Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners Under £100: Low Cost Value UK Models

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners Under £100: Low Cost Value UK Models

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Eureka R700 ReadyForce | Best Overall Choice: Hetty Hoover

best budget vacuum cleaner under £100 - can cheap be good?

When we think of the words “budget” or “cheap”, we often associate those words with inferior products that will perform worse and have less features than those with a higher price tag.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, this is not always the case. A great vacuum cleaner does not have to cost you a fortune. That is why today I am looking at what is the best budget vacuum cleaner under £100.

When we buy something, the main thing that most of us look at is the price tag. When looking for a cheap vacuum, it’s important to look at other aspects, such as suction power, ease of use, and included tools and accessories.

I have put all of these cheap vacuums through their paces and you will be very impressed with the results. With two kids and two dogs, my house can get pretty messy so each of these vacuum cleaners got a good workout in my house.

All of these products cost less than the leading brands, but do not give you any less cleaning power. So if you want to get a good vacuum cleaner that costs you less than £100, then keep on reading!


Top-Rated Budget Vacuums Under £100

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Best Overall

Hetty Hoover HET160

Best Overall
hetty hoover cost less than most vacuumsview prices
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Best Budget

Eureka R700 ReadyForce

Best Budget
eureka r700 readyforce multifloorview prices
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Deik Cylinder Vacuum

deik cylinder compact vacuumview prices
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Vax Power Nano

vax power nano uprightview prices
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Hetty Hoover HET160 – Top Cylinder Under £100

hetty hoover cost less than most vacuumsHetty Hoover is a member of the Numatic Henry family, and she has the same cheery smile as the rest of her siblings. She may look cute and fun, but underneath that playful exterior, there is a powerful vacuum that costs less than most.

The difference between Henry and Hetty Hoover is completely cosmetic. The only difference is the colour, and of course the eyelashes. Apart from that, they are completely the same in power and features.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that at the time of writing, Hetty’s price tag is less than £100, while Henry’s price is more expensive. Prices fluctuate all the time, but Hetty tends to be less than £100 most of the time. If you check the price and she is more expensive than £100, then I still think it’s a good deal as she is such a powerful and effective vacuum.

Features Of Hetty

Hetty is the replacement for the Hetty HET200, which Numatic is no longer producing. Hetty HET160 is smaller than her predecessor, but she still has a large 6-litre dust capacity which is up to 5 times larger than most bagless vacuums.

Hetty is eco-friendly and has an A rating, meaning she is powerful and energy efficient. She is powered by a 620W high-efficiency motor which is more than capable of handling the toughest cleaning jobs.

With a huge 26-metre cleaning range, you will be able to clean a whole lot more without having to change power sockets. The 10-metre long power cord is easily wound into the internal storage with the cable rewind feature, leaving no messy cables lying around.

Accessories And Attachments

hetty hoover has lots of accessoriesHetty comes with a number of tools and attachments that make it easy to clean all areas of your home. The crevice tool allows you to get right into the corners and is excellent for cleaning the car. There is also a dusting brush, an all-purpose nozzle, and a few other bits and pieces. The extension tube is designed in a way so that you can clean under low furniture and other hard to reach places.

Hetty uses the same standard HepaFlo bags that Henry uses. These bags are completely sealed, meaning no dust will escape back into the room as you clean. This is essential if you suffer from allergies, and is the main reason an allergy sufferer should not use a bagless vacuum.

HepaFlo bags store up to 5 times the amount of dirt and debris as most bagless vacuums, and Hetty does not lose suction as they get full. Other bagged vacuums can lose suction when the bag is only half full, this is not the case with Hetty.

If you are looking for a low-priced vacuum that doesn’t skimp on performance, then you could do a lot worse than Hetty Hoover. She costs a lot less than most vacuums with the same power and features.

Eureka R700 ReadyForce Multifloor

eureka r700 readyforce multifloorThe next vacuum that we are looking at on our quest to find the best budget vacuum cleaner is the Eureka R700 ReadyForce Multifloor. Again, this is a good bit below the £100 mark. It is currently the cheapest vacuum on this list, but it boasts features that more expensive vacuum cleaners have. 700 Watts of suction power, an A-class energy rating and excellent filtration which includes a HEPA filter mean that the Eureka R700 is an absolute bargain.

