Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners: Spectacular Choices Reviewed for 2022







Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners: Spectacular Choices Reviewed for 2022 1




Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners: Spectacular Choices Reviewed for 2022 2




Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners: Spectacular Choices Reviewed for 2022 3



In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Classic C1 Junior | Best Overall Choice: Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Miele is one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the UK.

Their vacuums are known for their powerful suction, excellent build quality and reliability. Made in Germany, Miele vacuums are popular all over the world, and especially in the UK.

The best Miele vacuums are cylinder models, and while the company makes uprights and robots, they specialize in cylinder vacuums. Sticking to predominantly one type of vacuum cleaner has been a good move for Miele, and their cylinder vacuum cleaners are among the best on the market.

For a long time, Miele produced only bagged vacuum cleaners. The Classic, Compact and Complete ranges all feature different variations of bagged vacuum cleaners. More recently, Miele started producing bagless cylinder vacuums, with their Blizzard range showing that they can also produce excellent bagless cleaners.

There are four main Miele ranges which all have a variety of different models, so it can be tough to know what is the best one for your cleaning needs. With this Miele guide, we will review 3 of the best Miele vacuums on the market, so you can decide for yourself which one is suitable for your needs.

Miele SGEF3 Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine – Best Miele Vacuum Overall

Miele SGEF3 Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine

Miele has a long history of producing vacuum cleaners that excel at dealing with pet hair, and the Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine is no exception.

This bagged vacuum has extremely powerful suction, separate floorheads for carpets and hard floors, and an Active AirClean filter to help deal with any odours.

This Miele model has a reduced power output of 900w to comply with EU regulations, but don’t let that put you off. Thanks to the clever design which increases airflow, the suction power is comparable to vacuum cleaners that have twice the motor power.

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is rated ‘A’ for hard floor cleaning and ‘B’ for carpet cleaning, which makes it one of the best all-round cleaners on the market.

11 Stage Filtration System

The Miele Complete C3 features an 11 stage filtration system which works to keep your home free from dirt and odours. It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, but it does have an Active AirClean filter which works better than a regular vacuum filter.

The AirClean filter has a layer of charcoal, which absorbs any smells that may come from your pets or your carpets. There is also a handy indicator on the filter that tells you when to replace it, although you shouldn’t need to do this for 1-2 years.

The Miele bags also include a built-in filter, and the whole bag has been designed to filter the air that is sucked up, meaning that even the tiniest particles won’t escape back into the room. The bags also feature a self-seal system, removing the risk of dust escaping when changing.

Dual Floorheads for Different Surfaces

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog comes with two floorheads; one for cleaning hard floors and one for cleaning carpets. While this isn’t as convenient as having a single cleaning head to do both, it does ensure that each surface will get a thorough clean.

The universal floorhead is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces and is one of the reasons this vacuum has an ‘A’ rating for cleaning hard floors. It is designed in a way that it increases airflow, and it also has adjustable brushes which are gentle enough to give your hard floors a polish while cleaning.

The TurboBrush cleaning head is for use on carpets, and this is one of the best cleaning heads I have used. There is nothing that it can’t pick up, even if you have multiple hairy dogs the TurboBrush will dig deep into the carpet and capture every hair.

Accessories and Power Settings

This Miele model comes with some extra tools and accessories. There is a crevice tool, upholstery brush and dusting brush, all of which are stored on the machine for easy access.

The accessories, along with the dual floorheads, ensure that every part of your home can be cleaned and there is no need for a second vacuum for stair cleaning.

Like most Miele vacuums, there are different power settings depending on what you are cleaning. These power settings can be selected by a footswitch, making the process convenient and removing the need to bend down.

Some reviewers have said that the highest power setting is actually too strong for their carpets and lift it up, which shows the need for variable suction power.

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is the best Miele vacuum on the market and is one of the best bagged models of any brand. The powerful suction and great filtration, along with the dual floorheads for different surfaces make this an ideal solution for keeping your home clean, whether you have pets or not.


  • Excellent suction power with 6 different settings
  • 11-stage filtration system – great for allergies
  • Impressive floor head and integrated onboard tools


  • Can take some time to get used to the suction settings
  • Bulky design means it can be a struggle to clean stairs

Miele SBAF3 Classic C1 Junior PowerLine – Best Budget Miele Vacuum

Miele SBAF3 Classic C1 Junior PowerLine

The Miele Classic C1 Junior PowerLine is a bagged cylinder vacuum, and it is currently the cheapest Miele cleaner on the market.

