safe so you should have no concerns about maintaining and keeping your vacuum cleaner in good condition.


The Bosch GlassVac comes with a few add-ons that only enhance its use and make it a great buy.

There are two wiper blades that come along with the vacuum cleaner, both differing in width – 133 mm and 266 mm. Depending on the surface area you need to clean, you can attach the smaller or the wider blade.

The device also comes with a wrist strap which manages to not only provide you with safety but also comfort. It becomes much easier to place a grip on the cleaner and you can clean with greater control and ease.

Integrated LED Lights

Both, the Bosch GlassVac and the Kärcher WV5 Premium have integrated LED lights which indicate how much battery is remaining in the device.

This helps you keep track of when you need to charge the device next and how frequently it needs to be charged. This is helpful because you will no longer be in the dark about the device’s battery life.

You also don’t have to be concerned about the machine running out of battery mid-clean. Simply check the status of the battery before you start cleaning and put it on the charge if it indicates low battery.

Edge Guidance Technology

The Bosch GlassVac has an incredible technology that helps you guide the edges of the blade and gives you more control over where you can take the vacuum cleaner.

This means that corners that were hitherto hard-to-get can now be accessed easily with this smart vacuum cleaner. It gives you the power of better navigation and a more thorough, streak-free clean.


All three vacuum cleaners are fairly compact, easy to lift and lightweight. At 20 cms and 0.7 kg, the Bosch GlassVac is the most compact out of the three options mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Bosch GlassVAC

After much deliberation and consideration, the Bosch GlassVac window vac seems to show the most promise as a window vacuum.

It has several features that contribute to its win. For starters, it has a thorough, two-step process of cleaning. You can ensure all the stubborn dirt is removed before you use the vacuum on the glass directly.

The vacuum also sucks up all the excess water, ensuring that you get a streak-free clean.

It also has a powerful lithium-ion battery which can be removed and recharged at your convenience. To give you a better idea of the battery life, an integrated LED light indicates how much battery is remaining.

So every time you begin cleaning, you can be confident of how much battery there is in the device.

It also comes with useful add-ons like wiper blades of different width so you can use the appropriate one depending on the surface area you are looking to clean. It also comes with a useful wrist strap which makes it not only safe but also comfortable to use.

For all these features and its reasonable price value, the Bosch GlassVac is a clear winner for me!

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