Canister Style With Long Power Cord

What I really liked about this vacuum cleaner was the way that it is clearly designed with taking care of the whole house in mind. The canister style means that you just drag it behind you wherever you go and the cable is 6 meters long which is not bad at all. The hose is nice and long and I like this because it allows me to be able to clean under the sofa, the kids beds and even handle the curtains and the corners of the rooms which is great and something that you cannot do with an upright vacuum cleaner.

Thankfully the day I came to testing this one of the kids had decided that while watching Adventure Time the living room rug looked like it was hungry and needed some of his Coco Pops! This was the Eureka R700 ReadyForce Multifloors time to shine and its first big test. The standard, I guess what you would call default vacuum head handled it with ease. I did the whole living room with this and it picked up everything that it was asked to do.

Separate Vacuum Head For Hardwood Floors

eureka large canisterIt comes with a second vacuum head that is designed with taking care of your hardwood floors. This was really cool and something I did not expect at this price point. Most vacuums just have a button that puts the brushes up or down, this one though has a completely separate vacuum head which was something I got a kick out of. A crevice tool and also an upholstery tool is included so you are getting quite the arsenal with this.

The crevice tool is something that I feel should be legally required to be included with every vacuum! It comes in so handy, especially if you have pets and kids and it makes picking up those awkward messes much easier. Not only that, but I found that the crevice tool was fantastic for picking up pet hair so that is what I recommend you use if you have pets. The upholstery tool is good too and can get up the pet hair from your sofa, beds and actually I found this was great for the stairs as well.

HEPA Filter To Capture Allergens

eureka accessoriesThey have used HEPA filters with this so all of the dust that you are picking up is not going to be spat out at you which is great for your allergies. You can actually take these out and give them a clean every now and again and that is great. I would probably do this every month or two to make sure the vacuum is always working at full capacity, but I am sure some folks will do it once or twice a year and be fine, but my OCD will not allow it.

Removing the canister and putting all the rubbish in the bin is easy and does not require you to touch it at all. If you are like me and love your house to be nice and clean, but hate dust, dog hair, and other mess actually touching you, you will be very happy with the filtration system and the way you empty the canister.

I was very impressed with the Eureka R700 ReadyForce Multifloor. It is powerful enough to handle any mess that your family can throw at it. Not only that, those extra tools are great and allow you to vacuum the whole house from top to bottom. I was very impressed with this vacuum and think that the asking price is more than fair.

Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

deik cylinder compact vacuumThe next one I looked at was the Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. I like a vacuum cleaner in this kind of design as they are more versatile than a standard upright vacuum cleaner. Despite costing under £100, this has a high-quality design and feel to it and I am shocked at what the current asking price is.

At 800 w this is a very powerful vacuum cleaner. What interested me most about it was that Deik says that this can handle any kind of floor. In my house our living room is carpet, but the hallway next to it is hardwood floor. It’s a good testing spot for a new vacuum cleaner.

Long Hose And Powerful Suction

The design of this made it very easy to clean the living room. The design actually makes the Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner one of the best vacuum cleaners under £100 all by itself. The hose is very, very long and it even has an extender on it. To be honest with you, you are best having that extender on all the time as it is very convenient. As far as vacuuming the carpet goes, I found that this did an excellent job. At this price point, vacuum cleaners can sometimes be a little underpowered, but that is not the case here at all.

deik in the boxThe long hose allows you to get right under the tables, chairs and even do the curtains and the cobwebs in the corners of the room. Some might say that the 5-meter power cord could be longer, but I never had an issue with it. The default head is great and you can press a button on it so that you can change it so that the brushes are down or up. I found that both worked great, but the brushes need to be down when it is used on my hard floors.

Crevice Tool And Upholstery Tool

Deik also gives you a couple of accessories. The first is the crevice tool, and all good vacuum cleaners should come with a crevice tool. Thanks to the extra long hose, this one can get into all kinds of nooks and crannies. I was able to get right down the side of my kid’s beds which were great as I can only imagine the horrors that they stuff down there! There is also an upholstery tool. This is great for getting rid of pet hair from the stairs, sofas and anywhere else your dogs like to shed.
Speaking of hair, the filtration system in this thing is great. It is a HEPA system so 99 percent of the dust and mess is trapped in it so you do not have to be sneezing and coughing while you are vacuuming. At this price point having a filter like this in it is incredible, plus they have made it very easy to take care of the filter.

