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In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Anniversary Edition | Best Overall Choice: Karcher WV6

Window vacuums are relatively new devices, but they can save you a lot of time in your cleaning routine. They are not usually expensive and there is a wide range to choose from, making them an essential tool to have in your cleaning arsenal.

Karcher is one of the most popular window vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and they have been producing window vacs for over 10 years now. These Karcher window vac reviews feature the WV6 Premium, the WV5 Premium, and the Anniversary Edition window vac.

They are all similar in look and performance, but they all have different features and price points that will determine which one is right for your needs. Read on to discover more about the 3 best Karcher window vacuums.

Karcher WV6 Premium Window Vac

The Karcher WV6 Premium is the latest model in the Karcher window vac range, and it is also the best performing one. It has new features and improvements over previous models including liquid silicone lip technology, improved battery life with an LED display, and a larger dirty water tank.

The WV6 is one of the most advanced window vacuums on the market, allowing you to quickly clean all glass surfaces in your home. Windows, mirrors, shower screens and even ceramic hobs can be cleaned with this Karcher, and once you get used to using it, window cleaning will take minutes.


One of the most innovate new features of the Karcher WV6 Premium is the liquid silicone lip technology. This new lip ensures a better cleaning performance from top to bottom and also makes it easy to achieve a streak-free finish. The WV6 cleaning lip gets right into the edge so there will be no dirty window edges.

One of the biggest improvements is the increased battery life. The WV6 Premium has a 100 minute run time, which is a 185% improvement over the Karcher WV5. This increased battery life allows you to clean up to 300m² on a single charge, which equates to around 215 windows.

Even with the increased battery life, the charging time has been reduced to 170 minutes. There is also a minute-by-minute LED indicator showing how much cleaning time the window vac has, giving you even more control.

The dirty water container is larger than previous models. It can hold 150mls of dirty water, which is a 50% increase. This allows you to clean for longer without having to empty the machine.

The Karcher WV6 Premium is one of the most advanced window vacs on the market, and the range of features and improvements will have your windows clean and streak-free, with minimal effort.


  • Cleans over 215 windows on one battery charge
  • Liquid silicone lip technology for a better streak-free finish
  • Interchangeable suction heads of different sizes


  • Takes a bit of practice to get a completely streak-free finish

Karcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition

The Karcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition was released to celebrate 10 years since the original Karcher window vac was released. It has many of the same features as the Karcher WV5, with a sleek new look and a budget price.

The Anniversary Edition features a 35 minute run time, 100ml dirty water tank and an LED battery indicator.

It also has 2 interchangeable cleaning heads and a spray bottle kit, which includes a spray bottle, microfibre cloth and cleaning fluid. While it isn’t as advanced as the newer WV6, it is almost half the price making this a very good budget option.


The Karcher Anniversary Edition window vacuum has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with a run time of 35 minutes. This allows you to clean up to 105m² of glass, which equals around 35 windows. Depending on the size of your home, it should last weeks before needing to be recharged.

There are 2 interchangeable suction heads included with this Karcher window vac, in 170mm and 280mm sizes. This means you can easily clean any size and shape of window and it will clean right up to the edges.

There is a handy LED indicator which comes on when the battery needs to be charged, and the battery has a 185 minute recharge time from flat. The ultra-quiet operation of 50dBs ensures minimal disturbance, and you can clean your windows at any time of the day without annoying anyone.

The spray bottle kit included with the Anniversary Edition contains everything you need to start, right out of the box. There is a spray bottle, 200ml of specialised cleaning detergent, and a microfibre cloth to help you achieve truly streak-free windows.


  • Cleans over 100 windows on one battery charge
  • Edge Guidance system to clean right into the edges
  • Interchangeable suction heads of different sizes


  • May have to use a cloth to get a completely streak-free finish
  • Small water tank – have to empty often

Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vac

The Karcher WV5 Premium window vac is somewhere in between the price of the WV6 and the Anniversary Edition. It has much the same features as the Anniversary Edition, and although it is more expensive, there is no telling how long the Anniversary Edition will be available for.

The WV5 Premium has a Lithium-ion battery that has a 35 minute run time, and it can be fully recharged from flat in 185 minutes. The interchangeable suction heads, 100ml dirty water capacity and LED battery indicator ensure your windows will be sparkling with a minimum of fuss.