It has a powerful 800w motor, although this has been downgraded from 1400w due to the EU regulations from 2017. Although the motor size has been reduced, suction power remains the same thanks to some clever designing around airflow and the cleaning head.

The Classic C1 Junior is a lightweight and compact cleaner that weighs only 5.8kgs, even with the attached accessories. It doesn’t deal with pet hair as well as Miele’s Cat and Dog range of vacuums, and the basic floorhead isn’t as good as the dedicated carpet or hard floor floorheads that come with other Miele models.

It does come with most other standard Miele features, such as multi-stage filtration, variable suction power, and HyClean 3D dust bags.

Design and Build Quality

The first thing that stands out about the Classic C1 PowerLine vacuum is the build quality. Miele are well known for producing robust and reliable vacuum cleaners and even though this could be classed as a budget model, it doesn’t look or feel cheap.

It is made from the same materials as the rest of the Miele models, and the hose is flexible and strong.

The more expensive Miele vacuums come with two cleaning heads that are each designed for a specific surface, like the TurboBrush for carpets or the EcoTeq for hard floors. You get a single cleaning head with the Classic C1 Junior, with a footswitch to change from carpets to hard floors.

This cleaning head does a good job on both surfaces and although it won’t deal with pet hair as well as the TurboBrush cleaning head, it’s understandable considering the price. There is always the option to purchase a dedicated cleaning head separately should you wish to.

One of the best features of a Miele vacuum cleaner is the variable suction control, and the Classic C1 Junior PowerLine doesn’t miss out on this. There are six levels of suction power, and it may take some time to learn which level is best for which surface.

On carpet, for instance, you would expect the highest power setting to be appropriate. While this is true and it does give you the best clean, the suction is actually too powerful and the floorhead sticks to the carpet making it very difficult to manoeuvre.

If you turn the suction level down too low, it won’t be powerful enough to suck the dirt up.

You have to find a balance between power and manoeuvrability, but once you find that balance you will be happy with the results.

It is perhaps because of this issue that the Miele Classic C1 Junior only scores a ‘C’ rating on carpet cleaning. It does score an ‘A’ rating for hard floor cleaning, which is excellent for a budget vacuum model.

It has a score of ‘B’ for dust re-emission which again is excellent. This is due to the efficient multi-stage filtration system, and the HyClean 3D bags which do a great job at dealing with dust and allergens.

If you are looking for the powerful and reliable performance of a Miele but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the Classic C1 Junior PowerLine is a good option. If you live with pets then you may want to spend a little bit more on one of the Cat and Dog models, but for day-to-day cleaning, this vacuum is more than capable.


  • Excellent suction power with 6 different settings
  • Good filtration system – picks up 99.9% of allergens
  • Great performance at a budget price


  • Can take some time to get used to the suction settings
  • Cleaning head is not the best at picking up pet hair

Miele SKCF3 Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine – Best Bagless Miele Vacuum

Miele SKCF3 Blizzard CX1

The Blizzard CX1 series is Miele’s first foray into the bagless market, and this range shows that Miele can bring their technical and engineering expertise into another area successfully.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine is the pet version of this range, and it has all the features and tools to ensure your home is hair free with the minimum of effort.

This bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner has all the features you would expect from a Miele machine, and then some more. It has a large 2-litre easy-empty bin, powerful 4-stage variable suction, a dedicated pet-hair cleaning head, and even a self-cleaning filter.

Even if you don’t have pets, this is definitely a vacuum you want to look at if you are thinking about going bagless.

Separate Cleaning Heads for Different Surfaces

One of the main (and best) features of Miele vacuums is the fact you almost always get two cleaning heads, each for cleaning a specific surface. The Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog is no different, coming with the EcoTeq Plus floorhead and the TurboTeq cleaning head.

The EcoTeq Plus floorhead is a great tool in itself. It is a universal floorhead that can change between carpets and hard floors thanks to a footswitch. The wide suction area ensures you can clean right to the edges, and the retractable bristles and rubber castors will protect and maintain your hard floors.

Where this vacuum really stands out though, is with the TurboTeq cleaning head. This mid-width head has good depth and features a turbo brush bar that is powered by air.

Unlike the standard Miele universal floorhead, the TurboTeq features an air valve which prevents it from sticking to the floor, even on the highest suction level. It excels at picking up pet hair from carpets, and the rotating brush ensures that no hair gets left behind.

Filtration and Cleaning Performance

Like all Miele vacuum cleaners, the Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog features a robust and efficient filtration system. The main filter can be accessed by removing the dirt bin, and it is an Allergy Foundation-approved HEPA filter which captures 99.999% of the smallest particles, including dust and allergens.