Large Canister Which Is Easy To Empty

deik cylinder side viewThe canister is nice and large and once again it is going to be great for those who do not like to breathe in that nasty dust. You simply put it over the bin and empty it all in. Diek has made it as easy as possible to get rid of the mess this picks up and as someone who has dust allergies, I really appreciate that.

I am very, very impressed with the Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. If this were priced at over £100 I would still be very impressed with what Deik have done. It is easy to use, has a lot of power and that extra-long hose lets you clean the whole house. Plus it has a top of the line filtration system. Without a doubt, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner under £100, this has to be in the running.

Vax Power Nano – Top Upright Under £100

vax power nano uprightI have always had a soft spot for a vax vacuum cleaner. Back when I was a kid my mum had a Vax and at the time it was top of the line and I swear she loved that vacuum more than anything or anyone else in our house! Anyway, the Vax Power Nano is one of the best budget-priced models from the folks at Vax and I was very excited to get the chance to run it through the gauntlet that is my house. Priced at well under 100 pounds, I feel this is priced just right for those looking for good suction at a good price.

Foldable Handle For Compact Storage

If you want a more standard upright vacuum cleaner this is right up your street. The pictures make it look pretty big, but Vax has done a great job in making this the ideal size for most homes. It actually takes up very little space as the handle can be folded down when it is not in use which is great.

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One of the things that I found interesting about this was that Vax says the filter in this actually helps with pet odour. One of the things about having pets is that, along with pet hair, most of us become accustomed to their smell so having something that is going to help with that is great. One of the dogs left a big clump of her hair on the living room rug which was perfect for testing this out. It picked it up nice and easy and actually, it handled the whole living room with ease. The vacuum head is nice and wide so it has the ideal cleaning path.

Different Settings For Different Surfaces

On the bottom of the vacuum is a little dial and this is where you can change the settings depending on what surface you are cleaning. I found that having it on the setting for low carpet was best for my house as this actually worked pretty well on my hard floors are well. However, if there is a spot that it does not seem to work great on, you can use one of the attachments.

The Vax Power Nano has a hose that you can use, you can just use the hose on its own or you can attach the crevice tool or the upholstery tool to it. This is great and it makes vacuuming the stairs, the sofa, under the table and so on much easier. If I can be a little critical, I do wish there was a way they could have made the hose a little longer.

The hose and those extra attachments do make this an upright vacuum that can handle the whole house. The crevice tool and the upholstery tool can both be attached to the actual vacuum cleaner which helps when you are putting this thing away in the cupboard after you have cleaned up the 50th mess of the day that the kids have made.

Great Filtration System

vax nano folds for compact storageThe filtration system that Vax have used is pretty good as well. I never once noticed any dust being spat out while I was using it and my allergies were not playing up either. The canister is fantastic as it is nice and large so you can use this quite a few times before you even have to worry about getting rid of the mess inside it. Which by the way is nice and easy to do as it has a simple one button push system where you take the canister of and hold it above the bin and let it all fall out.

I know that some people may not be keen on having an upright vacuum cleaner in 2019, but I think the Vax Power Nano is a fantastic vacuum cleaner and it is aimed at people who have pets and have to regularly deal with pet hair. So if you are like me and have dogs or cats or even just really messy kids, you will be happy with this.

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners Under £100

  • Hetty Hoover HET160
  • Eureka R700 ReadyForce Multifloor
  • Deik Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • Vax Power Nano

What To Look For When Buying A Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

I know how hard it is to find a vacuum cleaner that is both affordable and also powerful, packed with accessories and actually able to clean your home. Many people think that a budget-priced vacuum cleaner means less power. To be fair this is usually the case since manufacturers have to make sacrifices to keep the price down, but there are still plenty of vacuum cleaners that are affordable and also great for cleaning the house.

I wanted to share a few things that you should look for when you are trying to get as much quality for your money as possible.

