Henry Hoover – Famous Family Members

The Henry Hoover range by Numatic has been a favourite home cleaner across the UK since the 1980s.

With a cherubic face, warm smile and red appearance, Henry exudes a human-like presence.

It is no surprise that despite an influx of vacuum cleaners in the industry today, Henry and his friends still remain the best-selling toppers in the list and are becoming popular throughout Europe too.

Each one from the Henry Hoover family has its own cleaning speciality, here is your chance to pick your favourite.


Numatic Henry the Hoover

The leader of the family, and the flagship vacuum cleaner of the range, he is the big red smiling Henry.

Boasting a power of 620 watts, it has a capacity of 6 litres. Weighing around 7.5 kgs, it has a cleaning range of 26.1 m.

You can choose from its variants – HenryHVR200A, Henry Xtra HVX-200-11, and Henry Micro HVR200M-22.

Durable and long-lasting, this one is a winner all the way. It has a compact design, is sturdy and set to clean a range of surfaces.

Used in both home and office settings, Henry could be your reliable cleaning companion for years.

The unique hi/low feature gives you the choice to alternate smoothly between the power mode of 1.200W and the lower mode of 600W.

This works well with a variety of functions, giving you the flexibility of running most cleaning chores on the sustainable lower mode and using the power mode for the more challenging tasks.

The different Henry machines specialise in a variety of functions like cleaning up pet hair, high allergen standards, and carpet cleaning expertise.

The Henry Turbo has all the features of the regular Henry cleaner with an additional 24-volt turbo electric self-adjusting power brush.

This is specially designed for high-power cleaning in homes with thick carpets and pets.

The Henry Hound is similar to the Turbo and is a silent worker.

The Henry Spray Mop accompanies the Henry cleaner with a microfibre mopping system, along with a foot or hand operated function and liquid dispenser.

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Hetty the Hoover

This delightful cleaner from the Henry Hoover family is much smaller than Henry but has similar features and a 6-9 litre capacity.

Eco-friendly and ergonomically designed, it has 650w power and weighs slightly less than Henry.

She may be tiny, but she is fierce! With a high suction power, this cleaner can be used for stubborn dirt patches.

The dual power system allows you to keep your electricity bills in check while cleaning the nooks and corners efficiently.

The powerful motor makes hetty slightly noisy, but she still remains a favourite for households.

Hetty’s compact, small profile makes her easier to store than the bigger Henry cleaner.

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James the Hoover

This unique member of the Hoover range has a different approach to cleaning.

Bright yellow in colour, it weighs around 7 kgs and has a capacity of 8 litres.

It has the unique feature of winding the cable in and it is simple to store with a caddy for attachments.

Small tools like a duster, polish and others can also sit easily on its caddy top.

This one is a favourite with small households since it is smaller, lighter and costs less.

It still boasts a power of 620w-1100w (depending on the model), making it convenient to use for stubborn dirt patches.

It also matches a high capacity dust storage space of 8 litres that can easily handle a complete home cleaning session for small apartments.

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Charles the Hoover

This pleasant blue-coloured multi-purpose monster cleaner works with both dry and wet modes.

It has a 1200W motor that makes it one of the most powerful in the family.

The two-stage motor allows you a choice of working in multiple modes depending on the cleaning area.

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It features a unique safety float valve for wet usage. In the dry usage, it has accompanying massive filters and disposable dust bags.

Though low key, it is a useful model for both households as well as commercial use.

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George the Hoover

This can be deemed the most multi-faceted member of the Henry Hoover family.

With five different cleaning options, this is the most versatile cleaner and is also called the ‘all-in-one’ vacuum cleaner.

It has a range of functions and operating modes to select from.

You can choose between dry and wet vacuuming, it is also extremely efficient with scrubbing and drying of hard floors.

Whether it is a thick carpet or a small rug, this cleaner works like magic with carpets and upholstery.

It is designed for the professional vacuum cleaner range with extra tools and efficient options to suit all needs.

Equipped with a combination of Twin-Flo bypass vacuum motor, it is powered at 1060W, with a massive capacity of 15 litres for dry usage and wet capacity of 9 litres.

It weighs around 11 kgs and is the heftiest cleaner in the range.

A popular member of the Henry Hoover family, George remains high on functionality and low on budget.

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Henry Hoover Range – Numatic Henry Family

Henry the Hoover Family
  • Henry HVR160-11
  • Henry HVA160-11
  • Henry HVX200-11
  • Harry HHR200-11
  • James JVP180-11
  • Hetty HET160
  • Henry HVB160
  • George GVE370-2
  • Charles CVC370-2

Join The Family

The Henry Hoover range continues to bring out new features in existing models and innovative new designs to compete with the newest kids on the block and the most cutting-edge technology to match.

One of the most loved innovations in the family has been the introduction of cordless Henry and Hetty models.

With a mini power of 250W, 6-litre capacity and the charge time of 3 hours, the cordless versions of UK’s favourite cleaners have emerged as the latest trend in vacuum cleaning.

Armed with a ready-to-use 36-volt battery they are powered to be neat workers for quick and silent clean-up operations, complementing their earlier counterparts with a smaller and swifter work turnaround.

The most unique feature of the Henry Hoover range is its lovable name and character definitions that make customers adopt these cleaners as cleaning members in the household they can rely on.

They continue to be UK’s first family for cleaning, with an ever-expanding community of users, and newer additions that combine technology and design innovation with a special customer connection.

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