Henry Xtra Review – Most Reliable Vacuum Cleaner?

Henry Xtra is a clear example of why some people swear by the Numatic brand when it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

This particular vacuum goes over and beyond by providing additional features that make it a stronger cleaning tool than many other alternatives in the market.

A bigger capacity, two extra cleaning heads and a more energy-efficient performance are just some of the features we will go over in this Henry Xtra review.

The vacuum’s physical design might not make it appear like this is a powerful cleaning tool, but beneath the knowing smiley face lies powerful cleaning potential.

The bright red exterior is familiar to many, and the unique design not typical of other cylinder vacuum gives this model a unique aesthetic identity.

What I Liked About Henry Xtra

  • Reliable at cleaning all kinds of surfaces
  • Offers great value for money
  • Sturdy and efficient
  • Long hose ensures better reach during cleaning
  • Powerful suction

What I Didn’t Like

Henry Xtra Review: An Overview

The Henry Xtra is an upgrade to the standard Henry Hoover models. It is pretty much the same as previous models, with a few important additions. It is slightly more expensive than the original Henry, but the extra cost is justified when you consider the extra features.

The Henry Xtra comes with two additional floor heads. The AiroBrush is designed for removing even more dust and dirt from carpets, and there is also a designated hard floor brush.

The other main difference is that Henry Xtra is more energy efficient than standard models, helping to save you money while also reducing your environmental footprint.

At first, the power rating of 580W might make you think that the vacuum does not have much to offer when it comes to cleaning power, but this machine has powerful suction power that will put most alternatives to shame.

For this reason, this is hands down one of the best models in the Henry Hoover range if power efficiency is a priority for you as you shop for this kind of appliance.

But all things considered, and this is nothing new to those familiar with the Henry brand of products, the Xtra is a reliable vacuum that is built to provide its users with a long life of service.

So, you do not have to worry about the vacuum breaking down after a few months of use as is typically the case with some alternative products in the market.

Features Of Henry Xtra

Henry Xtra AiroBrush

brush on henry xtra

The AiroBrush is unique to the Henry Xtra, and it will prove to be an indispensable part of your cleaning experience while using this vacuum.

There is one reason for this tool, and it is an important one – to get rid of tough dirt and dust from carpets. So, if you were on the prowl for a vacuum cleaner that will not leave behind any pet hairs, the Henry Xtra will not disappoint.

Extra Suction Power

While this has been mentioned in passing above, it is worth another mention. The Henry Xtra is well suited to all types of cleaning jobs, and this has a lot to do with its powerful suction power.

That is why this model comes highly recommended for people who want a vacuum that will deliver topnotch cleaning power on all kinds of floors. It does not matter if you have a carpet, laminate floor, or even a wooden floor, the Henry Xtra will be equal to the cleaning task ahead of it.

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A Powerful Filter

Like other Henry vacuums, the Xtra comes with a powerful filter. Numatic’s TriTex filtration system helps to rid the air of dust particles.

However, if you are in search of a vacuum with the best filtration system, the Xtra might not be your ideal choice, especially if you suffer from allergies. This filter only rids the air of dust particles, not other allergens.

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Quiet Operation

Despite is proven cleaning power, Henry Xtra will not turn every cleaning session into a noisy racket.

It might not give you a whisper-quiet operation experience, but it will be a significant improvement on what most vacuum cleaners in this class can offer you when it comes to decibel levels.

This model generates just 74.4dB, and that is significantly less than what most people get when they buy other kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Rewindable Cable

This feature does not exactly improve this unit’s cleaning capabilities, but it goes a long way in improving its usability.

After you are done using the Xtra, you can pack it more conveniently without its lengthy cable getting in the way precisely because of this feature. You can easily and quickly recoil the vacuum’s long cable for more convenient storage.

Henry Xtra Review: Final Thoughts

Henry Xtra Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

All things considered, getting the Henry Xtra will be a step in the right direction if you want a vacuum that can do a proper cleaning job. Sure, there are more potent alternatives out there, but for its class, the Xtra has few rivals.

For instance, despite its relatively tame power rating, the vacuum is able to deliver cleaning action that most other vacuums can manage with greater power consumption.

The long cable gives the vacuum a large cleaning radius, and this translates into a lot of cleaning convenience.

Otherwise, the Xtra is well-suited to cleaning all kinds of floors, and it can do a great job of ridding cleaning surfaces of pet hairs. In fact, with this cleaning strength, the vacuum is suitable for both commercial and residential cleaning jobs.

Although it is a little heavy, it does get the job done, and brilliantly at that.

Obviously, being a Henry product, another thing you can expect of the Xtra vacuum is durability. Numatic spares no effort in ensuring that they create a reliable product; a legacy that is well-evident in the Henry Xtra.

And obviously, considering all the great features that this cylinder vacuum has to offer its users, its price is a bargain. So, if you want a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint, the Henry Xtra is one of the few great options at your disposal.

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