How To Clean And Maintain Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum?

Can you believe how much dust can accumulate inside your vacuum cleaner? And even though they seem expensive, vacuum cleaners aren’t cheap. If you want to get the most out of your investment, then you’ll need to invest time cleaning them. This article gives you the exact steps on how to clean and maintain Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Shark DuoClean comes with two attachments – a crevice brush and a cyclonic filter system. These tools allow you to easily remove debris from carpets and other surfaces. However, these attachments only release particles into the air once every 2 minutes.

To ensure that your vacuum lasts longer, don’t forget to change the filters regularly. Also, never leave dirty brushes or accessories lying around. Always take good care of your vacuum cleaner. Finally, always read the instructions before using your vacuum cleaner.

Shark specialises in home appliances that are designed to meet the requirements of busy lifestyles.

Their vacuum cleaners, especially their DuoClean range of vacuums, are the same.

I don’t have the time to spend hours on cleaning carpets and rugs, removing embedded pet hair off of the sofa and cleaning the floors.

The Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum enables me to clean efficiently in a much shorter time.

The DuoClean technology is particularly good at dealing with any pile of dirt, because of its two brushroll technology.

Imagine you had a house party and there’s a bunch of small pieces of potato chips all over the carpet or someone tipped over a bowl of cereal next morning and there’s a whole lot of debris spread over the floor.

The two brushroll technique does an efficient job of cleaning this up.

The DuoClean is essentially made up of a bristle brushroll to clean carpets and floors of all types, with a soft brushroll in front of it to both pull in bigger particles and to render the sparkly clean sheen on floors.

It also helps that the Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum doesn’t have a front wall, which in most other vacuums tends to push larger particles away instead of pulling them in.

The vacuum will do all the cleaning for you, but you need to clean it and maintain it as well to ensure it continues performing efficiently and lasts longer.

There are essentially four parts or sections of the vacuum that need regular care.

The maintenance process of the cordless vacuum is relatively simple, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Dust Cup

Dust cups are often ignored for far too long.

I have been guilty of this too. I used to ignore for two to three cleaning cycles before emptying it, but that’s potentially harmful towards the overall functioning of the vacuum.

Ideally, you should empty the dust cup every time after you’re finished cleaning. The DuoClean range of Shark cordless vacuums also have something called the Max Fill line, which indicates when the dust cup needs to be emptied.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t wait for the dust and debris inside the dust cup to reach this level. Empty it after every use.

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Remember to turn off the power and remove the battery as well, before emptying the dust cup.

Pressing the ‘Wand Release’ button that allows you to remove the handheld section of the vacuum and then empty the dust cup.

There may be debris stuck inside the dust cup so check carefully and if needed you can use a cloth to further clean it.


Filters are one of the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner. Along with the twin brushrolls, the filters determine the quality of performance.

So, cleaning the filters is essential. The Shark DuoClean cordless vacuums have two filters – the pre-filter located in the handheld section and the post-filter located under the handle.

Before cleaning either of them, remember to turn off the power and remove the battery.

It’s okay to clean the pre-filter once a month, while the post-filter needs to be cleaned once every six to nine months.

The cleaning process for both filters is the same. To begin with, hold the filters over a dustbin and tap it to remove any dust or particles trapped inside it.

Next rinse the filters under running water but don’t use any soap. Then leave them to air dry for a minimum of 24 hours, before you put them back in their place.

Even though I’ve mentioned the minimum interval between cleanings, if you notice that the vacuum is not removing dust or dirt as well as it normally does, or if the suction power has dropped, or if there’s a drop in airflow, then you should clean the filters.

You don’t necessarily have to rinse it, but simply removing any dust or dirt stuck inside the filters can help.

If you find that after cleaning the filters there is still a loss of suction, you can purchase replacement filters on Amazon.


As with the dust cup and the filters, before cleaning the brushrolls make sure that you’ve turned off the vacuum and the battery has been removed.

Now, firstly remove the nozzle and then the brushroll garage, which will expose the two brushrolls underneath.

Pull out the soft brushroll, which is the one in the front, and wipe it clean.

You can also clean it with water and air dry for 24 hours. Then remove any debris stuck or tangled in the bristle brushroll by running a scissor along the guide above it.

Be careful while doing this to ensure that only tangled hair and other debris is cut and not anything else.


battery charger for Shark Duo Clean

This series of cordless vacuums offers 20 minutes to 60 minutes of runtime, depending on the model.

For the runtime to remain the same for a longer period of time, you need to handle the charging of the battery as per the instructions of the company.

Use only the ION Power Pack to charge the battery, which should take about 3.5 hours to fully charge. Remember that over time the level of performance of the battery will drop.

When this happens, get in touch with the company to check if the battery is still under warranty and can be replaced. If not, you can purchase a replacement battery.


Besides cleaning the dust cup, filters and the brushrolls, you also need to regularly check for blockages and remove them to maintain performance levels of the vacuum.

  • Firstly, remove the wand and thoroughly check the handheld section. Check all of the openings to the dust cup in order to identify possible dirt and/or debris blocking any of them.
  • Similarly, remove the nozzle and inspect the wand for blockages. There’s a flap close to the hose, which is prone to collecting debris that creates blockages.
  • Finally, check the floor nozzle itself. If you find any debris remove it.

Cleaning Accessories

cleaning accessories for shark duoclean

Shark has a number of cleaning accessories to help you clean the vacuum more effectively.

Certain models of the Shark DuoClean cordless vacuums provide a few essential cleaning accessories with the package.

The 8-inch Crevice Tool and the Duster Crevice Tool are quite handy and for pet owners, the Pet Multi-Tool and the Pet Upholstery Tool are useful.

These tools can also be purchased separately to further enhance the performance of your Shark vacuum.

Final Thoughts to clean and maintain Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum cleaner

I hope some of the tips I have mentioned in this article come in handy when you get around to clean and maintain Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

These should definitely help in extending the life of your Shark vacuum cleaner and also make the cleaning more efficient!

Got questions? Let us know below! We’re here to help!

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