Vax Blade 32v Review: Powerful Cordless UK Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Blade 32v Review: Powerful Cordless UK Vacuum Cleaner

Vax is one of the best-known vacuum cleaner brands in the UK, and also one of the most trusted. They are keeping up with the trend of cordless stick vacuums with the release of the Vax Blade 32v.

In this Vax Blade 32v review you will see how this small and lightweight cordless vacuum helps you in your mission for a clean home. It is versatile, powerful, and it also has a battery life that rivals some of its more expensive competitors.

The Blade 32v is one of Vax’s leading cordless vacuums and it has the features to match.

The wide range of accessories, ability to be used as an upright or a handheld, along with a lot of other features means that this cordless stick has the ability to match the leading brands in the race to ditch the cord for good.


  • 45 minute run time is similar to more expensive machines
  • Boost mode to instantly increase power when needed
  • Vax Direct Helix Technology – performance is as good as a corded vacuum


  • Smaller capacity than a bagged vacuum
  • Needs regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently

Vax Blade 32v Review: Design and Appearance

Vacuum cleaners were always seen as bulky and ugly machines that you would put back in the cupboard when you were finished, out of sight.

This opinion on the look of vacuum cleaners has changed over the last few years, largely because of the introduction of cordless stick vacuums. Some of these stick vacuums have docks that are attached to the wall, and the vacuum hangs on it, in full view.

Because of this, the aesthetics of a vacuum has become much more important. If you have one hanging on your wall, you want it to look good and not be out of place.

The Vax Blade 32v passes the test in this regards. It is stylish and slim with a black and blue colour scheme, and it’s a vacuum that you won’t mind leaving out for your visitors to see.

The main body of the vacuum cleaner is made from high-quality plastic, and the cleaning wand is made from stainless steel. It is a durable model that has been designed to last a long time.

Stick vacuums tend to be very lightweight, but because they are generally used single-handed the balance has to be right. Vax have done a good job here and the Blade 32v is very easy to manoeuvre. It doesn’t feel unbalanced at all and using it with one hand is no problem.

Size and Weight

The Vax Blade 32v tips the scales at 3kg, which makes it slightly heavier than Dyson’s cordless stick range. When you consider how much more the Dysons cost, the difference in weight is minimal.

It is 43 inches in height and the width is 9.3 inches, meaning it is small enough to store in most cupboards or even under a bed if you are short on space.

Features and Technology

Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

One thing I really like about the Vax Blade 32v is the control panel at the top of the handle. This panel, which is called the Smart Control Dial, has LED lights that tell you how much battery you have left, and it goes in increments of 25%.

While it is not as precise as the Dyson V11 screen, it is still a handy feature that allows you to plan your cleaning better.

The control panel also features two buttons. The first one is a boost button, and by pressing this you will get a boost of power which will increase the suction.

This is handy for any tough cleaning jobs you may have. Using the boost button will drastically cut the amount of battery life, but you shouldn’t need to use this mode often.

The second button controls the brush bar on the cleaning head. If you are cleaning carpet, you should have the brush bar on so you can clean deep in the carpet fibres. If you are cleaning a hard surface like wood or tile, you should have the brush bar off to avoid damage to your floor.

Vax Direct Helix Technology

Blade 32V helix technology

The Vax Blade 32v has been designed with Vax Direct Helix Technology, which basically improves suction power.

It works much in the same way as the latest Dyson models, where the cyclones, cleaning wand and dirt bin are all aligned in a straight line. This increases air flow in the vacuum and results in 20% more suction power.

As well as increasing suction power, designing the vacuum in this way means that you will have the same cleaning power no matter what direction the vacuum is. If you are holding it upside down to clean the cobwebs from your ceiling, the suction power will remain the same.

Battery Life and Charging

battery indicator

The Vax Blade 32v features a Lithium-Ion battery that gives 45 minutes of cleaning from a full charge. This is impressive for a cordless vacuum and is on a par with vacuum cleaners that are double the price.

The 45 minutes is when the vacuum is used in normal mode. If you use the boost feature or the brush bar, then the battery life will decrease.

If you live in a home with pets and have a lot of carpets, you may find you have to use the brush bar frequently. If you have mostly hard floors in your home you could get away with using the normal mode for the majority of the time.

Lithium-Ion technology means that the suction power won’t decrease as the battery depletes, giving you fade-free power for the entire battery cycle.

The battery takes around 4 hours to fully charge from empty, and it can’t be removed from the vacuum.

One of the downsides to the Vax Blade is that the supplied wall mount doesn’t have integrated charging, so you have to plug the charger into the vacuum. If you attach the wall mount near a power socket then this will not be a problem.

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Dust Capacity and Filtration

dust capacity

The dust capacity of the bin on the Vax Blade 32v is 0.6 litres. While this is slightly larger than the Dyson V8, it falls short of the latest Dyson and Shark models.

This means that you will have to empty the machine regularly, depending on how messy your floors are. This is not a bad thing if you live with pets, as you don’t want smelly animal hair sitting in the dirt bin for too long.

It is easy to empty the dust canister, although you do have to remove the wand first. You simply hold the dirt canister over the bin and press the release button on the side.

There is no slider to aid you in removing the dirt like some other models, but this is one of the cheapest cordless sticks so some luxuries have to be sacrificed.


One of the things that let this vacuum cleaner down is the lack of a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is a vital component when you are dealing with allergies, and even some cheaper non-branded cordless vacuums have a HEPA filter.

If you or someone in your house suffers from allergies, you may want to steer clear of this and find a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.

Otherwise, the filtration system is pretty good on the Vax Blade 32v. It has two filters: a pre-motor filter and a foam filter. Both of the filters can be removed and the foam filter is washable, although make sure it is completely dry before inserting it back into the vacuum.

The pre-motor filter does a good job of catching larger pieces of dirt and debris, and the foam filter captures smaller particles. It is easy to remove and clean both filters and you can also order replacements directly from Vax.

Accessories and Tools

Blade 32V on carpet

The Vax Blade 32v comes as a standard vacuum, and there is also an additional toolkit that may cost extra, depending on where you purchase the machine from.

The standard model comes with the following in the box:

  • Vax Blade 32v cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaning wand
  • Cleaning head with a brush bar
  • Crevice tool and soft brush attachment
  • Wall charger and wall mount for storing the vacuum

If you get the additional toolkit, this contains an upholstery tool which is great for mattresses and sofas, a radiator tool, a larger soft dusting brush, an up top tool which is used for the top of cupboards and curtain rails, and a pet and stairs tool.

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Vax Blade 32v Review: Final Thoughts

The Vax Blade 32v is a great value cordless stick vacuum.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the latest Dyson or Shark, it does a really good job of keeping your home clean. It is less than half the price of some of its competitors, so if you are willing to make a few sacrifices then this is a really good alternative.

It has a decent battery life, powerful suction, and the wide range of tools mean you can clean anywhere in your home without much effort. It is a well-built vacuum that feels robust, and it is also very well balanced and easy to manoeuvre.

If you are looking for cordless vacuum technology but don’t want to shell out a fortune, the Vax Blade 32v is a decent option.

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