Nilfisk C110 Review: Pressure Washer And Patio Cleaner

Nilfisk C110 Review: Pressure Washer And Patio Cleaner

The Nilfisk C110 pressure washer with patio cleaner is a portable pressure cleaner that is flexible enough for a number of cleaning activities.

The company has developed a solid reputation worldwide in the bid to ensure sustainable cleaning and improve your quality of life.

Pressure washers became popular largely because of the ease they bring to outdoor cleaning activities. They are very effective in cleaning buildings, pavements, floors, and even vehicles. If what you want is a stress-free outdoor cleaning experience, you need to get a good pressure washer.

In this Nilfisk C110 Review, I will talk about the unique features of the pressure washer, highlighting, in particular, the lightweight and portable design, the durable pump made from aluminium, the additional accessories, the on-board storage space and more.

The Nilfisk C110 is made for people who need a portable pressure washer for outdoor cleaning activities, including car/bike washing and patio cleaning.


  • Comes with on-board storage space for accessories
  • Pump is made from aluminium
  • Doubles as a patio cleaner
  • Easy detach lance release to remove and fit accessories


  • Would be better if the motor were slightly more powerful
  • Slightly higher price than those of similar models

Features Of The Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer

  • Ergonomic spray handle
  • 1400 W motor
  • Metal pump
  • Comes with patio cleaner accessory

Nilfisk C110 Review: Design and Appearance

The first thing that struck me about the appearance of this pressure washer was the portability and lightweight design. This makes it easy to move around your garden, yard, or lawn as you carry out your cleaning activities; also, the presence of wheel on the washer further improves the mobility of the machine.

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It comes with a 5m hose; this should be sufficient for most users, however, if this is not long enough for you, an extension hose of up to 15m can be used with the Nilfisk C110 pressure washer.

The problem with using extension hoses is that they typically have a negative effect on the pressure, so, you should only use them when absolutely necessary.

Pressure And Flow Rate

The 110 bar pressure and 440 litres per hour flow rate is sufficient for garden and other outdoor cleaning activities. The washer comes with a dedicated patio cleaning feature; this means that it is both a pressure washer and a patio cleaner.

For car cleaning, patio cleaning, and other outdoor cleaning tasks, the 1400W air-cooled motor is powerful enough to take care of it, however, if you ever need to clean tough dirt that has been setting in for a long time, it may take longer than more powerful pressure washers.

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Durable Metal Pump And Water Filter

This is another feature that makes the Nilfisk C110 excel when compared to similar models from other brands. Instead of being constructed with plastic, the pump is made from aluminium in a bid to ensure durability. It goes without saying that plastic wears out quicker than metal when used as pump materials.

The water source may contain impurities at times; when these impurities continually gather in the pump, they will eventually cause damage to the pump.

This is why the water pump’s water inlet has a pre-fitted filter that prevents dirt from getting in. To adequately protect the pump, you can use an additional removable filter at the water inlet end.

Nilfisk C110 Accessories

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer

The additional accessories that come with the Nilfisk C110 are one aspect I’m impressed with as regards to this particular model. There are other accessories that can be bought separately if you wish to further customize your outdoor cleaning experience. Here are some of the accessories that come with the pressure washer.

5 Metre Hose

One of the accessories that come with the pressure washer is a 5m hose that is long enough for normal garden cleaning and other outdoor cleaning jobs.

If you need a longer hose, you will have to buy an extension hose, however, as the power of this machine is not as strong as more expensive machines, using an extension hose with it may not be the best thing to do.

Ergonomic Spray Handle

Have you ever held a spray handle and discovered after a short period of time that your hand feels uncomfortable? That is most likely because the handle is not ergonomic. The spray handle that comes with this Nilfisk pressure washer has an ergonomic design for comfort and instant control.

Extension Lance

This is used to direct the water jet at a particular area. Also, the 360° movement helps to adjust the water pressure so you can get the water stream farther away from or nearer to you.

This is a very necessary accessory, however, because the power is not so high, it may not be able to project the water stream far enough to clean, for example, the exterior of a two-storey building.

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Jet nozzle cleaner

From time to time, you may experience some clogging as a result of water hardness or impurities that manage to get through into the machine. The jet cleaner is included for the purpose of cleaning the nozzle and unclogging it.

Patio cleaner

The Nilfisk C110 functions as a pressure washer and a patio cleaner at the same time.

To clean your patio, all you have to do is fit the patio cleaner attachment, move it around and like a vacuum cleaner, it will gradually clean your patio. I noticed that for efficiency as a patio cleaner you have to move it slowly in straight lines, periodically checking that dirt doesn’t clog it.

Nilfisk C110 Review: Final Thoughts

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer

If what you are looking for is a small compact pressure washer that can handle simple outdoor cleaning activities, you can’t go wrong with the Nilfisk C110 pressure washer.

Being an entry-level pressure washer, it is not the most powerful pressure washer out there but the 1400W motor is powerful enough to remove dust and dirt from cars, bikes, pavement, patios, and a number of other things.

When compared to similar models from other manufacturers, it may seem a bit more expensive but the additional accessories it comes with justifies the price.

All these additional accessories fit easily into the onboard storage space, making it easy to access any one of them when needed. Furthermore, it comes with wheels and as a lightweight machine, it is easy to move from one place to another.

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