Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200 Vacuum Cleaner Review

hetty hoover numatic vacuum cleanerHenry Hoover is among the most popular vacuum cleaners in the UK, and today we are going to look at another of Henry’s siblings. Hetty Hoover is Henry’s sister and she is also a member of the Numatic family. Numatic has always put a lot of hard work into perfecting their brand and Hetty won’t disappoint you either.

Hetty is designed almost identically to Numatic Henry, with the only major difference being the colour (and the eyelashes). Hetty comes with a number of extra features and also has Eco technology, helping you consume less power and save money.

Despite her lower wattage, Hetty provides powerful suction thanks to her twin flow power motors. She can even switch between higher or lower power, depending on your cleaning needs. You might be surprised at how powerful and effective this little thing is. Read on as we go through the features and benefits of Hetty.

Overview Of Hetty HET200

  • A-Rating for energy efficiency
  • A Large 9L dust capacity
  • Automatic cable rewinding
  • A 10-metre long cable
  • A low noise output of 72dB
  • Accessory kit comes with stainless steel tubes
  • Tritex filtration for improved filtration, capacity, and cleanliness
  • A high-efficiency long-life motor
  • HepaFlo bags that are easy to change
  • The accessory set includes tools for every job
  • Wand docking for convenient storage.

Features Of Hetty


hetty hoover has lots of accessoriesHetty is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and a great way to cut down the cost of cleaning your house. You can switch between the two power modes, low and high. On the ‘low’ mode, you can clean the floors and on the ‘high’ mode, you can clean carpets, rugs, etc.

The floor head comes with a new design and it offers great suction and power. It is incorporated with side cleaners to get right into the corners and keep your floors perfectly clean. You can operate the switch on the vacuum with your foot and don’t need to bend down for switching different modes. Changing modes while cleaning carpets and hard floors is a breeze.

Hetty comes with a 10-metre long power cord and it is easy to store it by winding it into the internal storage. The extension tube at the handle improves Hetty’s reach and enables you to clean hard to reach areas. The suction control panel gives you greater control over the amount of suction.

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It is very easy to clean the stairs with Hetty, with the long reach wand and attachments there’s no need to try and balance her on each stair as you clean. Hetty works efficiently across all types of floors, and she works particularly well across the edges and it is capable of removing debris from the corners very well.

The overall suction of the machine is great too. When it comes to carpet cleaning, it works well but you might need to run it over the same spot a number of times to remove smaller particles. For larger particles on hard floors, you may have to lift the head up to suck up all the debris.

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hetty floorhead works on all surfacesThe world of vacuum cleaners is mostly filled with black and grey colours. Hetty stands out with her bright pink colour and smiling face. Hetty is a bagged vacuum and you will have to purchase additional bags, although these bags are priced reasonably and it is not difficult to find them.

Ease Of Use

The cable rewind function saves a lot of time and ensures the power cable doesn’t get tangled every time you use Hetty. You can also fold down the handle for storage, and adjust the wand for suction power too. Hetty’s shape and small size allow her to be easily stored without taking up too much room, and her wheels mean she will follow you around the house without much effort on your part.


Hetty comes with a Tritex filter. You can purchase separate odour-removing filters too. HepaFlo bags also work with Hetty as well. These bags are far more durable than the paper bags and they also hold the dust and debris very well.

Hetty uses Henry bags that are self-sealing and they can store up to five times intake as compared to conventional vacuums. You can use Hetty without the bags too but it will allow a lot of dust to escape into the air so it is not recommended.

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Accessories And Attachments

Hetty comes with a number of tools and attachments. The classic pack that comes bundled with it makes your job very easy. You can use the crevice tool to reach every nook and corner of your house. It allows you to clean even the tightest corners perfectly.

The dusting brush is perfect for gentle cleaning and it is perfect for cleaning bannisters and coffee tables. You can also use the dusting brush to clean the kitchen floor. The all-purpose nozzle works just about everywhere. It comes with a removable brush and you can use the attachment to clean your furniture and stairs as well.

What I Liked About Hetty

  • The long hose and cable make Hetty very convenient to use.
  • Though compact, Hetty is powerful enough to handle most cleaning jobs without any problem at all.
  • Hetty is not too noisy and runs fairly quietly.
  • It is easy to replace bags.
  • Hetty comes with a number of attachments and accessories that make your job extremely easy.

What I Didn’t Like About Hetty

  • She is quite heavy for her size.
  • You need to put in more effort for vacuuming pet hair from the carpet.

Final Thoughts

Hetty Hoover is an amazing cylindrical vacuum suitable for those who are looking for a compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner. She is built to last for a long time and you should hardly face any issues while using her. She is sturdy, has a large cleaning radius and very strong suction.

Hetty is incredibly reliable and robust. Whether you want to clean your carpets, hard floors, curtains, kitchen floors or stairs, she can perform all kinds of cleaning jobs pretty easily. Her power consumption is significantly low but she performs her job efficiently. You may be surprised at just how powerful this little creation from Numatic is.

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