The great thing about this filter is that it is self-cleaning. There are small prongs which rotate inside the filter after every few cleans, or you can do it automatically by pressing the Comfort Clean button. The dust gets dislodged into the filter canister, which helps to keep everything running smoothly.

When you use this vacuum, it will come as no surprise that it is highly rated in all aspects of the EU energy ratings. It has a rating of ‘B’ for carpet cleaning and a rating of ‘A’ for both hard floor cleaning and dust re-emission. The maximum noise level is 76 decibels, which is relatively quiet for such a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine is the most versatile and best-performing model out of all of Miele’s bagless vacuum cleaners.

The excellent suction power, versatile dual cleaning heads, and HEPA filtration system all combine to ensure this robust and reliable vacuum cleaner will ensure your transition into bagless technology is as seamless as possible.


  • 4 power settings to control the suction
  • Specialised floorhead is great for dealing with pet hair
  • Large dust capacity for a bagless vacuum


  • Performance is not as good as bagged Miele models
  • Bulky design means it can be a struggle to clean stairs

Best Miele Vacuum – A Complete Buying Guide

Miele is one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands in the UK, but it can be difficult to choose a model that is correct for your needs.

There are many different ranges of Miele vacuum cleaners, and each range has different models designed for specific cleaning tasks. We will take a look at the features that make Miele vacuums so good, and what to look out for when choosing a model.

Features of Miele Vacuum Cleaners

There are many features of a Miele vacuum cleaner that help to give them an edge over their competitors. A lot of features are included in every Miele vacuum, while some are model specific.

Build Quality

Excellent build quality is one of the things that every Miele vacuum is blessed with.

Miele is a German company, and their slogan ‘immer besser’ literally translates to ‘always better’, but it can also mean ‘better and better’. This slogan is the foundation on which the company was built, and every vacuum cleaner has been produced by Miele with this slogan in mind.

You won’t find any cheap components in a Miele vacuum cleaner; every single aspect is built with the highest quality materials possible. Before a Miele vacuum cleaner enters production, every part of it is stress-tested. The hose, motor, cable rewind, floorhead and handle are all put through a series of tests that mimic real-life usage.

The outer casing is also tested in a way that is similar to car crash testing. The vacuum is driven at high speed into an object to ensure it can withstand the daily impact of cleaning. This is done 16,500 times before it is passed!


All Miele vacuum cleaners come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, which is much better than the 1-year warranties that most other vacuums come with.

Miele often runs promotional warranties which can guarantee your vacuum for 5 or 10 years. This is another sign of how confident Miele is that their vacuum cleaners are built to last.

Powerful Motor

Miele has perhaps been best known for their powerful motors, with some of their bagged models featuring a fierce 2000 watt motor.

This all changed in 2017, however, thanks to the new EU regulations which limit vacuum cleaner motor power to 900w. Now, the majority of Miele bagged vacuum cleaners are either 800w or 900w.

This hasn’t changed the performance of bagged vacuums, quite the opposite in fact. Miele, like a lot of other vacuum cleaner manufacturers, was forced to come up with new ways to increase suction power, while keeping the motor power within the limits.

This has led to highly efficient and powerful machines, which use a combination of different technologies to squeeze every bit of suction power out of the new reduced-power motors. These vacuums are also more energy-efficient, which was the sole purpose of the EU regulations.

The Blizzard CX1 range of Miele bagless vacuums feature the same limitations on the motor, but they also contain something called Vortex Technology. This technology separates fine dust from larger particles, ensuring a better cleaning performance.

This is achieved by producing an enormous flow rate of more than 100 km/h inside the vacuum, and when this is coupled with the aerodynamic airflow it makes the machine as efficient as possible.

Differences Between Model Types

There are 7 different ranges of Miele vacuum cleaners. The ranges all differ in size and features, so it’s important to know what the best type is for your needs.

Classic C1

The Classic C1 range is the cheapest out of all the Miele vacuum ranges. They are also the lightest, weighing approximately 5.8kgs. They are ideal for small homes thanks to their lightweight build and compact design.

Classic C1 vacuums have a cleaning radius of 9 metres and these bagged vacuum cleaners have a dust capacity of 4.5 litres. There are currently only two vacuums in the Classic C1 range, the PowerLine and the Junior PowerLine.

Compact C1

The Compact C1 range of vacuums is small and compact, although they are slightly heavier and more powerful than the Classic C1 range.

They weigh approximately 6.6kgs, have a 9-metre cleaning radius and have a smaller 3.5-litre dust capacity. There is currently only 1 bagged model in this range, the Cat & Dog PowerLine.

