Shark Duoclean IF250UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – UK Review

Shark Duoclean IF250UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - UK Review

Shark aims to be the solution to all our cleaning problems, and the Shark DuoClean IF250UK features a fresh design as well as advanced technologies that promise highly efficient cleaning.

There are 4 models in the DuoClean IF range. The basic model and the cheapest is the IF200UK, which comes with a single battery and is blue in colour. The IF250UK is the same as the IF200UK, except that it comes with two rechargeable batteries instead of one and is orange in colour.

Today we will go through all the features and benefits of the latter model in this Shark IF250UK review.

The IF200UKT has a single battery and comes with a Pet Power Brush attachment, and is purple in colour. The IF250UKT is the most expensive of the range and comes with the Pet Power Brush attachment, two rechargeable batteries, and is silver in colour.


  • DuoClean cleaning head for excellent performance on carpets and hard floors
  • Flexology technology allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Very versatile – can convert into a handheld cleaner
  • Up to 44 minutes of cleaning time


  • Dust container needs to emptied frequently
  • Needs to be cleaned more often that a bagged vacuum

Shark IF250UK Review: An Overview

Most people turn to Dyson for cordless vacuum cleaners, but Shark’s claim on the market shouldn’t be underestimated. They offer innovative products at a reasonable price and Forbes even wrote an article explaining How Shark Ate Dyson’s Lunch In America.

The Duoclean is Shark’s newest take on the cordless stick vacuum, and it can convert to a handheld. The design is truly unprecedented, they thought of absolutely everything.

From the practicality of operating on battery power to Shark’s DuoClean technology—it even features Flexology, which includes a hinge to make it easier to reach under furniture.

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The Duoclean displays excellent cleaning capabilities and performs well on both carpets and hard floors when used with the floorhead attachment. In addition, it’s decent at picking up pet hair.

Suction power measures in at around 14kPa when operating on low power and 24kPa on high-power mode. The machine performs well when faced with particles of all sizes – everything from cereal to stuck-on dust.

However, the floorhead doesn’t quite reach all corners and skirtings so you’ll have to use the crevice tool for these areas.

When used as a handheld, the included tools allow the DuoClean to perform various tasks. This includes cleaning small or awkward corners, vacuuming furniture, and dusting everything from ceiling skirtings to bannisters. Vacuuming your car is just as painless because there’s no cord to struggle with.

You can ramp up the power for deeper cleaning, and it glides well across all surfaces – no sticking itself to the floor with suction.

In fact, the DuoClean will attempt to run away from you by dragging itself across the carpet when using max power. And as manoeuvrability goes, it’s generally easy but the Shark’s weight can quickly tire your arm.

Features Of The Shark Duoclean Cordless



Allowing you to clean unconventional spaces or places where finding an outlet proves to be difficult.

When using the handheld in combination with the floorhead (without the flex wand between them), the shark becomes a compact and practical tool great for vacuuming stairs, for example. And, you won’t be getting yourself or your furniture all tangled up in power cords either.

DuoClean Technology

The main floorhead is motorized and features two diverse brushrolls – one at the front of the floorhead and one at the back – which enables it to perform well on all floor types.

The front brush is made of soft material designed to sweep up dust and polish harder floors to a nice sheen. In contrast, the bristle brush at the back is meant to scrub away at any stubborn dirt, deep clean carpets, and pick up large particles which may have been missed by the first brush.

If you’re cleaning a heavy spillage, some particles can get sprayed out the back. The best setting in this situation would be to set the brushes on low, and suction on high.

The only real issue is that some unusually large particles can get stuck between the rollers and bring them to a dead stop. It’s simple to remove though, and the Shark will continue as if it never happened.



This may be the DuoClean’s most ingenious feature. A hinge is located around a third of the way down the wand, which allows the vacuum to bend and reach under beds or other furniture. Now you can reach every spot without having to move heavy furniture around each time you clean your home.

It’s effortless to set up, just press a button to unlock the hinge, push the handheld down so the vacuum is flat on the floor, and you’re good to go. The entire setup works like a charm and the head is flat enough to reach under most pieces of furniture.

When you’re done cleaning obscure places, simply pull the vacuum back into a standing position and voila—you can continue with other cleaning tasks.

Another benefit of the vacuum’s ability to fold in half is that it makes storage so much easier.

Lithium-Ion Power Pack

Two battery packs are included when you purchase the IF250UK DuoClean. So, if you ever run out of power before finishing a job, you can simply switch to the second battery and carry on without much disruption.

Each of the batteries gives up to 44 minutes of cleaning power when used on the lowest setting and without the floorhead attached. When the motorized head, as well as the suction power, is on low, the battery runs for about 16 minutes, and 11 minutes can be achieved when both settings are on max.

For charging, a dual-port charger is included so you can charge both batteries at once.


The bin, unfortunately, isn’t detachable. However, emptying is easy—by pressing a button while holding the bin over a dustbin, gravity will do all the work and you won’t have to get your hands dirty.

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As we said, Shark thought of everything. Putting headlights on a vacuum cleaner may sound like overkill, but this feature quickly grows on you. When you’re vacuuming all those hard to reach spots under the couch or bed, you’ll actually be able to see if there’s any accidentally missed debris.


The DuoClean has a whole set of accessories included so you’ll never lack the right tool for any job.

  • 1x 30cm Crevice Tool
  • 1x Upholstery Tool
  • 1x Dusting Brush
  • Accessory Tote Bag

What I Liked About The Duoclean IF250UK

  • Brilliant cleaning performance
  • Two batteries and good battery life
  • Flexology to reach under furniture
  • The DuoClean technology works on all surfaces

What I Didn’t Like

  • Heavy and can be difficult to handle
  • Lacks a dirt ejection system

Shark IF250 Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a versatile cleaner for general duties around the house, the Shark Duoclean IF250UK is a great option to consider.

The DuoClean technology results in a thorough clean on all surfaces and the double battery pack will ensure that you don’t run out of juice while cleaning those surfaces. Most importantly, the flexible wand will save you the trouble of having to move everything around when you clean.

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