The Karcher WV5 Premium has a removable battery, so although the 35 minute run time will allow you to clean up to 35 windows, you can always have a spare battery charged so your window cleaning is not interrupted.

There is also a handy 3-stage LED battery indicator so you always know how much cleaning time you have left.

The interchangeable cleaning heads come in two sizes, 170mm and 280mm, so you can clean any size of window and be confident of getting right into the edges. The manually adjustable edge guidance system really helps with edge cleaning and means you can clean hard to reach areas such as shower screens, car windows and tiles.

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The WV5 Premium comes with a spray bottle kit as standard. This includes a spray bottle, specialised cleaning detergent and a microfibre cloth.

Although the Karcher WV5 doesn’t have as big a water capacity as the WV6 and the battery doesn’t last as long, it is still a very good window vacuum. It is slightly cheaper than the WV6 which makes it ideal if you are on a budget. It still has the great suction power and streak-free finish that you would expect from a Karcher window vac.


  • Cleans over 100 windows on one battery charge
  • Edge Guidance system to clean right into the edges
  • Interchangeable suction heads of different sizes


  • May have to use a cloth to get a completely streak-free finish
  • Small water tank – have to empty often

Karcher Window Vac Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide

Karcher window vacuums are popular in the UK, and there performance and feature set make them hard to beat.

There are a number of different models in the Karcher window vacuum range, and while they are all fairly similar, there are some differences to them that will determine which one is right for your needs.

The current available models are: WV1, WV2 Plus, WV2 Plus Premium, WV5 Premium, WV6 Premium and the Anniversary Edition. This handy guide will run through all of the differences between the models so that you can easily see which one you need.

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Battery Life and Run Time

The Karcher WV6 currently has the longest battery life, giving you up to 100 minutes on a single charge. The WV5 and the Anniversary Edition have a run time of 35 minutes. The WV2 models have a run time of 25 minutes, while the older WV1 has a battery life of 20 minutes.

The battery charging times are all fairly similar, with the WV1, WV5 and Anniversary Edition taking 185 minutes to fully recharge. The WV2 models are the quickest to recharge from flat, taking 120 minutes.

The WV6 Premium takes 170 minutes to fully recharge, which is impressive given the long battery life.

Dirty Water Capacity

All of the Karcher window vacs have a dirty water capacity of 100ml, with the exception of the latest WV6 Premium. This model has a 50% increase in capacity, giving you 150ml of dirty water storage.

Suction Cleaning Heads

The WV1 and the WV2 Plus come with one suction nozzle, while the rest of the models come with two as standard. The WV1 suction head width is 250ml, and the WV2 Plus suction head width is 280ml.

The other four models come with the same two suction heads, with widths of 280ml and 170ml.

Noise Level

All of the Karcher window vacuums have an ultra-quiet operation, with the maximum noise produced sitting at 50dBs. The only exception to this is the older WV1, which produces 53dBs of noise.

Maintenance and Cleaning

All of the models are simple to empty and maintain. The dirty water tank simply detaches from the vacuum body and you can unscrew the lid and pour the contents down the sink. There is no need to touch the dirty water.

The suction heads are easy to remove from the vacuum, and they can be rinsed under a tap to clean them.


Karcher window vacuums are all lightweight and weigh less than 1 kilogram, making them extremely easy to use one-handed.

The WV1, WV2 Premium Plus and the Anniversary Edition are the lightest, weighing only 0.6kgs. The WV2 Plus and the WV5 Premium weigh 0.7kgs, while the newer WV6 is the heaviest, weighing 0.8kgs.

Karcher Window Vac Reviews: Final Thoughts

As you can see from the reviews, there is not much to choose from when it comes to Karcher window vacuums. They all have similar performance levels, and they will all leave your windows clean and streak-free.

If you want the best, then go with the WV6 Premium. It is the latest and most advanced Karcher window vac, it has a long 100-minute battery life, and the dirty water capacity is 50% larger than previous models.

If you are on a budget but still want great Karcher performance, then the Anniversary Edition will be suitable for you. It has an impressive 35 minute run time, interchangeable suction heads, and a respectable 100ml water capacity. At the time of writing, it is almost half the price of the WV6 Premium.

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