Compact C2

The Compact C2 range is slightly more powerful than the previous ones while still being small and compact. They are ideal for cleaning small to mid-sized homes, and there are a few extra models to choose from.

Compact C2 vacuums weigh approximately 6.5kgs, have a cleaning radius of 10 metres and these bagged vacuums have a dust capacity of 3.5 litres.

There are currently two models in the Compact C2 range, the PowerLine and the Cat & Dog PowerLine.

Complete C2

The Complete C2 range is one of the more expensive ranges, and they can clean any size home with ease. These bagged vacuums have powerful suction and they often come with many accessories to aid you in your cleaning.

They are also the heaviest range, weighing 7.7kgs with a cleaning radius of 10 metres. They also have a large 4.5-litre dust capacity.

The Complete C2 range features different variations for different situations. There are currently 4 different models in this range, PowerLine, Excellence PowerLine, Allergy PowerLine, and Cat & Dog PowerLine.

Complete C3

The Complete C3 range tends to be one of the most expensive ranges, but they are generally the best performing bagged range. They are perfect for cleaning large homes with multiple levels, and a huge 12-metre cleaning radius allows you to clean more conveniently.

Vacuums in the Complete C3 range weigh approximately 7.1kgs and have a dust capacity of 4.5 litres. These vacuums often contain features that you don’t get with the other ranges.

The Complete C3 range is currently the largest of the bagged vacuum ranges, featuring 6 different models. There is PowerLine, Pure Red PowerLine, Performance Parquet EcoLine, Silence EcoLine, Cat & Dog PowerLine and Total Solution PowerLine.

Blizzard CX1

The Blizzard CX1 is Miele’s range of bagless vacuum cleaners. They are the heaviest out of all the ranges, weighing approximately 8.7kgs. They have a generous cleaning radius of 11 metres which makes them ideal for cleaning any sized home.

While the dust capacity is half of that in the bagless ranges at 2 litres, these vacuums are much more efficient at capturing and separating the dirt. They are also a lot easier to empty than the bagless models.

There are currently 6 different models in the Blizzard CX1 range – Blue PowerLine, Excellence PowerLine, Cat & Dog PowerLine, Parquet PowerLine, Jubilee PowerLine and Comfort PowerLine.

Miele Robot Vacuums

Miele has recently started to produce robot vacuum cleaner, with the Scout RX2 and the Scout RX2 Home Vision being the only available models at the moment. They are not cheap, comparable in price to the latest Roomba and Neato models.

Miele robot vacuums are designed to work well on carpets and hard floors, and they have a wide range of technologies to help them compete with their rivals.

The only downside is that they cannot be controlled through your smart home devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant, but there is an app that provides convenient controls.

Miele Compared to Dyson or Shark

A question that often comes up when researching vacuum cleaners is “How do Miele vacuums compare to a Dyson or a Shark?” While this is a valid question, there is no definitive answer.

With the release of the Dyson V10, the company announced that they would no longer be producing corded vacuums. This essentially means they will only produce cordless stick vacuums, and will no longer focus on cylinder or traditional uprights.

Shark is also focusing on stick vacuums, although they are still producing corded models. They are perhaps best known for their upright vacuum cleaners, and they don’t currently produce any cylinder vacuums in the UK.

Miele on the other hand, specialize in bagged and bagless cylinder vacuums. They don’t produce stick vacuums, and there are currently no Miele upright vacuums in the UK market.

With this information, you can see that there is no direct comparison to be made between Miele, Dyson and Shark. All 3 companies produce different types of vacuums, with each one focusing on a specific vacuum type.

The best option for a cylinder vacuum is Miele, while if you want a stick vacuum you should choose between Dyson and Shark. Shark tends to excel at producing upright vacuums, so if you want this type of vacuum go with Shark.

Best Miele Vacuum – Final Thoughts

As with any decision you make when making a purchase, the correct Miele vacuum for you will come down to your needs and your budget.

If you want the model with the best cleaning performance and the most accessories and tools, then go with the Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine. This bagged vacuum comes with a large capacity, excellent filtration and dual floorheads to clean carpets and hard floors with ease.

If you are in the market for a bagless Miele vacuum, then go with the Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine. The CX1 vacuums are all fairly similar, but this one comes with a floorhead that makes light work of pet hair and is ideal for any sized home.

If you want that raw Miele power and reliability but you are on a budget, then you should look at the Classic C1 Junior PowerLine. It doesn’t have as many features as the more expensive models and the floorhead is not as good, but is compact and powerful and will do a good job on your carpets and hard floors.

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