Numatic James Hoover Review – Henry Hoover’s Powerful Brother

Numatic James Vacuum Cleaner Review (JVP180-11) - Henry Hoover's Little Brother

Numatic vacuum cleaners are known for their superb performance and reliability. Numatic International limited has made a variety of vacuum models over the years including the likes of Henry, Charles and George.

The main feature today will be a recent instalment into this series of Numatic cleaners going by the name of James. The big question is how does this vacuum cleaner fair against its iconic siblings?

To answer this question we will need to dig deeper into its features and find out the advantages it brings as well as the disadvantages that follow. This complete James hoover review will help you make a well-analyzed decision on whether you should go for James Hoover or not.

James Hoover Review: Overview

  • James Hoover comes equipped with a plastic sole plate instead of a metal sole plate.
  • The toolset you get with James includes a combi floor tool, crevice tool, soft dusting brush, upholstery nozzle on which you can attach a detachable brush, a 2.2-metre hose, the cleaning head, the extension tube and the handle.
  • James is smaller compared to the British icon Henry but still features an 8-litre capacity cylinder.
  • The cable used on James is 10 metres long allowing you to move around easily. The cable is stored on top of the cleaner instead of inside the cleaner.

Features Of The James Vacuum Cleaner

James has a capacity of 8 litres. Given that this is a small vacuum cleaner, the capacity provided is rational. Most vacuums designed by Numatic come with a dust capacity of 9 litres.

This means that James has a smaller capacity compared to its predecessors. There is however no need to look for a bigger capacity model because 8 litres is just fine and will take a long time before you are required to empty it.

The extension tubes and handles of James Hoover are made using aluminium. Aluminium is a very light material and so products made using the metal are lighter. An aluminium handle enables you to move around with ease while vacuuming your house.

James has a 2.2-metre hose. The hose is thicker at the cleaner end compared to the handle end. This increases the flow of air through the machine hence boosting its performance. The hose has to be attached to James’s nose for you to begin cleaning.

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The vacuum comes with a 10-metre cable. The cable is wrapped around the topmost part of the cylinder and a ring is placed on top of it.

To get to the cable, all you have to do is remove the top ring and then unwind the cable. The cable is also plugged on top of the vacuum cylinder. This means you can easily detach the cable from the cleaner in case you need to replace it.

James uses a Hepaflo filtration system, which is ideal if you suffer from allergies. This is a major difference between it and its predecessor, Henry which uses a TriTex filtration system. Dust re-emission is, however, a common phenomenon in both filtration systems.

What I Liked About The James Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Henry 909392 James JVP 180-11
  • James is relatively quiet when in operation. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, James Hoover runs quietly allowing your family members and even neighbours to go on with their work without being bothered by the sound of your vacuum.
  • James Hoover is lighter than most of its predecessors. James was designed smaller than most of its brothers making its weight lighter and hence easier to move around with.
  • It has strong suction power. James Hoover comes with a very powerful motor enabling it to suck up everything on the floor, from dust particles to dog hair.
  • It has a long cable. A 10-metre cable is long enough for you to move around the house without regularly having to switch your power socket.
  • The dust bag is relatively large. Despite the capacity being a litre less than most of its predecessors, the dust bag is still large enough. Numatic managed to reduce the size of James while still providing its customers with large storage capacity.

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  • It is cheap. Price is a feature many people look at before making a purchase. Finding a budget-friendly vacuum with excellent features and performance can be very difficult. However, James does come with some outstanding features for a model of its price. It gives both power and an amazing performance at a low price.
  • It is easy to set up. James Hoover is very easy to assemble. The instructions provided are clear and within no time you are set to go.
  • It is well-built and durable. Numatic vacuum cleaners are known for their durability, with some going for more than 10 years while still functioning well. The James vacuum is no exception. It is designed to last for a long time.

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What I Didn’t Like About The James Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

  • The lack of a cable rewind feature. As mentioned earlier, the cable of James vacuum is stored on top of its body. You have to manually wind the cable on top of the vacuum cleaner once you are done. The cable is 10 metres long and hence this may be time-consuming.
  • The base of James’s cleaning head is made up of plastic and not metal. Although this may not be a problem for some people, you should note that plastic is more susceptible to damages and wear compared to metal.
  • It is very difficult to clean up the stairs using James because of its shape. While cleaning the stairs, you may have to lift the cleaner to the top of the stairs in order to clean the remaining steps above.

James Hoover Review: Final Thoughts

Numatic James Hoover is a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner with a number of good features. It is well-built, convenient to use, reliable, powerful, quiet and durable. However, James does have his flaws.

The plastic-based cleaning head is perhaps its greatest disadvantage. Many people prefer their vacuum cleaners having a metal-based cleaning head.

Choosing to leave out the cable rewind feature is also considered a letdown by most people. All in all, the advantages James hoover brings far outweighs the disadvantages and is, therefore, a Numatic vacuum cleaner worth buying.

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