Shark vs Dyson: Which Vacuum is Best in 2022?

Shark and Dyson are two of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the UK.

They both offer a wide range of models that feature the latest technology, great suction power, and innovative features that ensure they stand out among other brands.

Both companies produce an array of cordless, upright and handheld vacuums, with the main focus recently changing to cordless stick vacuums. While Dyson no longer produce corded vacuums, there are still a good number of upright models from both Dyson and Shark.

While they are the two best vacuum manufacturers in the UK, it can be difficult to choose between them. They are similar in price, have mostly the same features and you will generally find the majority of reviews for both brands are positive.

In this Shark vs Dyson ultimate guide, you will learn about the different models that each brand produces, along with the differences between models. This will ultimately help you to decide which vacuum brand out of these two heavyweights is right for your requirements.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Overview

dyson vacuum logo

Ever since the release of the DC01 back in 1993, Dyson has established itself as the king of the vacuum cleaners in the UK.

They were the first company in the world to produce a vacuum cleaner with dual cyclone technology, which separates the dirt for more efficient cleaning.

After the release of the V10 cordless vacuum, Dyson announced that it would no longer be producing any new corded vacuum cleaners.

Instead, they are going to focus only on cordless vacuums, as they believe the technology now exists to allow cordless vacuums to be just as powerful as their corded counterparts.

Dyson vacuums tend to be the most expensive in the market, but the fact that they are one of the most popular brands shows that consumers are willing to pay for quality and reliability.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Overview

shark vacuum logo

Shark is a relative newcomer in the vacuum cleaner market, first producing them in 1995. They have quickly grown into one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the world, thanks to their clever branding and innovative products.

Originally produced by Euro-Pro, the company changed its name to SharkNinja in 2015 to capitalize on its two most popular products: Shark vacuums and Ninja kitchen appliances.

As recent as 2008, Shark vacuums only accounted for 1% of all vacuum sales in the USA. Today, they have overtaken Dyson to become the number one selling vacuum cleaner brand.

Shark vacuum cleaners are usually slightly cheaper than Dyson vacuums, although they are still at the high end of the market. They have built up a loyal following over the years with their powerful uprights, and more recently their cordless stick vacuums.

Shark Vs Dyson Upright Comparison

Despite the rise in popularity of cordless stick vacuums, upright vacuums are still one of the best-selling types of vacuum cleaner in the UK. Recent technological innovations have allowed uprights to become more flexible, and allow you to clean almost every area of your home with ease.

Dyson currently only produce two upright vacuum cleaners, due to their decision to focus on cordless models. Shark has a wide range of upright vacuums, and there is a model that caters to all needs.

The two best models in the upright category are the Shark NV801UKT and the Dyson Light Ball Multi. They are both powerful cleaners, and they are significantly cheaper than their cordless counterparts.

Shark NV801UKT

Shark Duoclean Lift-Away NV801UKT

The Shark NV801UKT is a versatile and powerful machine that contains a number of useful features to aid you in your cleaning.

The main attraction of this vacuum is the Lift-Away functionality. This allows you to detach the canister from the main body of the vacuum, converting it into a portable cleaner. You can clean areas of your home that are normally out of reach for an upright, and it is especially good for stair cleaning.

The Shark NV801UKT also contains another of Shark’s patented features, the DuoClean brush roll.

DuoClean essentially replaces the front wall of the vacuum cleaner head with a soft roller brush, and also contains a bristle brush so you can clean any surface with the same cleaning head. The two brush rolls work together to produce a more effective and efficient cleaning solution.


  • Detachable Lift-Away canister which converts it into a portable cleaner
  • DuoClean cleaning head for a more effective and efficient clean
  • Excellent at dealing with embedded pet hair


  • On the expensive side (although it is on deal a lot of the time)
  • Smaller dust capacity than a bagged vacuum – may need to empty more often

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

Dyson has effectively stopped producing upright corded models, so the Light Ball Multi Floor is a few years old now. Although it is not as modern as the Shark, it is still a powerful vacuum with all the features and performance you would expect from a Dyson.

The main selling point of this vacuum is Dyson’s patented Radial Root Cyclone technology. This technology optimises airflow and allows minuscule particles to be sucked up and separated, which ultimately leads to more efficient cleaning.

The ball technology in the Light Ball Multi Floor makes it incredibly easy to manoeuvre, and thanks to the lightweight design, ensures this is one of the most ergonomically advanced uprights on the market.


  • Lightweight design and Ball technology makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • Dyson’s root cyclone technology creates excellent suction
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration – great for allegies


  • Can be awkward cleaning hard to reach areas such as stairs
  • Smaller dust capacity than a bagged vacuum – may need to empty more often

Shark Vs Dyson Cordless Stick Comparison

Cordless stick vacuums are quickly becoming the UK’s favourite type of vacuum. The combination of flexibility, power, and increasing battery times ensure that cordless stick vacuums are here to stay and will only get better.

Both Shark and Dyson produce a wide range of cordless sticks. Dyson cordless sticks are released as the ‘V’ series, while Shark cordless sticks come in the ‘IF’ and ‘IC’ ranges. They both have models ranging from 20 – 60 minutes of cleaning time, and they all have excellent filtration systems.

The two best models in the cordless stick category are the Dyson V11 Absolute and the Shark IF260UKTH. These are two of the most expensive vacuum cleaners on the market, but if you want the latest technology and the best features, then these are the two that you should look at.

Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V11 Absolute is the latest model in the Dyson cordless stick series, and it has a number of improvements over the V10. These machines have come a long way since the release of the V6, and they are now adequately equipped to handle whole-house cleaning.

The main improvement in the V11 Absolute is the addition of an LED screen which sits atop the vacuum. The screen allows you to see how much battery time is remaining, and also lets you easily change between cleaning modes.

It will also come up on the screen if there are any blockages, or if the filters need changed, and it will play you a handy little video so you know exactly how to rectify any problems.

The Dyson V11 also includes a power management system, which is designed to conserve battery power as efficiently as possible. There are sensors in the cleaning head which adjust the power depending on the surface you are cleaning.


  • Up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction power
  • 40% bigger dust bin than previous Dyson cordless models
  • Intergrated LCD screen – battery, filter and blockage alerts


  • Very expensive
  • Trigger operation may not be suitable for some

Shark IF260UKTH

IF260UKTH Review

The Shark IF260UKTH is one of the most expensive in the Shark cordless stick range, but it the one that has the best performance and the most features. It has the same run time as the Dyson V11 and has a number of features to rival its main competitor.

Like the Shark NV801UKT upright, this cordless vacuum features DuoClean technology. This is a combination of two brush rolls that make cleaning more efficient. The IF260UKTH also features Flexology technology, which is basically a hinge halfway up the body of the vacuum.

This hinge allows the vacuum cleaner to bend, making it easier to clean under low furniture. It also means the vacuum cleaner can fold in half, making it easier to store.

The Shark IF260UKTH is marketed as an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner. It has a HEPA filter, which is essential for capturing the smallest allergens.

It also has a compete-seal system, ensuring everything that is sucked into the machine cannot escape. If you suffer from allergies, these features will make your life more manageable.


  • 60-minute run-time is one of the best on the market
  • DuoClean cleaning head for excellent performance on carpets and hard floors
  • Flexology technology allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal locks in 99.9% of allergens


  • Price may be out of budget for most people (it is sometimes on deal)
  • Needs to be cleaned more often that a bagged vacuum
  • Smaller dust capacity than a bagged vacuum – may need to empty more often

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