iLife A4s Review – Lazy Man’s Best Friend

iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner - UK Review

Are you tired of fiddling around with buttons or walking your vacuum cleaner around in the process of getting your house cleaned? Read this iLife a4s review to help you make that decision.

We feel that way too, barely being able to manage to move the machine around. The entire procedure also takes away a huge chunk of valuable time that can be used otherwise, and it is wise to save as much time as possible.

Thankfully now, we don’t have to worry about tasks like vacuuming, because the iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaner is here to save the day. Read this iLife A4s review to find out how this budget robot vacuum can save you precious time when it comes to cleaning.

iLife has come up with a cute and compact programmable vacuum cleaner, called the A4s. Circular in shape, the product is built to ensure it can fit almost anywhere around the house and get rid of any unwanted dust, dirt and other particles.

It is a minimal-looking product which has no cables linked to it and doesn’t bring the hassle of storage space either.


  • Up to 140 minutes of cleaning time
  • Automatic cleaning scheduling and battery charging
  • Smart sensors to avoid walls and stairs


  • Small dirt bin – needs emptying regularly
  • May struggle with larger pieces of debris

iLife A4s Review: Specifications

  • iLife A4s is a sleek and compact vacuum cleaner which simply sweeps, rolls and sucks dust and other particles into it, leaving your floors and surfaces spick and span.
  • It has a circular body with a bumper in the front that is connected to its base. On the top, there is an “Auto” button, while on the bottom you will find the power switch, a filter and the dust collecting bin. The rolling wheels, spinning brushes, charging points are also present at the bottom. On its periphery, it has sensors which help it guide itself across various surfaces.
  • Its brushes and spiral blades work together to create a strong suction force, which enables the iLife A4s to efficiently and thoroughly clean surfaces as well as corners, leaving your home free of dirt.
  • It has a powerful lithium battery, which gives it enough juice to clean your house for a couple of hours. What’s more, the machine can automatically return to its charging dock as soon as it needs to be charged, or when it’s cleaning as per program is complete.
  • It also comes with a heavy-duty BLDC motor that makes it possible to not only clean all types of surfaces and floors but also effectively clear out minute particles as well as larger solid waste, with its high suction ability.
  • Its sensors and collision-free technology make it easy for the product to follow a clear path, where it is not to be plagued by the possibility of falling or have to deal with stairs.
  • Its low-profile design makes it apt for narrow openings, while also enabling it to slide under your furniture and deep-clean hidden surfaces.
  • It can be programmed in various modes such as Spot Mode, Auto Mode, Edge Mode and Mini-Room Mode. The latter helps it focus on one room in particular and weed out any unwanted dirt in the nooks and crannies, as per schedule.

Features Of The iLife A4s


Let’s have a look at the iLife A4s’s primary features to understand how it can give you and me an edge over our friends who stick to more conventional modes of vacuuming.

Deep Cleaning

Since its suction is extremely powerful, the iLife A4s can deep clean carpets and get rid not only of dust but debris like fur, hair, ash and minute dirt.

Whether it is dust from under your tables and chairs you wish to get rid of or your carpets which you want to extract impurities from, this robot can always be relied upon to do the trick!

In our opinion, it is very hard to carry out that level of cleaning manually. It is simple to use too! All you have to do is program it to clean using just one button on the remote.

Intelligent and Effective

The programmers that have collaborated with designers for this product have created and brought into execution an advanced algorithm software that makes this vacuum cleaner smart.

Gone are the days when you go through the same process of setting your machine up and hit all of its different buttons.

The A4s only needs to be programmed once by its users and it can repeat its task efficiently every day or as per the user’s requirement. You don’t even have to be at home to switch it on because it is fully capable of powering up at a previously allocated time and commence its work!

Innovative Mechanism

iLife A4s consists of an awesome new automatic sweeping system which is efficient and tangle-free at the same time.

It has an innovative roller brush to deal with the first layer of dust, two side brushes which streamline smaller impurities and as previously mentioned, a super-powerful suction mechanism that can take in every last bit of dust and impurity from your floors.

Along with all this, the product also has highly efficient sensors that prevent accidents and let the robot stay on course all on its own. Isn’t that neat?

What We Liked About The iLife Robot

  • We love how surprisingly efficient the iLife A4s is at weeding out all kinds of dirt that we don’t generally know is even present! The product is great because it does a far more effective job at cleaning every last corner of a room or a house and can always be trusted in getting the job done without cutting any corners.
  • Beautiful design is what sets this robot apart from the others. It is a perfect amalgamation of brilliant technology that takes into consideration each requirement of the end user in terms of surface and deep cleaning along with compact yet sleek parts which tuck in completely under the product. The credits for this combination go to the folks at its drawing board.
  • It is very cost effective.
  • The machine is compact and comfortable to use. It fits in with modern decor and does not look out of place in a contemporary home. The future is here!

What We Didn’t Like

  • For a product that requires about 8 hours to get fully charged, the overall delivery with regards to the effective duration of time for which it can clean different surfaces is comparatively low. It may also sometimes not find its way back to the charging dock. However, the robot somewhat makes up for this by its impressively targeted cleaning.
  • Though not unbearably noisy, the device does come with quite a distinct sound. This may prove to be a nuisance at first.

iLife A4s Review: Final Thoughts

With all its features and incredibly efficient ways of working, iLife A4s is undoubtedly here to stay, a product straight out of the Jetsons’ household! If saving time and money on deep cleaning your house is a top priority for you, A4s is the way to go! Hope you enjoyed reading this iLife a4s review.

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