Price Is Less Important Than You Think

While it may seem logical that a cheap vacuum will equal less power, this is not always the case. While the models on this page all cost a lot less than the more expensive brands, such as Dyson, Shark, and Miele, their lower price doesn’t mean they are bad products.

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When you purchase a more expensive model, what you are essentially paying for are more features and accessories and more technological advances that the manufacturers claim will provide better cleaning. This may be what some people are looking for, but most people just want a vacuum that will clean their home. When your kids bring in their bikes with dirt on the tires or your dog makes a mess with their food, most budget vacuums will deal with this fine.

The products that we have looked at today all have a relatively cheap price tag compared to most, but the most important thing to remember is they will keep your floors clean. And isn’t that the whole point of a vacuum? The Deik cylinder, which is recommended by CHOR Services, costs well under £100 and has many great reviews on Amazon.

Now, I’m not saying that there is no point in buying an expensive vacuum. If you have the money and are willing to pay the higher price, then go ahead and buy one of the expensive models. You will generally get a better quality cleaner that will provide more power, more suction, and more tools and accessories.

What I am saying is that you probably don’t need all of those things to keep your home clean, and if you have less money to spend then these cheap vacuums will do just fine.

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Look At The Power

You do not have to be a techno wizard to know that the more watts the more power the vacuum has. If you are looking to spend under 100 pounds, you will most likely be looking at 600 to 800 watts. At this price range, not all vacuums will actually tell you how many watts of power they use or even mention anything about the kind of power that they have. You certainly want to look at vacuums that talk proudly about the kind of power they have.

Accessories Are Key

You are simply not going to get as much suction at under 100 pounds like you would with a Dyson that costs a few hundred pounds. However, if a vacuum comes with a bunch of accessories like all three that I have reviewed do,  these accessories can make up for a vacuum not having the most powerful suction in the world. For example for a really short carpet that the regular vacuum struggles with bits of dirt and mess that are stuck to the carpet hard, a crevice tool or even the upholstery tool will get that off. So as long as there are accessories, budget-priced vacuums can still clean the whole house.

Look At The Filters

These days you will have a harder time finding a vacuum that does not have a smart filtration system than one that has something that spits out a load of dust. The vacuums that I have tested allow you to clean the filters, actually, this is far more common than not. But there are some vacuums (although not as common) that require the filters to be replaced which adds cost onto the operating costs of your vacuum cleaner. So your budget priced vacuum is not all that much of a cheap vacuum if you have to replace the filters a couple of times per year. Make sure that the filter the vacuum has is great at doing its job, but also that you can clean it.

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How Big Is The Canister And How Hard Is It To Empty?

To be honest with you this is not something that bothers me as I tend to empty the canister after every couple of uses no matter how much mess I have picked up as I like it to be clean. However the larger the canister the more mess it can handle before you have to empty it. I know some people that only empty the canister when it is literally full to the brim so a larger canister is what you want if that is how you are.

Speaking of emptying the canister this is something else I suggest that you look at. I say this because the last thing that you want to do is have to stick your hand in there and pull out the mess, that is gross! The best cylinder vacuums will have a system in place where the rubbish just falls out or it has a lever that lets you push it out.

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Upright Or Not?

At this price, you are most likely going to get an upright vacuum cleaner or one that is canister based where you drag it around with you. I find that the kind you drag around with you (canister based) tend to be more versatile when it comes to cleaning a house from top to bottom. However, I do know that some people like the more old-school style of an upright vacuum cleaner. Think about which kind you like to use as you will hopefully be using this vacuum for the next 5 to 10 years.

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What Is The Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner Under £100?

hetty hoover cost less than most vacuumsI know it is taking the easy way out, but out of the vacuums that I tested over the last few weeks they all did their job and they did it very, very well. Not only are these under £100, but three of them are also £30 or more under £100! That is fantastic value for money. I really liked the Vax Power Nano and thought that it did a great job. It cleaned good, had some great accessories and the canister was nice and large.

While I liked the Vax, I prefer the canister style of the others and I really do not think there is much between them at all. However, as I have to pick a winner I would say that the Hetty Hoover is the one that I would pick as the best vacuum cleaner under £100. It has the perfect accessories, it is far more powerful than you would think and in general, it really can make cleaning your home from the floors to the roof much easier for you.